Diet Tips To Overcome Lifestyle Diseases


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Lifestyle Diseases

Nowadays, more number of people are falling in the trap of various kinds of lifestyle diseases like heart attack, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, depression and sometimes even cancer. The more concerning fact is that the occurrence of these diseases is slowly becoming higher among the youths and even children are also affected by this. No matter you blame it on a hectic as well as tight busy work schedules, smoking habits, sleepless nights, alcohol abuse, skipping meals, spending long hours in front of the computer as well as unhealthy diets and quick bites at the coffee bars seems to be the culprit.

Lifestyle diseases, as the name says, are caused because of changes in the lifestyle, habits and hence they can also be prevented by some simple changes in their day to day life. These changes can also move towards a better and healthier living. Hence, by adopting these lifestyle tips, your body will thank you for taking care of it.

Health Tips To Prevent Lifestyle Diseases

1Replace saturated and trans fats

Replace saturated and trans fats

Try to replace the saturated as well as trans fat with unsaturated fats, like sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Replacing the fats can reduce the risk of Coronary Artery Diseases or CAD and lifestyle diseases by reducing the serum low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. Polyunsaturated fats like, the omega-3 fish oils and alpha-linoleic acid, can prevent from ventricular arrhythmias and thereby reducing the fatal CAD.

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2Ensure generous consumption of fruits and vegetables

consumption of fruits and vegetables

Always try to have adequate fruits as well as vegetables as it can help in folic acid intake. Some evidence indicates that the high intakes of fruits as well as vegetables can reduce the risk of CAD, lifestyle diseases and stroke. Some of the benefits are also mediated with high intake of potassium. Folic acid supplements can reduce the risk of the neural tube defect during pregnancy. Some studies also suggest that low folic acid intake is also associated with a great risk of colon and breast cancer and the use of multiple vitamins also contains folic acid which reduces the risk of cancers.

3Consume cereal products

Consume cereal products

Consumption of cereal products likes, whole-grain, high-fiber can also be beneficial. Consuming grains in a form of whole grain and high-fiber has double benefits. Consumption of fiber from the cereal products has consistently been associated with lower risk of CAD, lifestyle diseases and also type 2 diabetes, which might cause because of the deficiency of fiber and vitamins as well as minerals.

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4Limit consumption of sugar

Limit consumption of sugar

Try to limit the consumption of sugar as well as sugar-based beverages. Sugar, that is, free sugars, which are refined from a sugarcane or even sugar beets as well as high-fructose corn sweeteners have no nutritional value except for the calories and, thus, also has negative health implications for those who are at a risk of overweight. Furthermore, sugar also contributes to dietary glycemic, load, which can exacerbate the metabolic syndrome and is related to diabetes, lifestyle diseases and CAD. World Health Organisation has suggested a limit of 10 percent of energy from the sugar, but lower intake is usually acceptable because of its adverse metabolic effects as well as empty calories.

5Limit excessive caloric intake

Limit excessive caloric intake

On giving importance to obesity and overweight, which cause many chronic and lifestyle diseases, trying to avoid an excessive consumption of energy from any source is very important. It is because calories that are consumed as beverages are very less regulated than the calories from the solid food, which limits the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages.

6Limit sodium intake

Limit sodium intake

The principle of the justification to limit sodium is the effect on the blood pressure, quite a major risk factor for coronary disease and stroke.

If you can follow the above factors or points, then, it can help you in healthy living and fulfilling or stress free life from all the lifestyle diseases that is ruining your body from inside.

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