Minimalist Trends For Modern Brides


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Minimalist Trend In Brides

Minimalist is the latest trend among the generation today. Even you can see the touch of minimalism among the modern Indian Brides now-a-days.

These bridal modern women are making some stylish splash, where they are going by opting for minimalist elegance in place of overstated boldness. With the recent trends in fall 2016 collections, minimalism is the latest and will definitely make you fall in love.

It can also be a figure of speech, but minimalism is taking place in the Indian Bridal world too. Today’s bride take her tradition, embracing with style and grace. Where as the big Indian wedding is still there, now-a-days Minimalist trend in brides in pre-wedding ensembles and functions.

Minimalism is not only for modern woman or girls, it is also for modern Indian Brides. Here are a few things that can tell you exactly how minimalism is trending place among the Indian Brides.

Mesmerizing Minimalistic Bride Trends

1Mixing up and dazzling

Mixing up and dazzling

With Pre-wedding functions becoming the most important part just the wedding, these modern brides are making a style statement by blending the minimalism with dazzle look. Mixing and matching a colourful and flashy or jazzy lehenga with a fine drawn choli or a duppata with a heavy embroidery is in fashion these days. Sharara lehengas which have low dazzle are becoming a popular choice for today’s modern brides.

Crop choli’s paired with high waist lehengas, Victorian lehengas, Jackets paired with Kurtis and skirts are becoming the traditional choices that can allow you to stand out among the crowd. Dresses with A-line and cap sleeves and off shoulder gowns are even making an entry among the fashion of Indian Brides. Many brides are wearing them at their pre-wedding functions.

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2Using colour to highlight style

Using colour to highlight style

Indian Brides are not donning just reds and whites anymore for wedding, colours are also playing some major role in bringing out today’s modern bride’s style. Light teal, Blush, light mint, ice blue and mauve are increasing in minimalist and classy statement and are also becoming common colour for bridal wear at sangeets and mehendis. Ombres are making big time comeback in bridal fashion and are more ideal for the bride looking glamorous and vibrant.

3Minimalistic and versatile jewelleries

Minimalistic and versatile jewelleries

Heavy jewelleries for every function is not the mantra now-a-days except for the wedding day. For most pre-wedding functions, modern brides are going for classic pieces with elegance. Vintage and minimalist design fusion themes with Indian traditions are in trend. Platinum’s subtle eternal and white appearance scores high among these modern brides, who embrace with modern values.

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4Natural styling for elegant look

Natural styling for elegant look

Classic dos like French and chignon twist are continuing the trend, while tousled waves are becoming quite common for the pixie look for an outdoor wedding. Effortless and fresh makeup styles are dominating recent modern Indian Bridal trends with pearly shimmery, mild English rose glows and clean bright looks.

5Elegant Makeup

Elegant Makeup

Makeup can also make a whole lot of difference in the bride’s overall look. The best way to balance between grandeur and simplicity is to either highlight the lips or eyes. If you want smoky eyes, then make your lipstick and cheeks in subtle shades. Coral shades are sometimes the best option, as it matches, the Indian skin tone or on the other hand, you can opt for pink, orange or hot red if you prefer natural makeup in your eyes.

With many of these bridal style tips in hand, it is becoming easy for the bride to combine tradition with modernity and elegance, that symbolizes the modern Indian woman.

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