Fun workout ideas for kids to keep them active


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With the new gen starting to do everything by lazing around, kids nowadays don’t really listen to you when they are asked to get up and play sports. You see, most of the kids playing with their laptop or iPad or phones, which by the way is a parent’s mistake. Are you tired of asking them to get up and go out for some game so that they could get their basic workout? Well, if you actually know – Kids do love to exercise, but only if you give them the right opportunity. Adults have created every artificial thing possible for these kids and have made them a major mess when it comes to games and exercise. So, it is up to us to give them a balancing act of computer time with outdoor game time. It depends on you as parents. You could enter the kid’s world and rock it with the exercises which are also called as fun workout. So, here are some fun workout ideas for kids to keep them happy and active.

Ways for Fun Workout Ideas for Kids

1Team sports

Team sports

Not many know what a team sport is. Well, a team sports is something that lets your child play with the other children and enjoy the sports with vigorous exercises like running, catching, stretching. All of these exercises are unknown for children because they don’t know how to exercise. Instead, they play. So, a team sports comes as a useful thing here. It actually lets you be active and develops your child’s skills in a sport of his own choice. The thing about team sports is that, it not only gives the body a chance to jump and move around. It also helps in other stuff like body coordination, eye sight, spatial awareness, cardiac exercises, fitness and a lot more. Your child will be able to talk and make friends with other children and mainly overcome shyness and develop self-confidence for himself/herself.



Has your child always been a kid who doesn’t come out of water easily after taking bath? Then, he/she will definitely love swimming too. A lot of kids love to play with water. Did you know that swimming can decrease more than 2-3 kgs per month and keeps your body lengthy and fit? This statistics works on elders but for kids, it just helps them be fit and achieve something that they never thought they could. Let them enjoy the water and that way they will also get the opportunity to regularly catch up on the missing exercise and enjoyment. You can send them to swimming classes once a week and provide them with challenges of their level, so that they will have the interest to do it. You can organize scavenger hunt, shark race etc which they will enjoy too. It is proven that anything you do in water is equal to 8 times of what you do on land because of the water pull and impact. So, if you are giving your child his/her water time – it definitely is one of the best fun workout ideas.

3Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Cycling for elders is also one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular activity. This fun workout is one of the most effective ways to enjoy the sport with friends. It is an amazing opportunity to get the entire friend’s group outside and kicking the boredom out of life. There is a lot of leg workout involved in this which will help your calf muscles. You can definitely go out on a Sunday noon with your friends and bring along your children as well. The more children, the merrier it will be. You will burn a lot of calories and your child will also burn a lot of calories while biking. Mountain biking doesn’t mean like the one adults do. It could be a plane surface but a slightly slanting one, so that kids can race and enjoy. It will help your child both physically and will kick out the boredom.

4Dancing/ Aerobics

Dancing/ Aerobics

Most kids love to dance when a song is played. Making use of that, send them to aerobic class or dance class. This could easily be one of the ways to make your kids move from their couches. There are a lot of dance classes/aerobic classes during the summer holidays. They main idea of a dance class is for two things. One, is to make sure that the children move and dance and the other one being, easy communication with other kids. Not every kid will be over active and friendly. There are so many kids who don’t even talk to others because of shyness or because they simply don’t feel like. So, you can definitely make sure that your kids can go to dance class and enjoy the dancing and get some fun workouts done.

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This is one of the sport that will help your child move and play well. There is a full body movement and mainly more focus is on hand movement. The enjoyment of playing badminton will be definitely high. You can join with your kid and play this game with ease. There are no rules in the game. You need to run and hit the ball or cork, so the workout is pretty much balanced both for you and your kid. You will also get to exercise a lot when you play badminton.

These above games are few examples of how to keep your child healthy and fit. So, tell us if you get to know any more fun workout ideas. Share and comment!

-Pavithra Ravi