What you don’t get to know about being an entrepreneur


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Being an entrepreneur is not a joke. Let us face it, starting a business it takes a lot of time and energy from you. When you have a fully working business, the entire thing doubles up, isn’t it? Everybody is becoming an entrepreneur these days. You just need to have 3 things – vision, stability and then a lot of investment funds. If you have these 3, you will know that your idea can become a reality and start churning you money. That is why a lot of people love entrepreneurship once they finish their 2 years in the field they belong in. A lot of Indian population believes that the wants and needs of people don’t end at all. People love to spend and buy things and so entrepreneurship is a way of providing the many things to people.

But let me tell you something. The road to success is paved with hell and that is true in this case. It is not going to be a bed of roses at all. There are a lot of things you might not know when it comes to being an entrepreneur. There are a lot of challenges that will come on your way to success. Also, know that it isn’t a one stop solution. You have a lot of things that you need to make for a successful project to launch. So, here today, we are going to tell you all the things that you don’t get to know about being an entrepreneur.

Important Lessons to Know About Being an Entrepreneur

Make Plan B, C – Z ready

Make Plan BOnce you start planning your business, there are a certain nuances that become clear to you. It isn’t going to work with just one kind of plan. Always have back up plans ready with you for you to work on them and come with a solution. If you think that plan A will be suffice, the coming days will be hell for you. Always have an idea one, two, three and many more. That way you will know that you are going to hit the bad road first and then be transferred to good paths.

1Say bye to sleep

Say bye to sleep

If you are starting your own venture, you need to know that now you are the boss, you are worker, you are the slugger and a sweeper. You need to clean your own shit. So, initially you would have to work for at least 24 and a half hours (exaggeration). On a serious note, you will have to work a lot when it comes to starting a business. This is the first time you will be doing a lot of research, calling, customer analysis, building your brand and so much more. So, sleep will become your last option. It isn’t necessarily a 9-5 job if you are starting your own business. Even if you manage to sleep, you will come up with problems even during your sleep.

2Every minute is your job minute

Every minute is your job minute

In short, it means that every time every minute, every second will be about your job only. You are basically the representative who would have to put out your product to the world. You would have to convince people around you, you would have to talk about your product and show output. So, you are on the job almost always. There is no stop or pause if you are in your initial days. Even when you are spending time with a bunch of friends or a casual meeting with your business associates, you would have to talk about work so that they know that you are doing something worthwhile. So, remember that job becomes your life, without a doubt.

3Dreams overcome money

Dreams overcome money

The only way you will get back to work everyday is the fact that you have dreamt something and not because money is getting churned in the process. Remember that money doesn’t play an important role at all when you start something of your own. The satisfaction of starting something and doing something because you love it is what will drive you to work harder and better. When you work in a company for other people, money drives you and makes you work every day. But when you start your own company, it is all you and only your dreams that matter at all to you.

4Success is always late

Success is always late

Let us face this fact! Nobody becomes a billionaire overnight. You have to strive hard, spend endless nights thinking about your work, actually work hard and then is when success peeps in. Most people actually give up the moment they are unable to try any harder because of first few failures. It is easy to give up, but what is difficult is to believe in yourself and believe that you can definitely do something great. So, don’t give up after your first few failures. When you don’t give up, success will definitely fall on your feet.

5Perfection will not be your answer

Perfection will not be your answer

You would have to make a lot of cutbacks that will not let you have a perfect life. Everything in your business would not turn out to be perfection. Do you know that most people forget and leave ‘good enough’ because they are in search of ‘perfection’. You may not see success if you don’t alter your vision a little bit according to money, time and trend. Social surroundings can always play a major role when it comes to business. So, when you are thinking that you want a perfect business life, there can be more than 100 problems to disrupt that vision. So, have a balanced vision and alter your plans accordingly.

All the best for your new venture!

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-Pavithra Ravi

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