Warning Signs To Know That Your Chakras Are Out Of Balance


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Chakras Are Out Of Balance

The human body consists of 7 energy centres called as the seven chakras. These 7 energy chakras of your body are responsible for the physical and emotional well being of your body. For a proper balance of your emotional state and your physical health, it is of utmost importance, that the seven chakras function properly and are balanced. Even if the functioning of 1 Chakra is overactive or underactive it can lead to an imbalance in the entire system. There can be many warning signs to show that your chakras are out of balance, But for you to know if your chakras are not working fine there are certain signs you should look for. Here is a list of sign that shows if a particular chakra is blocked and not working fine.

Signs That Your Chakras Are Out Of Balance

1. The Root Chakra

The Root ChakraAssociated colour- Red

Location – Tailbone / The end of the spine.

If your root Chakra is in balance you will feel safe and secure with your life. This Chakra gives you a sense of connection to the physical world and it keeps you grounded. any imbalances in the root Chakra can be seen in following warning signs.


• You start worrying about money
• You start caring about material possessions more
• Increased need to satisfy your desires and wants


• Problems in your digestive system, rectum, immune system and reproductive parts.
• Problems like degenerative arthritis and knee pain.
• Feeling cold on your hands and feet.
• Frequent urge to urinate and constipation
• Lower abdomen problems like knee pain arthritis sciatica.
• Eating disorders in younger generations

2. The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral ChakraAssociated colour – Orange

Location- Below Navel.

If your sacral chakra is balanced you enjoy pleasurable activities like playing and having fun and indulge in a lot of creative things. You enjoy sex and you have no trouble connecting emotionally to others. The sacral Chakra makes it easy for you to express emotions. Imbalances in the sacral chakra can be seen by the following signs.


• Inability to value simple things in life.
• You do not enjoy sex anymore
• You try to suppress your natural needs
• You here importance and betrayal.
• You are more prone to getting into an addiction


• Issues related to sex and sexual problems.
• Problems related to kidney, urinary tract, and irritable bowel syndrome.
• Lower back pain and deteriorating hip and pelvic.
• Problems related to menstruation, ovarian cyst, prostate, and testes.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus ChakraAssociated colour – Yellow

Location – Upper abdomen

If our solar plexus chakra is balanced it gives you optimism and confidence. it is also responsible for keeping you calm and accepting people as they are. Any imbalances in your solar plexus chakra can be seen through following signs.


• Sudden lack of confidence and low self-worth.
• Constant feeling of negativity or pessimism.
• Material insecurity and lack of trust in self.
• Problems like self-esteem and issues with physical appearances.


• Problems related to liver and pancreas are more common.
• Increased blood pressure.
• Issues related to stomach and pancreas and gallbladder.
• Problems like Diabetes.

4. Heart Chakra

Heart ChakraAssociated colour – green

Location – heart

If your heart chakra is completely balanced you feel joyous and happy. you are compassionate towards others and more accepting of that personality. you can maintain a good balance in life. Here are some signs to show that your heart chakra is out of balance


• Reluctance to accept and love somebody.
• Inability to accept affection and love from others.
• You have started looking for rewards.
• You have started having feelings like jealousy and bitterness fear and loneliness.


• Lung disorders and asthma.
• Constant pain in wrist and arms
• Problems related to heart and immunity.
• Pain in upper back and shoulders.
• Contracting allergies and diseases.

5. Throat Chakra

Throat ChakraAssociated colour- Blue

Location – Throat

The throat Chakra makes you very expressive. You are comfortable with your inner voice and silence both. you can come up with great ideas. Any imbalances in the throat Chakra can lead to following symptoms.


• Inability to express your emotions and views.
• Lack of willpower
• Fear having no power to choose and make a decision.
• Fear of being judged all rejected
• Feeling uncomfortable in silence.


• Problems related to thyroid throat infection Laryngitis ear infections and tmj.
• Persistent occurrence of sore throats and mouth ulcers.
• A problem in breathing or asthma.
• Neck pain and Shoulder pain accompanied by uneasiness.

6. The Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye ChakraAssociated colour – Indigo

Location – Forehead between the eyes.

A balanced third eye chakra is responsible for clarity of thought and vision. It can make you more focused and able to distinguish between reality and illusion. You are more open to suggestions and criticism. If there are any imbalances in your third eye chakra, it can lead to following signs of imbalances.


• You have started feeling extremely confused.
• Inability to consider other people’s views.
• Moodiness irritability and self-doubt.
• Lack sense of right and wrong, or intuition.
• Inability to see and accept one’s own faults.
• You started daydreaming and making enormous imaginations.


• Constant occurrence of headaches, migraines, and sinus related issues.
• Problems in hearing.
• A sense of reduced vision or strain in the eyes.
• Some people can experience seizures and faint.
• Hormonal imbalances and improper functioning.

7. Sahasrara / Crown Chakra

Sahasrara / Crown ChakraAssociated colour – Violet.

Location – Top of the head/crown.

If your Crown Chakra is working perfectly fine you feel more blissful and connecting to the divine. it gives you a sense of inner peace and spirituality. for people who have blocked Crown Chakra following symptoms can be observed.


• You will be constantly full of thoughts and unable to shut your brain off.
• You will be disconnected from the environment around you.
• You may feel depressed unsatisfied and anxious.
• You fear getting alienated.
• You have started carrying prejudices.


• Sensitivity to light and sound.
• Inability to concentrate or focus.
• Depressive tendencies or severe depression.
• You are unable to learn.
• Constant state of confusion, tiredness, and dizziness.

Along with these symptoms, if you notice any kind of stiffness, swelling in body parts, tiredness and in general emotionally out of a track, it may also be signs that your chakras are out of balance. If you can once, ascertain that your chakras are out of balance, you may then make efforts to heal any individual chakra. With the various chakra healing procedures, you can easily achieve a balance in all your energy centers and soon feel like your true self.

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