How does drinking coconut water help a pregnant woman?


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Coconut Water

Coconut water is one of the most natural form of drinks that keeps you healthy, refreshing and definitely hydrated. It keeps your body cool, free from toxic elements and not to forget, it has a lot of benefits. Of course coconut water is best when you drink it directly, but there are also ways in which you can mix the coconut water and drink for better prospects. A pregnant woman can definitely consume coconut water for various reasons, one of which is to give the baby a healthy growth in the mother’s womb. Coconut water is very helpful in avoiding heart burns and keeps the mother’s body away from unnecessary gas problems.

So, what are the other benefits of coconut water!? This article is going to give a widespread idea of how coconut water can actually help a pregnant woman. Here are some easy and nice reasons what are the benefits of coconut water for pregnant ladies.

Top Benefits of Coconut Water in a Pregnant Woman

1It improves kidney function

It improves kidney function

The potassium, magnesium and other mineral contents are rich in coconut water that increases urine production in a woman. The coconut water also makes sure to act as a diuretic. These vitamins and minerals that are produced by coconut water are very vital for a pregnant woman and helps through the process of pregnancy.

When you consume more of coconut water, your urinary tract is clean and you will have a good flow. So, even your kidney will be healthy and clean. You won’t have any serious complications like kidney stones or distinction of the kidneys. That is why a lot of women drink up more fluids when they are heavily pregnant. The more you pee, the better it is for you and your baby.

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2Provides electrolytes

Provides electrolytes

Morning sickness is a major part of pregnancy. So, pregnant women need to have enough electrolytes in their body so that they don’t get dehydrated in the process. Coconut water provides a lot of electrolytes in the body and keeps you intact. The electrolyte in the body that is generated automatically is lost when you vomit, when you do excess exercise or when you have diarrhea.

So, another water of producing electrolytes will be if you consume coconut water. The nutrients in coconut water like potassium, calcium, etc., will keep your muscles stronger and healthier. When you are strong, your baby is strong too. It helps your baby’s muscles too. So, drink as much coconut water as you can.

Some truth about coconut water

3Heartburn and constipation is avoided

Heartburn and constipation is avoided

When you drink a lot of coconut water, your intestines and the stomach get stronger. There is an improved digestion process and your digestive system is strengthened because of  the coconut water. Coconut water also eliminates constipation and maintains a very regular pH level that helps your body in detoxifying and maintaining regular metabolism. It contains natural neutralizer which helps and soothes your body from heartburn. There won’t be any gas problems if you drink coconut water regularly. You need to know that one cup of coconut water can soothe and cool your body like having ice cream.

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4Infections are fought

Infections are fought

The Coconut water in fact helps your body in fighting against infections.Since it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, coconut water protects the child from any unseen infection and boosts both the child and mother’s immune system.Disease fighting acids and elements is produced by coconut water inside the mother’s stomach that directly goes to the baby. The acid is called as ‘monolaurin’ which is one of the main antioxidants that prevents flu and unnecessary infections in babies. Well, isn’t this a good enough reason to drink coconut water when you are pregnant?

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5Weight loss

Weight loss

Actually speaking, weight is one other key factor when a woman is pregnant. Yes, with or without her own knowledge, a woman gets fatter day by day when she is carrying a baby. To feel full and to avoid junk consumption, coconut water can be had regularly. Since coconut water has 0% cholesterol, it increases the good fat in your body and destroys all the bad cholesterol and fat.

Instead of having any other sweetened drinks like mango juice or concentrated juices, you can have coconut water, which is purely fresh and healthy for you and the baby. In fact it promotes good fat and will keep your baby fit and healthy. Your weight during the process of pregnancy can be monitored if you drink lots of coconut water.

6Basic rules of drinking coconut water

drinking coconut water

There are various methods by which you can consume good coconut water. The first and foremost rule of finding out good coconut water is –

1. Green coconuts are a must. Don’t go for brown shelled coconuts because they may be immature and unhealthy. Always choose big green coconuts for better quality
2. We would recommend you to feel the taste before you drink. If the taste makes you feel sick or if you are not used to the taste, you can very much avoid it.
3. So don’t break open the coconut hours before you drink it. If you feel like having coconut water now, break it open.
4. Donot refrigerate coconut water since all the minerals and vitamins in it may vanish immediately.
5. Drink at least 2-3 cups of coconut water for best results.

Coconut water is definitely one of the best drinks for summer and mainly for pregnant ladies. Ladies, if you are outside under the sunny hot weather, get back home and drink some coconut water to easily be refreshed.

Take care!!

-Pavithra Ravi

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