Mistakes Every Women Has Made Atleast Once


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Sex Mistakes Done By Women

Remember that your man have some sexpectation when it comes to sexual relation. But if you are new in this game then it is possible to make some unnoticeable mistakes. Don’t worry about that it is not like you are the only one making mistakes. Many people have faced the same thing. We get nervous on what to do and what not to do. What are the new things you can try and what are the more ways to be more attractive to him. So, here are few sex mistakes done by women once in their lifetime.

Mistakes Made During Sex

1By not being an initiator

By not being an initiator

Yeah! I know you might have heard of him beginning or taking the first step. I am not saying that it is bad or something. It is great, but it is even better if you also make a the first move. Most of the time women are too shy to initiate in sex, even if they are interested, but your guy might appreciate if you also take part sometime.

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2Worrying on your look

Worrying on your look

Yes, sometimes women’s worry too much about their look. But that is ok, when you are going out like in a date or office or party, etc. But paying attention to your looks before sex must be the very last thing on your mind because it is the most secondary part during that time and due to this it becomes a huge turn off for men’s. Most of the time guys are least bothered about your looks. So, try to relax and enjoy the moment.

3Assuming he isn’t much into you

Assuming he isn't much into you

Most of the women judge men for wanting to get intimate and sometimes that leads to arguing or a mood turn off for both off you. I know that sometimes we expect more than just sex from men, but discussing this before sex is not at all a good idea. Try to enjoy the moment by being happy that he wants you as much as you want him.

4Making it a big deal

Making it a big deal

Maybe your partner had multiple sex partner before you and he didn’t consult about it with you and later when you found out you are upset about it. But bringing this topic up during sex is not at all a good idea. Try forgetting about the past and be happy and enjoy the present. You can discuss about this later.

5Not complimenting

Not complimenting

Just like women even men are insecure about their looks. Also complementing them sometimes can really boost up their enthusiasm and self-confidence and when he is more into this then you are really going to enjoy the pleasurable sexual relationship.

6Not showing interest

Not showing interest

As I said earlier, women are not pretty much an initiator. Letting him know that you also want him can help in boosting sex. In fact, you can try stripping in front of him. Stop hiding your body or feeling shy.

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7Not telling him your needs

Not telling him your needs

No matter how much we expect them to understand, remember men are not mind readers. So be sure to him about your likes and dislikes. Direct him on your likes during sex and he will take it forward or simply moan louder when he would be doing your likes.

8Take responsibility for your own pleasure

Take responsibility for your own pleasure

Blaming is always easy. But it’s not right every time. Try to take responsibility for your sexual need, orgasms and sexual safety too. Maybe you can keep sexual protections handy rather than blaming him.

9Not being proactive

Not being proactive

Sometimes women end up being too mechanical or lie just like a dead fish. This becomes a huge turf off for every guy. Try being proactive and also try to make it look like a team effort. Moaning and whispering sweet things or simply just responding with kisses can be beneficial.

10Not letting him sleep

Not letting him sleep

Not like women, but men generally get tired after the act and want to just turn over and sleep. So don’t get anxious or don’t crib, just let him sleep.

11Trim your nails

Trim your nails

Yeah, we love big nails. They are very pretty and beautiful. But make sure to trim your nails before sex, because in a heated make-out session you can hurt him which can also lead to mood ruining.

12Not being open to experimentation

Not being open to experimentation

Sometimes the same sex moves can be boring and repetitive. So he can suggest to try something new to spice up the sex. After all, trying something new is the new way to spice up, but if you don’t like anything, then you have all the right to say no.

13Not giving as much

Not giving as much

Sometimes you might expect him to do all the work. Which is not fair, most of the times. It can end up you enjoying the sex and forgetting his needs. So be sure that you satisfy him too.

14Not talking about it

Not talking about it

Most of the time women doesn’t talk about sex. It is one of the biggest mistake. You may not feel comfortable to talk about it sometimes, but the conversation can make it easier for you two to know what can work best for both of you.

15Trying to hard

Trying to hard

Don’t do things that you are not comfortable with or maybe doing because you guy want you to. Trying hard to please can pull you off most times.

Try following these simple rules and enjoy!

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