Tips On Planning A Christian Wedding


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Christian Marriage Advice

We all love weddings. When celebration blood flows in our veins we get more merrier and cheerful. Be it our own wedding or our best friends wedding or cousins, we just love wedding. We all traditionally follow, pre-wedding rituals, wedding rituals or post-wedding rituals. There are many of us who don’t know more or anything about Christian weddings in India and whatever knowledge we have gained about Christian wedding is all of Hollywood movies. There are many misconceptions about Christian wedding in India because we compare them with western or Hollywood type of wedding. So, because of which it becomes difficult to explain a non-Christian about wedding rituals.

In Christianity, marriages are a union between man and woman in the present of God. Christian weddings are conducted in the Church, amidst all family and friends. Different sects have different marriage opinion on Christianity and also have different ways in conducting it. Here are some pre-wedding planning tips or Christian marriage advice for would be married couples.

Christian Wedding Planning Tips

1Choose a date

Choose a date

Select a date comfortable according to the Bride and Groom. It can make things in further planning on marriage easier and comfortable. Remember, once the date is fixed there will never going to be enough time for planning. So before anything messes up, plan ahead.

2Premarital counseling

Premarital counseling

In this busy schedule of planning a wedding remember to maintain relationship with God. Try to go to an experienced pastor who can guide in every critical issue to a successful marriage. Counseling with a pastor can help you in long and beautiful marriage.

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3Stay organized

Stay organized

Stay organized by pre-planning your wedding. Get some wedding books, magazines or search online for different kind of ideas. It can be beneficial for your wedding planning tips. You can get ideas on how to do wedding shopping or what to plan for pre and post wedding rituals.

4Fix a budget

Fix a budget

Prepare a budget on how much you want to spend for each item like your shopping budget, reception budget, flowers budget, or your guest list or invitations. Also decide who is spending on what items in the wedding. The things is after fixing a budget, try to stick to it. It will be beneficial in the end and might give you a complete idea of your whole situation.

5Firm on major details and flexible on minor details

Firm on major details

Involve your family more in planning even the minute details in your wedding. It can save you a lot of time and by planning together, you can achieve everybody’s confidence. Taking decision in food section will become easier for you. Trust your parents in taking deciding for you, they really know how to save the money, and get everything best for you. Sometimes you might have to compromise here and there in something you selected, it can disappoint you a bit but it’s sometimes necessary.

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6Hire a photographer and video maker

Hire a photographer and video maker

Try to hire the best wedding photographer and video maker in your area. It will create a lot of memories in the future and give you a lot of scope for storing this special occasion in your life.

7Thank-you notes

Thank-you notes

When gifts will come don’t forget to write thank you notes. It you show the compassion towards the guests. To make this process easy to try keep the cards ready ahead of time, according to the guest list.

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8Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself

In the mean time, don’t forget in taking care of yourself. Try not to take too much stress before the wedding. Remember, you are the centre of attraction. People come mainly to see you. Go to spas in between, have a facial massage done, try to cut down a little calories, etc. Infact if you are not taking diet properly before the wedding because of stress, then you might end up being too thin or look stressful during your big day. Fix on what you going to wear and what type of hairstyles you might want to get. We all want to look best in our wedding day. So plan accordingly, even to take care of yourself. With planning everything will be easier. Read some bridal care or skin care magazines and decide for your well-being.

9Enjoy you special time together

Enjoy you special time together

After the wedding when everything is over, try to relax and enjoy your time together in the reception party with friends and family. Dance with your husband in the ballroom.

Overall enjoy the journey. It is a memory that is created and will stay with you forever.

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