How to get your child excited about going to school


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excited about going school

When the summer seasons winds up, your child is more interested in playing games and finishing his last few days of enjoying. Your kid is not in the ‘let’s go back to school’ mood. The preschooler wants to enjoy as much. Well, as parents, you are much more responsible than you think. Not only do you have the pressure to handle the kids when they trouble for not getting back to school, but are also responsible with the other school preparations. Most parents think it is impossible to get their children’s mood from ‘happy holiday’ to ‘school’ mood. It may look difficult, but there are various ways you can make it interesting for your kid to get back to school. Here are a few interesting tips parents can follow to get your child excited to getting back to school.

Ways To Excite Your Child And Prepare For School

1First things first


Make sure you tell your child that his/her summer holidays are going to end. When you start a countdown, the child will know that he/she is left with just 10, 8 or a week for him/her to get ready and start packing things for school. You should also be able to involve them in your school chores. When it comes to conscious efforts, they will know that, they are nearing a dead end of the holidays. This way, mentally they are prepared to get back to school.

2Involve them in school shopping


May it be buying bags, books or even clothes, make sure they are involved in the shopping process like, new clothes, new shoes, pencil, bags. Tell them that getting everything new is like a perk to get back to school. This will keep them interested and wait for their holidays to end. Try to involve your kids not just in shopping but also in other activities like picking vegetables and fruits for school.

3Connect with other children of his/her school


Setting up parties and preschool activities for children is a very important aspect before you send your kids to school. The schools do take responsibilities for the same, but if they don’t, you can very much make plans with the other moms and prepare a party for your children. You can do this once your class list comes out which will remind your children that they need to get to school with their buddies. Plan a common date which would be feasible by everyone and get the kids to socialize.

4Test run to school


If you can, take a test run to the school every morning few weeks before the school actually starts. This will bring in routine to your kid and you will also be mentally prepared. Take a bike and ride or walk with your child and tell her stories while doing so. It will be interesting for her/him when you can come up with stories. If your child’s school teacher spots you near the school, an early introduction is always better. You can make your child comfortable with the walk and also teach her a few things you have always wanted to.

5Shop special


When you shop, make sure you have an incentive for your child. Meaning, special characters or initials of your kid, will help them be interested in the school shopping. This will also lead them to be interested to go to school and show their friends. So, choose special colors, initials or favorite characters of your child’s choice.

6Pack exciting lunches


Your child has to attend her first day at school again. What should you pack for lunch? It would be great if you can think of special lunch. A stand up sandwich is good, but why don’t you make it more creative? Cheese and fruits, hummus and pita chips, mashed potatoes with sandwich and what not! Try to make creative cuts in the sandwich and place smile wedges, if the kids like it. It is healthy and fun too. This will help the kid look forward for the next day’s lunch.

7Label fun


Every kid loves stickers no matter what! Putting name tags would be a very interesting game you can play with your kid to prep her/him up for the school. Play a game where you could decide who puts the maximum number of stickers on the books and end it with a gift. Putting name tags/labels on the lunch bag, water bottle, notebooks and clothes will get your child enthusiastic about school for sure.

Though most kids would be eager to get back to school to meet her/his friends and start a new regime, some kids may still have issues starting over. So don’t force your kids. Give them their time and space to get used to the routine. End your holidays with a lot of fun, interesting activities and get your child prepared for school.

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