Top 7 Health Benefits Of Sex


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Health Benefits Of Sex

A healthy life is normally associated with living a healthy life, like eating healthy foods, exercising, leaving of desserts and many more. So, basically a healthy lifestyle is related to a lot of misconception in sacrificing many habits. But, this is not true all the time, as some healthy habits are also the most rewarding. For example; sex, it is counted as the a most intense exercise, which also helps in boosting numerous aspects of mental as well as physical health. As long as there is a safe sex practice involved, increasing sexual activity is a surefire to better health.

Regular sex can also underestimate the factor that it can reduce bolstering self-esteem, stress, and fostering a feeling of intimacy as well as bonding between the partners. But, even with all these qualities, a healthy sex life can also provide for a healthier, longer and of course enjoy life. So, here are top 7 health benefits of sex that you must know, to have a healthy lifestyle.

Surprising Health Benefits Of Sex

1Sex boosts immunity

Sex boosts immunity

People who tend to have sex more frequently, that is, more than one or two times a week tend to significantly have a lot higher levels of immunoglobulin A or IgA. The IgA immune system is the very first line of defense in the body. IgA’s first job is basically to fight the invading organisms at the entry points, by reducing or sometimes even eliminating the various needs of the body’s immune system. This can also explain about people, who have sex frequently, take fewer sick leaves.

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2Boosts Your Libido

Boosts Your Libido

Having sex, can make sex better and can also improve the libido. Which is, the more often you have sex, the more you want to keep it doing. You can find a mental connection with it, which is also related with physical one especially for women. More frequent can help to increase the vaginal lubrication, elasticity as well as blood flow. Which in turn can make sexual activity more enjoyable.

3Sex de-stresses

Sex de-stresses

Are you stressed out? Then you can try yoga, or even better sex. Yes, sex is so much a proven stress reliever. Although during the act, the blood pressure may, rise but maintaining a healthy sex life can lower your blood pressure as well as work as stress reduction. It is because, sex triggers the body to release the natural feel-good chemicals, helping to ease the stress as well as boost pleasure, self-esteem and calming down the mind.

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4Sex increases heart health

Sex increases heart health

Well, in movies they may show that while in the act people can have a heart attack, but except for the melodrama sex is actually beneficial for heart health. It is also for men in particular, who engage in sexual intercourse for more than two or three times a week. Sex can reduce the risk of heart attacks, which is compared to those who have sex only once in every month.

Men who have made love at least twice a week are more likely to develop less heart diseases. It is because it keeps the levels of testosterone and estrogen in balance, which is very beneficial for heart health.

5Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Regular Sexual activity releases many pain relieving hormones, which can help in reducing or block bag and leg pain, as well as menstrual cramps, headache and arthritis. Which also means that oxytocin helps in increasing endorphins and decreases the pain. Sometimes, even healing stubborn sores, which happens mostly in diabetic patients, can get cured because of regenerating certain cells. Sex can be seen as an excellent prescriptive cure.

6Improve Sleep

Improve Sleep

Sex can release, relaxation inducing hormone called prolactin, which can also help you to nod off quickly. The “love hormone”, that is, oxytocin,which is released during orgasm can also promote sleep. This oxytocin also promotes healthier sleep, that is associated with blood pressure and weight loss.

7Improved Bladder Control in Women

Improved Bladder Control in Women

Intercourse generally helps in strengthening the pelvic core muscles, which contracts during orgasm. This process can help women to improve their bladder control and avoid the incontinence. Good sex is always a workout for the pelvic core muscles, which causes the contraction.

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