Best Peacock Mehendi Designs


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Peacock Mehndi Designs

Weather you look at the traditional designs of the rich Indian handicraft or fabric; you can easily witness the beautiful presence of the peacock designs everywhere. Peacock mehndi designs are the unique traditional art symbolizing royalty, spirituality, protection, awakening, guidance and watchfulness.

Peacock is one of the most beautiful of all Indian birds and is also the national bird of India. Its beauty lies in the blue green combination of the feathers. Peacock symbolizes the grace and elegance which is very important in most of the Indian art designs. Mehndi has been an inseparable part of Indian culture for ages. And when you mix Peacock and Mehndi, it is the most exquisite unique combination.

For any special cultural invitation or any special event, there are a lot of arrangements that you have to do and get the entire things ready. One of the most important things is to dress up right for the occasion. The most important thing for any function is to go by traditions and look great with the peacock new mehndi design.

The most important health benefit of mehndi is the ability to relieves headaches, detoxifies the body along with improving the nails and protecting the skin, healthy for the skin, boosting the hair growth, cools the body, reduces inflammation and quick healing.

Best Peacock Mehndi Designs

1. Arabic Mehndi Design which portrays the peacock sitting on a branch with flowers. The perfect design that can be used on the back of the hands and has a delicate design too.

Arabic Mehndi Design2. The peacock at the center of the hand makes the design attractive, take a look at the picture.

The peacock3. The start of the design with peacock which makes it as pretty as the designs looks giving it the right structure and intricate design.

design with peacock4. Check this one more Arabic design which looks perfect for the back of the hand. The simple peacock mehndi design which is apt for any occasion. This design does not look cluttered and makes your hand look pretty with amazing design on the finger too. You can always beautify it with the stones and sparklers to give that edgy look.

Arabic design

5. A design which gives importance to the peacock design in the center and keeps the rest of the hand filled with delicate pattern. This makes your hand look beautiful without making it look much cluttered and makes your fingers especially look beautiful.

peacock designs

6. Look The peacock centered design which has a sheer beauty displaying it’s peacock feathers and shadings. Keeping the cone slant you could achieve this design easily. These are one of the latest peacock mehndi designs which give that perfect peacock in your hands.

peacock centered desig

7. Look When you think about the tattoo with mehndi, you could always put a design emphasizing the feathers of the peacock and making the pattern look as pretty as possible. The eyes are the prettiest bit of peacock in this design which immediately gathers your attention and makes the design look attractive. An extravagant and extremely elaborate one which looks perfect.

design emphasizing the feathers of the peacock

8. Look How about this for peacock mehndi designs? Doesn’t that look fabulous? It has a complete peacock with its neck and beak completely colored with the henna. Complete the design with floral branches etc.

peacock mehndi designs

9. Look Double peacock design for the leg which looks beautiful and places well near the ankle. An elegant design showing the peacock feathers, the beautiful neck and the eyes that looks amazingly pretty.

Double peacock design

10. Look Take a look at the shading in this henna art. Isn’t this a great peacock mehndi design? It has the peacock right in the center of the palm with its marvelous beautiful feathers up the fingers. Peacock is known to spread the feather when it rains and dances gracefully capturing the attention of the people around.

henna art

11. Look at his unique design for peacock mehndi which looks brilliant and much uncluttered. Aside from design on the backside of the hands which not only makes it looks beautiful but also very delicate.

esign for peacock mehndi

People around the world understand mehndi as henna and is put in use in many different ways. The name comes from the flowering plant from which this is derived.

Wound Healing

One of the most notable uses of henna is for caring the skin against infections and eliminating inflammation. It has been applied to burns, wounds, and problems for ageing, not only because it can add a protective layer against foreign pathogens and constituents, but also because it has natural cooling capabilities that literally suck the heat from the skin. This makes it very beneficial for sunburns, in a similar aptitude as aloe vera gel.

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