Moments of amazing humanity in Chennai


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humanity in Chennai

Tamil Nadu is one of the most happening states in India and is currently undergoing a tough time! Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu has suffered humongous loss due to heavy rainfall and floods. Every bit of Chennai/Cuddalor is changed and the city looks different now. There are reports that say that normal life in Chennai will not be revived until months. Though everything looks changed, there is one thing that stood strong and didn’t fade away in the flood, and that is humanity. The rain has claimed more than 200 lives and people have been suffering in multiple ways due to this. But, there are some good souls in the city who took everything in their hands.

Being a Chennaite, I feel proud and so happy to know that there are still so many good people who pulled strings together to make it possible without the help of the Government. While the Govt. was still figuring out relief measures, Chennai saw a huge help from its fellow people, who put their lives in danger to save others. So, today I am taking some special time to write about my city – Chennai and about its amazing humanity in Chennai that hasn’t at all faded away in the air or flood!

Top moments of amazing humanity in Chennai

1Selfless help

Selfless help

Being a chennaite myself, I never knew people of Chennai were so selfless and helpful in nature. The amazing help extended by hundreds of youngsters and people around was just so beautiful and wonderful to see. Well, Chennaities have proved ‘Joey’ from F.R.I.E.N.D.S wrong when he stated that selfless good deed is not present at all in the world. ‘You might as well come to Chennai to see that Joey’!

2The Generosity

The Generosity

In no time, people started preparing food, relief materials, clothes etc for the needy ones. Not only was it arranged, but people started posting it on social media and got help from several others. There were a few areas that weren’t so bad as other. So, youngsters from those areas, formed groups and helped with food, shelter and basic amenities.

3Strong and unshaken

Strong and unshaken

No matter what happens, people of Chennai were determined to be strong during this tough time. Not one of them was bogged down by the situation. Everyone rose to the situation and decided to face it with all the strength they had and are in fact still continuing to do so.

4The doors were open wide

The doors were open wide

There was no time to look at religion, caste or cultural norms anymore. Chennai’s mosques, churches, temple were wide open for all the people who took shelter when their houses were flooded and washed away. More than 200 Muslims were accommodated in temples and given timely food and shelter.

5So were their arms

So were their arms

Chennaities made sure they didn’t leave behind their pets at home while moving to a safer place. Many people were persistent to taken along with them, their dogs, cats and didn’t give them on them either. If this, doesn’t define amazing humanity, then what does?

6Kind natured people

Kind natured people

More than 20 pregnant women were rescued and sent to safer places. All of this was possible because of Chennai’s kind nature. Youngsters were hand in hand and helped these women by carrying them on their shoulders and arms. All the hospitals covered emergencies without taking money from them. Many doctors came forward for free medication and delivery.

7People loved the satisfaction

People loved the satisfaction

They say satisfaction comes from giving and this became true in Chennai. Various people who had access to internet, Facebook and twitter started creating groups to help the needy! The big groups split into various small ones to majorly help with relief measures. These people started loving the satisfaction of giving to others. The smile, the praises and the blessings felt amazing and so they continued to do so.

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8Stars became laymen

Stars became laymen

We have seen a layman become a star, overnight. But Chennai witnessed stars who became laymen instantly. Actors and famous celebrities came down to the road and started helping people with whatever they can. Siddhart, RJ Balaji formed a group called #Chennaimicro for youngsters who joined hands to help others. Dhanush, Vishal, Chinmaye, Suchitra, Priya Anand and so many other celebrities stepped out of their homes to help the people.

9FaceBook and Twitter put to full use

FaceBook and Twitter put to full use

Everyone started sharing information about their areas for the other people to know. Tamilians from different countries pitched in their help by calling, Skyping, Whatsapping, Facebooking and Tweeting whatever they know about the city. People from other regions also helped through FaceBook to give details on badly affected areas in Chennai and safety measures to follow.

10Chennai Survives

Chennai Survives

No matter what, every person is Chennai is a survivor and a fighter. They all know what is the worst and what to expect the best from the worst. Chennaities might fall but they rise like sun. They might cry, but they don’t hide the tears of joy. They might feel sad, but shrug off when they want to help. Chennaities might face anything, but they don’t drown – They survive!

Chennai’s face has been ripped apart today and Mother Nature throws the pieces in four different directions. But, without any hesitation, Chennai stands up again to help stitch itself all over again. We hope, you are also going to be a part of helping Chennai. Let’s not just pray but also donate whatever we can in terms of money or time to the city. We love you Chennai and we will definitely Pray for you!

-Pavithra Ravi

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