Some advices on how to have a successful quickie


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successful quickie

Did you know that there is a way to spice things up in your sex life and that is by having a quick sex on an unusual place and in an unexpected hour? It is important that you get really, really dirty and not really care about what your significant other thinks. There is a necessity that you improve the scale and quality of sex, over time because you don’t really don’t have much time to think about stuff. Quick sex works almost everywhere like work, if you are new parents, if you are just married or new in a relationship. Quickies are a great way to release tension and have a happy start to the tension free day or evening. You don’t have to do a quickie when it is the night because elaborate sex is much preferred then. Remember that in a successful quickie, timing is the most important part and you cannot let go of that.

You should know that even with less time, the quickie can be very hot, happening and something you haven’t had before. Well, to know more, just check out our advices on how to have a successful quickie.

Interesting Advices On How to Have a Successful Quickie

1No foreplay

No foreplay

Remember that there is no time for cuddling, kissing or fore-playing. Something has just turned you or your partner on, so just grab him and do it. Yes, a quick sex has no or less time foreplay scenes. You need to act and think fast. You have to be on your toes and just make it happen. We know it could be difficult at first where you can even lose balance or make mistakes, or totally lose the entire mood, but with practice comes perfection. The fun comes when you have sex in an unexpected place. So, don’t look for reasons to have a quickie. Just go for it.

2Small things don’t really matter

don’t really matter

If you haven’t planned for a quickie, but if it looks like it is about to happen, don’t think about how you haven’t shaved your leg or how you haven’t worn your best panty. That isn’t important at all. Live in the moment and think of how you can seduce your guy in the little time you have for yourself. The guys don’t even bother about those small things. They majorly go unnoticed, so you don’t have to worry about them at all. One of two times, you can really not care, but don’t make that a practice though.

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3Timing is everything

Timing is everything

Quickie doesn’t mean cheat sex. So, don’t think that you are cheating on someone. It is just sex that you really want to have but it can’t be elaborate. So, don’t have a quickie if you have to attend a board meeting or a meeting at your child’s school. The best time you can have a quickie is when you just wake up or when you both bump into the restroom for taking bath. Baths are an amazing place where you can have your successful quickie since it can be done fast, you will be wet and you know you will have to get out sometime to get ready. Keep the timing in mind because time is everything when it boils down to quickie sex.

4Unexpected places are fun

Unexpected places

Sex when held in places that you haven’t had, makes you more kinky and fun than usual. Try to have sex in public places, but be careful with the place. Try cars, lifts, stairways, bathrooms etc. In India, public sex is illegal and frowned upon majorly, but if you have a private space in a public place, doesn’t hurt to exploit the privileges for sure. You have to explore these things because anything other than routine can be a fun thing to do. Breaking the routine can be very refreshing for yourself and your partner.

5Don’t remove clothes

Don’t remove clothes

Quickie is all about being quick. So, don’t remove all your clothes. When you have a quickie, remember that you or your partner don’t have to be naked to have sex. All you have to do, is wear a comfortable clothing and you should be good enough. Even if you don’t wear comfortable clothing, making it work is the fun you and your partner will have. A skirt, easy maxi dresses or a shorts should be an easy clothing if you are having a planned quickie. Wear comfortable and uncomplicated clothes.

You have to be creative, fearless and most of all very provocative when you think of having a quickie which will make your partner and you a fun couple. By the way, the clock is ticking even now. Instead of reading this, you could have had it twice! Go go! Have fun.

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-Pavithra Ravi