How To Throw a Memorable Mehendi Party At Home


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Memorable Mehendi Party At Home

Well, who doesn’t want their Mehendi function to be remembered and memorable for quite a long time? Everybody does right! You for trying to make the party memorable, end up spending a lot of time and money on the process and also your mehendi function is actually the one event you can have control on – which is right from the guest list to the decor, to food without even causing hoch-poch. So here, are some few tips and tricks on how to throw a memorable mehendi party at home, and leave everybody stunned.

Ideas For a Successful Mehendi Function

1Guest List

Guest List

When you start planning a mehendi party or ceremony, then the guest list must be the first on the priority list while planning. If possible,then plan a private mehendi ceremony, as it can actually allow you to enjoy with your closest friends and the families to the fullest before even the mayhem starts. Hence, you are the bride you will be able to choose. So, the people who must come to your mehendi function are your family and friends.

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2Picking a theme

Picking a theme

The suggestion is to select a beautiful theme like, ‘Morocco’ or ‘Bollywood’ to give your guests some flair. Try to round up with some amazing decorations like; flower garland, fairy lights, lots of cushions, lanterns, and many more. It is all about being creative as well as having fun.

3Load up the playlist

Load up the playlist

No matter, whatever and however you plan your mehendi ceremony do not forget the tunes. Songs can make your party really come alive. Also, never forget to include some dance music, to get people on their feet.

Instead of Sangeet, you can plan on playing the music staged for more staged. Songs can tend to stay for longer than the Sangeet performances.

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For a classic mehendi food, try out the chaat. But try not to indulge in more than three chaat types. Bhelpuri is also, another different types of specialty you can go for along with chaat.

If your mehendi function is on summers then you can try off on serving some delicious summer specialty Kulfi. You can even extend it to other drinks like; mango milkshake popsicles. Mehendi patterened cupcakes are also another fun way of sticking to the neutral theme.

5Old games played in new ways

Old games played in new ways

A mehendi party is the best place for games. The suggestion is to try playing the “pillow passing” game, “musical chairs”, “sweet eating competition” and “truth or dare” in a new way. Play this game sin a rewarding way, so that everybody gets excited about playing them.



The first rule of mhendi party is just colours! Small things like bright dupattas in bandini, or sheer with fairy lights, paper lanterns, pom-poms, colourful streamers, marigold flowers, colourful umbrellas are just enough to decorate and keep you on track. These are extremely low on budget, but is also completely fancy for a mehendi party at home.



Guest favours are the most important part in a Mehendi ceremony that everybody waits for. If your guest list is minimum then it becomes very easy to distribute. You can distribute guests according to the age group. Something special that they can take home. Varying with age, the gifts can make them feel special and which they can actually use it. You can gift them;

  • Cluthes: everybody loves cluthes and also uses them. It is the most common as well as an ethnic gift to recommend.
  • Bangles: you can even try out some pair of ghungroo bangles for girls and silk wrapped metal bangles for the ladies.
  • Dupattas: gifting bandini dupattas, matka silk, chanderi silk, and kanjeevaram silk dupattas are in rage these days. But, it can also be a little more expensive.

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