How To Enjoy Shopping With Sister


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Shopping With Sister

Are you a kind of person, who have a best friend in the face of a sister or in other words, is your sister your best friend? You have never found any kind of comfort in any person rather than your sister! You share everything that is happening in your life with her, even she also do the same? Both of you find comfort in each others company? When planning a shopping with one of your family members, that too with sister, can be difficult. So, here are some tips on how to enjoy shopping with sister, with involving your family, and just like sharing with friends.

Shopping With Sister

1She knows what you like

She knows what you like

By staying with you for so long, she knows your choice your style. Even if you are not around, she can get you what you want, and you will love it. Just like she can read your mind. You can also trust her completely, with your likes. This can make shopping with sister, a lot more exciting.

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2She’s brutally honest

She’s brutally honest

Yes, we all agree on this point. Sisters are always honest, in fact brutally honest. She will tell you on your face, how an outfit looks at you and why you must or must not buy it. Honesty can be sometimes difficult, but it can be helpful. As it allows you to look at yourself from a different perspective.

3She stops you from making dumb purchases

making dumb purchases

Let’s be honest, when you go for shopping you make so many useless purchases. Things that you may even not need or wear. Shopping with a sister can help you on not buying those things and make a rightful decision. It’s OK. It happens to all of us, that is why sisters are for.

4She’ll mock ugly clothes with you

She’ll mock ugly clothes

When you have a friend in the face of your sister, the very funny part is that everything with her becomes fun. She will mock all your bad clothing choices, maybe it will feel bad, but it can be helpful in what not to buy.

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5She makes trying on clothes more fun

She makes trying on clothes more fun

Trying on clothes alone in the dressing room can be fun when you have a friendly sister and sisters make the fun go to an extreme level. She will also try on clothes with you and canhave fun with her even in between trying the clothes.

6You can count on her

You can count on her

When shopping with sister, it becomes difficult on who will pay. If she is elder than you, then most probably she is the one paying. If you are the elder one, then you have to pay. Paying can be jostling. But, when having fun try not to overload your sister, because she pays. You have to be considerate.

7Dressing room selfies

Dressing room selfies

Dressing room selfies can be a huge fun when done with your sister. She will always be up for it. She can pose and pose every time you want to take a selfie. Selfies are fun, and she can make it a lot enjoyable.

8She’ll make you feel good about yourself

She'll make you feel good

If you are feeling down on purchasing a dress, as it is not in your size. Then she is the best person who can make feel good about yourself. She will never criticize you about your body, and instead, make your feed more.

9She’s always down for a coffee break

She’s always down for a coffee break

Tried while shopping? Then, she is the best person who will understand your situation and participate with you on taking a break. You ask for a coffee break, you will get it. She won’t even question your decision. An another plus point of shopping with sister, every time.

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