Henna Hair Oil For Rich And Strong Hair Growth


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Henna Hair Oil

I know, how difficult it is to maintain a strong as well as beautiful hair, without any kind of maintainance. Specially when we are working and busy in doing all the work by our self. The only thing that come to mind is washing and oiling. So, how about oiling with more amazing ingredients, like henna. Yes, henna is a powder and I know you don’t have time to sit around applying henna on your hair. So I bought henna hair oil, that you can try out with its amazing health benefits.

Henna Hair Oil Benefits

Benefits Of Henna

Benefits Of HennaWound Healing:

One of the most notable use of henna is to protect the skin against all the infections as well as eliminate inflammation. Henna can be applied to the burns, wounds, as well as scrapes for wound healing, and it can also add a protective layer against all the foreign pathogens as well as substances, but also because it has many natural cooling abilities that can literally suck the heat from skin.

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Fever Reducer:

Fever ReducerHenna is known for its ability to bring down the fever. When people are suffering from very high fever, bringing down the overall temperature of your body down is one of the most essential part, and henna can accomplish this either by inducing the sweat or “breaking” the fever, and simply cooling the body providing relief.


The henna juice is not much praised as particularly being beneficial, but in fact, the juice can be directly applied to your skin for fast relief from headaches. The anti-inflammatory effect that is found in the henna can help to reduce the tension as well as promote healthy blood flow in capillaries, which are also the common cause of headaches as well as migraines.

Anti-Inflammatory Capacity:

Anti-Inflammatory CapacityHenna oil can be used topically for the arthritic and rheumatic pains. As we age, the our joints can become more painful as cartilage and the muscle start deteriorating. This can also result in number of painful inflammation in different parts of the body. By applying henna oil on the inflamed or affected area, you can get a more healthier as well as broader range of motion to maintain a active and happy life.


Henna oil has proven to have best astringent, as henna juice or henna oil when applied on the skin can reduce most of the the signs of wrinkles and aging, as well as the unsightly appearance of scars and other type of blemishes. This is also complemented by the antiviral and antibacterial effects which can protect the skin.

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Sleep Issues:

Sleep IssuesHenna oil has be known to directly linked on alleviating certain types of sleep disorders, so if you have insomnia or even chronic restlessness, then adding henna oil to the herbal regimen can get back into a regular, restful schedule of sleep by soothing the body as well as mind, easing in a relaxed state before sleep.

Detoxify the Body:

By soaking the henna bark or henna leaves from the henna plant in water and then consuming the liquid in the morning has been connected to improve the spleen as well as liver health. Our liver protects the whole body, and it can help to eliminate the toxins which accrue in the body.

Hair Health:

Hair HealthAlthough many people would associate the henna’s effect on the hair to dye the color, henna can actually play a number of roles in the hair. Henna has also been proven that it can increase the strength of the hair and therefore can represent a safe dye that does not affect the health of the hair follicles. Henna do help to seal the hair cuticle, by preventing the hair breaking, as well as increasing the shine and appearance of the hair. The traditional mixture of putting henna juice or henna oil in the curd and mixing it in hair, can increase the effect of treatment.


Many of us also forget to maintain healthy nails, but the cuticles as well as the space under the nails are one of the prime locations for infection as well as bacterial presence; therefore, treating the nails with henna is one of the wise choice. Drinking water where the henna leaves have been steeped can help to prevent the nails from cracking as well as reducing the inflammation. Applying the poultice directly to your nail bed can clear up the irritation, pain, and infection in the nail.

Blood Pressure:

Blood PressureAnother most important as well as undervalued effect of henna is that it is a heart healthy herb. If you try to consume henna, water or its seeds, you can get a hypotensive effect which can help to get relief from the stress on the cardiovascular system and effectively lower the blood pressure. This can also help to prevent the plaque as well as the platelet to build-up in the heart and arteries, preventing heart attacks and strokes.

How To Make Henna Hair Oil – DIY Oil For Hair Growth

How To Make Henna Hair Oil – DIY Oil For Hair GrowthIngredients to make henna hair oil:

a. Fresh henna leaves

b. 500 ml of Coconut Oil

These are some of the basic ingredients needed to make the henna hair oil.


1. First grind the henna leaves with water to make a paste.

2. Do not add too much of water to grind all the henna leaves. Just add some drops of the ease grinding.

3. Then make some Amla sized balls from the henna leaves and let the balls dry off for a while

4. Later heat 500 ml coconut oil in a pan

5. Now gently put all the henna paste balls in the coconut oil

6. Let the oil to boil completely

7. Then remove the pan slowly when the color of the oil change, it will basically turn to a brown shade.

8. Then allow it to cool down and strain the oil or you can let the oil stay with the henna balls overnight or a day before straining

9. Later store the oil in a airtight container.

And your henna hair oil for hair growth is ready!

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