Tips for a successful Mehendi function

Mehendi function

Wedding is one of the most important and exciting part of any bride’s life. A lot of aspects come into picture from selecting the bridal wear, jewelry, parlor work, grooming, etc. The pre-wedding functions are no lesser than the wedding day! There are a lot of things you get to explore, learn and enjoy from your own wedding. Out of all the ceremonies, Sangeeth and Mehendi are the most important functions in every North Indian house. Now-a-days, even the South Indian weddings have started to include these functions. This is where you get to know your groom’s side on a personal level. This event is especially for the women folks of the house where you get to sing, dance and apply Mehendi.

Conducting a Mehendi function is not a cakewalk at all. It sure looks easy and simple, but there are a lot of factors you have to consider while planning the function. Usually, the wedding planners do this job and make it easier. But it is also good for you to know on a personal level as to what are the basic things you are paying for. Here are some tips we thought would be useful for you to plan your Mehendi function.

8 Mehendi function guidelines

1Book your henna artist

Book your henna artist

When you prepare for a Mehendi ceremony, the first thing you should look at, is to book your Henna artist well in advance. If you are changing anything at the last minute from the number of people with the time changes, it can be done if you get to know your artist and communicate with her well in advance. It is important to ask your artist to bring many other artist friends of hers if your list is quite long. When the main artist works on your Bridal Mehendi, other artists can design your guest’s hands.

Know the significance of a Mehendi in an Indian girl’s life

2Inviting guests

Inviting guests

You should always remember to invite your guests well in advance like any other invite. Inviting people depends on the place, space, the budget and your convenience. Some people would want to invite everyone to make it a big gala time and some would consider only close ones to avoid too much unwanted crowding. You don’t have to be pressurized to invite each and every friend of yours because Mehendi ceremonies are reserved for the special ones. It is up to you to invite only your best buddies.

3Be ready to load your guests with food

Be ready

Your friends, relatives and family are dropping in for your function to add more beauty to the function. Yes, it is all about Mehendi and you. But, that doesn’t mean you have to leave them hungry. It’s fun to pep the celebrations with some food. Your guests would be famished after all the dancing, chatting and gossiping. So, treat them with snacks and refreshments or simply order tiffin, tea or beverages. What better way to end your function. A lot of gossiping, laughter and food is the best finish.

4Decoration importance

Decoration importance

It is either up to you to conduct the Mehendi function at home or at hotels. Many people do it at home since it’s one of the functions of the wedding. But some others are making it a grand ceremony by holding it in hotels or banquets. Irrespective of where you are conducting it, the decoration part is very important when it comes to such functions. You don’t have to spend thousands to do that. Just a bunch of flowers or balloons can make the magic happen. Blingy backdrop, flowers, colorful hanging cloths can bring the festive mood kicking.

5Seat your guests properly

Seat your guests properly

It is always better to lay a mat or thick cloth or soft bedding on the ground and make your guests sit on the floor so there won’t be complaining of fewer chairs. Indian weddings can get clumsy and the problem of importance arises from nowhere. To avoid all the mishaps, you can consider everyone equal and make them sit down on the floor. Move all your furniture to one side for the old ones of the family. You should remember to spread an inexpensive bedding since there will definitely be henna stains.

6What fun without Music

What fun without Music

It is a celebration of your life. What is the fun if there is no music playing in the background? You can prepare CD of Mehendi songs and play it in the background or have a live performance from one of the aunties in the group. Always try to pick peppy and happy numbers for this function. You can find separate Mehendi peppy song collection on the net easily. Make sure that your collection applies to all the generations in the room.

7Beat it up with some Dance

Beat it up with some Dance

Go a step ahead and try to entertain your guests. Dance can be your ultimate answer to improve fun and recreation amongst guests. While your artist is applying Mehendi, hosting a dance show can be the ultimate fun to begin the function with. If you can’t bring professionals, it is best to practice a few moves by yourself. A group of friends can make the function exciting and entertaining.

8Have your Henna accessories

Have your Henna accessories

Although, it is the duty of your henna artists to get the equipments and ingredients, it is also important you arrange for cups of lemon juice and cotton balls so that your guests can use it whenever required. You can have extra helpers to assist your guests in dabbing the juice on their hands.

Mehendi can be the most amazing functions if you can make it memorable and exciting. With a lot of love, excitement and fun, enjoy your last function before entering into the lawfully wedded relationship.

Have a great Mehendi function!

-Pavithra Ravi

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