Top Things girls wish, boys could understand better


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Someone once said ‘Men are from Mars and women from Venus’. Well, okay! But, there is a difference of opinion sometimes. Girls most of the times tried and wished if boys could understand or know certain things. No, girls are not asking for a knight in shining armor, they are just asking for guys who can understand what the girls are trying to say or do. All that we want is just a guy who is wrapped in a silver foil who loves us as much as we do. Figuring out how a work works could be like rocket science, but that isn’t what it is at all. It rather is the simplest thing. If you are a girl thinking the same or if you are the guy trying to figure out your woman, here are some things girls wish the guys could understand better. Read more!

Top Things Girls Wish from the Boys

1Secret keepers

Secret keepers

Girls are great secret keepers. Snap out of the imagination where you keep wondering if your secrets are going to be spread to everyone or if your girl is going to continually gossip about it to her friends. Girls are great secret keepers and boy should understand better about what interests them and what doesn’t. If you keep telling your girl every time about how careful, she should be in not telling others about your secrets, she may be irritated. Understand better, get to know and mainly, believe in her.

2Liking priorities

Liking priorities

Never tell a woman that you like her because she is not like the others. That could possibly be the worst compliment anybody could give her. Of course she doesn’t want you to like her because you didn’t find a better person. She wants you to highlight her positives, rather than comparing it with others. Remember, never ever compare a woman with her friends, cousins, colleagues or anyone because not only does it show you in the bad light, it just elevates the insecure levels. Give her a break!

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3Choices, hobbies and habits

Choices, hobbies and habits

Yes, every girl has her own weird hobby, choice or habit. She may love to sing when she pees, she would want to have coffee with crackers or maybe she likes to color her nails in different colors. Live with that! Like how we live with your snoring, snores and so many other things! You definitely wouldn’t like if we kept criticizing about that right? Well then yes, that is how it works for women too. The sooner you adjust to all of this, the better it is for all of us and we can go back to the truce mood.

4Do not generalize

Do not generalize

This is something every guy loves to do! Generalizing a woman is the worst habit of any guy and for god’s sake we are all not the same at all. Every girl doesn’t take 2 hours to get ready, every girl doesn’t always love pink and every girl is not loud, screechy or a Shopaholic. Some girls like to dress up in less than 10 minutes, some women may end up picking up clothes faster than the guys and many women are definitely smarter than most of the guys! So, STOP.NOW!

5More expressive

More expressive

Like how you need to understand better about our habits and choices, it is also important that you understand how expressive we are. Do not shut us down, because that could easily be the most annoying thing you could do to spoil our day. When we are saying something in our most expressive form, let us finish it for god’s sake. Don’t shut us down by saying that we are taking longer than usual. We are just being expressive because we want to give you everything in detail. That in turn means that we care for you. If you don’t want us to care, then yes, go ahead and stop us from sharing!

6Compliment us

Compliment us

Looks is not what we always think about. Compliment us about the little things we do for you. May be the morning coffee or the way we packed your lunch. If you can’t think of a reason to compliment, you might as well make one. Because, if you don’t compliment our little things, there would definitely be no reason why we should do things for you! It is not always about the physical attributes. You may also tell us how nice the dinner was. That could rather be an achievement!

7Stop judgments

Stop judgments

Well, if women are independent, free and know a little more than you, do not judge them. Do not think that an independent female cannot cook or be a good wife. That is utter nonsense! There are judgments every time and everywhere when it concerns a girl. If she is bold looking, she may not know how to be a good woman, if she wears a western outfit, she cannot run a family! Who teaches all these to you guys! Stop over acting in situations and ask for what the girl wants.

8Just listen

Just listen

When we are upset and whiny, just listen to us. We know that you are going to console us, but stop with the Gyaan! We don’t want the gyaan when we are dull and sad. All we want is a shoulder to lay on and cry.

-Pavithra Ravi

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