Is He Turning You Down?

Reasons To Reject Sex

Sex is the most important, and major part of everybody’s life. It can make everything so, dreamy and pleasurable. It gives the place to dream, and care for our partner, and how to make him happy. The best part in sex, is the time you spent with your partner, and get the best time in life. But, sometimes we become unable to understand the psychology of our partner, and end up disappointing them. Which can also, leave a forever mark in the relationship. So, here are a few tips to understand, the reasons to reject sex and why he is rejecting you down for it, and benefit your relationship with the understanding.

Reasons Why He Is Rejecting Sex

1Might need some sleep

Might need some sleep

Maybe, he had a long day, or a long week at work, or he is just tired and feeling sleepy. At this point, sex might seem nice, but for him, it might seem like a competition at this, very particular moment. So, just let him drift off into a blissful unconsciousness so, that he can make it up to you when he wakes up.

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2Upset about something

Upset about something

Did you guys have a fight? Or is he upset about something that has been disturbing him for a few days? If you think that there has been an issue with him, ask him so that you both can clarify, what is the problem with his mood, and how can you help to improve it? But, remember that whenever, he is not in the mood, isn’t because that he is not mad at you.

3Suffering from depression

Suffering from depression

Some experts say, that clinical depression is one of the leading killers of sex, among men of all ages. Some men may experience lower sex drive, and struggling with mood discover.

Remember, that clinical depression is also a physical illness, and not deal with anything about the character. There is plenty of consultation available, by which you might be able to understand, your partner and it’s effects on the relationship.

4Stressed out about career

Stressed out about career

For men, worrying about work can be a real mood killer. Especially, if they are trying to equate with professional success. It is this crucial time, when your man is trying to accomplish or achieve something in his career, but everything is falling in a negative place, then they might say no to sex. You can try discussing the situation, away from the bedroom. Even you can mutually decide, to chat about what is going on his life and ask him if you can do anything, to help his stressful life.

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5He’s exhausted

He’s exhausted

Another saying no to sex with your partner, can be because he is too-tired for some late night romance. He may be physically exhausted for sex, at that particular time, and maybe want to have some time for himself.

Try not to take this situation personally. Many men have said that their lack of sexual interest, have nothing to do with, how they are feeling about their partners. It becomes a really turn off when some women, take some things personally and make a little issue about it. It left men feeling guilty as well as being exhausted. If you feel these things personally, try talking to him or stage a conversation, and explain him about your situation.

6Moving too fast

Moving too fast

There is a lot of emotional movement that goes through his mind, before having sex. You might be moving fast, according to him. You can try slowing down, so that he can fulfill his desire of knowing you more, or if he have anything in his mind he can talk to you.

7Simple Way to Pump His Desire

Simple Way to Pump His Desire

Some simple methods to pump up his desire, if you are so much in the mood, you can try planting a sexy thought in his head or you can try being romantic in his way,or invite him to the flashback of that beautiful night you guys had some time ago.

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