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Top Magazines In India For Women
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Women are getting modernized in every aspect. Gone are those days when only had interest in cooking and beauty. The modern women of India are also showing interest in the fashion, technology and career. All these crucial aspects are covered in magazines which reach women to take inspiration and motivate them for better.

Some of the Indian magazines are the great guides for new gen women. From the fabulous cover pages to the every corner of the magazine is filled with something interesting and informative.

If you are looking for a best magazine in India which can give you bunch of useful information and updates, then go through this article.

How About These Magazines For Women?

1. Femina

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The magazine name sounds fully for women and truly it is. Femina is a platform where you can grab all you need as modish woman. You will find your favourite actress new fashion love. They don’t give a miss on beauty tips and tricks as it is an integral part of woman.

Wellness and fitness are the two categories that Femina Magazine covers. In one visit you will be locked with trending stuff. The magazine serves the readers with updated and currently trending information.

If you want something apart from just fashion and beauty, then you can shift to spirituality and life. The magazine presentation is attractive and clear for readers to follow it easily. No doubt, Femina is a super cool magazine for every modern woman. The magazine also organizes and sponsors for beauty pageants and contests.

2. Verve


The magazine is published once in two months and it is a most happening one. This familiar Indian magazine was published in the year 1995.

Sometimes, your heart goes for a unique story or update than beauty tips. Naturally! So, verve magazine understands the readers needs and tastes. The magazine let you experience the reality with engaging content. The magazine covers the articles related to relationship, travel, cuisine, health and fitness. It makes sure the readers get the quality content.

The magazine is simple and well designed. The magazine got the deserved place and well accepted in India.

3. Vogue


Are you passionate towards passion? And you don’t follow Vogue? Then you are missing a lot that amuses you. Once you visit the vogue magazine, you will find everything about fashion. You will get to check out the fashion and trending stuff. If you are someone who love to follow the bollywood celebrities and their stories, then Vogue can be your choice.

Modish women love to get fashionable ideas and tips. So, every modish woman can look up to vogue magazine. You will find the relevant news and updated related to culture, beauty, weddings and wellness. Vogue is the strongest guide for new gen women.

Coming to the vogue edition and designing, it is of best quality that reflects with innovations. The magazine gives away 84 posts a week.

4. Elle


Elle India is one of the magazine that fashion women must follow. It can be the guide at the same time an entertainment source. The magazine equally focuses on beauty, health and astrology.

Elle magazine publishes in 60 countries as it is an International magazine. It is a French origin magazine annd Elle in French means “She”. Elle promotes and celebrates womanhood proudly.

If yoou want to know what all Elle magazine covers- celebrity, lifestyle, relationship, travel. It is one of the well decorated fashion magazines in India. What all you need from a magazine as a woman?

5. New Women Magazine


You will find everything in New Women Magazine that matters in world. The magazine interestingly has the category of short stories. Do you love cooking the most, then you can be stuck with recipes category. The other general categories like beauty, health and fitness, fashion, entertainment, love and sex are available.

You have some wonderful tips under the category “others”.

The categories are enough easy to check and find the Now get to an edition of New women to feel amazed all the ways.

6. Women’s Era

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Women’s era is one of the happening magazines after Femina. The magazine was started in the year 1973. It publishes fortnightly and includes the wonderful articles related to cookery, book reviews, technology. It is a unique magazine that became popular with some wonderful stuff.

You will find the magazine filled with Bollywood entertaining updates. The magazine name is self explanatory. And is also covers everything about women and around the women. The categories and the sub categories are few but crucial.

The magazine focuses on trending topics, health, lifestyle and beauty along with entertainment. You will also find fiction topics and highly inspiring interviews. Are you in need of a best magazine for women? Then have check on Women’s Era magazine.

7. Savvy


Savvy magazine is includes inspiring and informative topics. There are different spheres in the magazine. The best part of Savvy magazine is, it covers the real stories of real women. In that way, Savvy is keeping modern women inspired and energized.

If you want to get knowledge above beauty and fashion, then Savvy will be your best choice. You can the quick updates on Savvy about the happening events. More value and respect for women makes it a women oriented magazine.

Savvy magazine is neatly presented which is easy for readers to follow and check every category.

8. Good House Keeping


This is a useful magazine for both working and homemakers women in India. Women of all sections will find this magazine as guide. A woman may need a guidelines related to relationship, family, children. So, good house keeping magazine covers it all.

Women struggle to lead a happy life carrying daily tasks. So, the good house keeping magazine helps you in making it simple. The magazine also includes the inspirational, empowering, stories in their editions.

9. Mother and Baby


Are you a mother to be? Then you can get on this magazine and find some important information. The magazine is also great option for already mothers. The sections of the magazine are well categorized.

As motherhood is a phase you must learn and be something more than what you are. The magazine helps you in learning new things as mother. The categories are for all the mothers who have new born babies to toddlers.

The magazine also shows the best baby products. You can rely on the magazine while enjoying the motherhood.

10. Grazia India

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Grazia talks about women’s fashion and celebrity gossip. It is a monthly magazine with the categories- Fashion, beauty and health, lifestyle and videos. As you need a fashion guide that more shows than along with some description, Grazia magazine exactly does it.

If you are love to follow the celebrity styles, then you can get on to the Grazia magazine where you will find it more. You can follow the magazine for every small fashion element like hairstyles, makeup and many more.

The look of the magazine is simple and clear for you to navigate the categories.

A woman finds herself in many ways. So, these magazines give you a find to yourself. The interesting topics and inspirational stories make you feel as a woman. Be a modern and wise woman by following these magazines.