Pre-Sex Ritual For Every Women

Pre Sex Rituals

When it comes to sex you have so many things in mind. What to do and what not to do. How to act and how to dress. We all want our that very day to be special in many ways. We want to have safe sex as well as make our partner attracted towards us. We love to have that spontaneity with our partners every time we think about sex. We love the coziness being in bed with our partner and the feeling of love and lust in our emotions. Sometimes after having sex we feel like going to washroom or thinking about some stuffs we did were right or wrong.

Like, did we take protection? Is he going to judge because of not shaving? Etc. But here are some pre sex rituals that you need to follow before sex to have a healthy sexual life without any complications and to get a really good orgasm and you don’t have to think about other questions next time.

Beneficial Pre Sex Rituals

1Wear your sexy lingerie

Wear your sexy lingerie

Wear your famous lingerie, that you were saving for these days. Try to wear it on your date, if you are feeling uncomfortable, then keep it on your purse to wear it afterwards. In this way you can be more attractive to your partner. He will like the spontaneity in you.

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2Shave or wax your legs

Shave or wax your legs

Do not forget to shave or wax your legs before the act. Not only your legs but also your private parts too. Some men do not like women’s who have stubble on their body, specially legs, underarms and private parts. In fact, by cleaning those hairs can make you look more sexier. It will help in attracting your partners attention toward you.

3Try to exfoliate your skin

Try to exfoliate your skin

Make sure that you have exfoliated your skin properly. By exfoliating you can make your skin look much smoother. When he will touch your body the smoother skin will make you more wanted by him.

4Tidy up

Tidy up

Remember to clean your room properly. Sex is always better in a clean environment. Cleaning before sex may increase the chance of better sex. Make your bed, fold your clothes, etc., that you need to do.

5Go to bathroom

Go to bathroom

Yes, pee before the sex. It has many health benefits as well as sexual benefits and it is also very uncomfortable having sex with full bladder. You might feel like going to bathroom in middle of the action and it can be a huge turn off. It will take your mind off the sex and you might end up thinking going to the bathroom as soon as you can. Also remember to pee immediately after sex.

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6Use protection

Use protection

Do not forget to keep condoms handy. It is a very useful product during sex. If do not have any future plans of having a baby, then be sure to keep protections handy. Be it birth control pills or condoms, you must check whether you have everything you need before sex. It will take you off the confusion after sex.

7Smell check

Smell check

Smell checking also involves giving a through inspection down there. Yes, know how every part of your body smells including your underarms, private parts, etc. If it is clean or not. If not, then try to clean immediately before the sex. It might help in boosting your sex life because remember he is going to see everything, and you do not want to embarrass in front of him.

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8Do some prep talk with yourself

Do some prep talk with yourself

If you are nervous then do some prep talk with yourself in the mirror. It will help you decrease your nervousness and might give you energy to overcome whatever you are feeling. It might also help you be physically ready for the upcoming scenario.

9Do not have a big meal

Do not have a big meal

Try to avoid big and heavy meals including lots of carbs. It can make you feel sleepy or sluggish. Try to have plenty of fruits or a handful of nuts to increase your energy level.

Have fun!

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