Top 7 Reasons On Why You Must Drink Lemon Water Every Morning


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Lemon water

According to Ayurveda, you must start our day with healthy food and what can be better than lemon and warm water? It is one of the easiest tricks to improve your life and overall health. Drinking lemon water, the very first thing in the morning is one of the pretty simple routines to get a beautiful and healthy body. This process can help in kick starting the digestion process for the day. Lemons have many health benefits that are being known for centuries. Some of them are it’s antiviral, antibacterial, as well as immune boosting properties, which helps in weight loss aid because lemon gives a digestive boost and is a natural liver cleanser. Lemon contains many helpful substances like; calcium, vitamin C, pectin, citric acid, magnesium, bioflavonoids, and limonene, that can fight infection and promote immunity. Lemons are the most beneficial diet tips as well as diet plan to lose weight. So, here are top 10 reasons on why you must drink lemon water every morning.

Benefits Of Lemon Water In The Morning

1Improves Digestion

Improves Digestion

Lemon juice helps, your stomach juices to loosen up and flush out all the unwanted toxins, from the digestive tract. It can also help in easing ingestion, bloating, as well as heartburn. Lemon’s atomic composition is quite very similar to saliva and hydrochloric acid of your digestive system. It helps in encouraging the liver to produce bile, an acid that is most required for proper digestion. Lemons are also pretty high in vitamins and minerals. Dieting in healthy manner.

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2Boost Immune System

Boost Immune System

Lemon is very rich in vitamin C, which can help in strengthening the immune system in the body and fights the flu and cold. They are also high in potassium, which helps in stimulating nerve and brain function. It also helps in controlling the blood pressure. Vitamin C, that is found in lemons also demonstrates many anti-inflammatory effects and is also used in complementing support for asthma or any other respiratory symptoms, plus enhances iron absorption in the body. Iron also do plays an important role in immune function. Lemons also have saponins, which have antimicrobial properties, which are also best for keeping the flu and cold at bay. Efective dieting tips, I guess?

3Clears Skin

Clears Skin

Lemon’s vitamin C component and many other antioxidants can help in decreasing wrinkles as well as the blemishes to get combat free radical damage. Vitamin C is very vital for a healthy glowing skin, for its alkaline nature that kills some kinds of bacteria, which are known to cause acne. If you want you can also directly apply it to the scars or even age spots to help them reduce the appearance. So, when lemon water purges the toxins from the blood, it also help in keeping the skin clear of all the blemishes inside out.

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4Balances pH Levels

Balances pH Levels

Lemons is the most alkalizing food for your body. They are acidic in a very healthy way, but inside us they are alkaline. Lemons have both the ascorbic and citric acid, which helps in easily metabolizing the body and allowing the mineral content of the lemons alkaline in the blood. Disease happens when your body pH is acidic. So, by drinking lemon water regularly can help in removing the overall acidity in the body, which includes the uric acid in joints. Balancing diet in proper way.

5Promotes Healing

Promotes Healing

Vitamin C, which is found in abundance in lemons can promote in healing the wound and is also an essential nutrient in the proper maintenance of the healthy bones, cartilage, and connective tissue. As said earlier, vitamin C also displays some anti-inflammatory properties. It is also an essential nutrient in the proper maintenance of the good health as well as recovery from injury and stress.

6Freshens Breath

Freshens Breath

Yes, you are right! Lemon freshens your breath, with a help of relieving tooth pain as well as gingivitis. Citric acid can also erode tooth enamel. So, brush your teeth after drinking lemon and water not before.

7Helps in Weight Loss

Helps in Weight Loss

Lemons are very high in pectin fiber, which also helps to fight the hunger cravings. Studies have shown that people who are able to maintain more alkaline diet, do not lose fat faster. So, make a right decision to start with lemon and water mix the very first thing in the morning.

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