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Maharashtrian bridal hairstyle is not very different from other hairstyle for Indian bride but the accessories make it different. When ‘Dulhan’ comes to your mind, the first words are ‘Magic!’, ‘Mesmerizing’. The bride decked in a beautiful silk 9-yards nauvari which is usually a paithani silk, and her hands and feet adorned with beautiful intricate mehndi, there is no denial that the traditional Indian dulhan is one of the most outstanding and beautiful bride in the world.

Two things that a bride ever frets over are the makeup and hair. And when it comes to wedding days, there is a wide variety of options that are available which are not only beautiful but also trendy. The bride is obvious to get overwhelmed with the wide range of options for hairstyles available for the Maharashtrian bride. So, how to decide what to go for? Will it look elegant with the nauvari? Will the hair look messy if left loose? How will the Maharashtrian wedding hairstyle look in pictures? Deciding the look for the “D-Day” could be a very difficult and an important decision. And tell you what, all of the brides worry about the same as part of deciding their look for the day.

The Maharashtrian weddings are generally very simpler weddings which tend to be lesser bedazzled. However, that doesn’t stop you from wearing colorful attire accessorizing them, wearing the right makeup and having a traditional Marathi hairstyle. Dressed in a beautiful paithani style saree, the Maharashtrian bride wears the traditional floral headgear which is called as Mundavalya. The pearl string mindablya which runs across the forehead completes the look. The nose ring in addition is called nath and a jewelry hair clip is called as the ambada along with green bangles. This is the most regal look for a Maharashtrian bride which cannot be compromised upon when it comes to the special day. And hence there cannot be any compromise on the hairstyle too. There are beautiful hairstyles which we have mentioned below to go perfect with the overall traditional royal look.

Best Marathi Bridal Hairstyle

Image credit: hairstylemonkey.co.in

You do not want the hairstyle to be exaggerated to look beautiful; simplicity just makes it perfect and less complicated look for that elegance.

1. Take a look at this hairstyle where the front hair is being pulled back into a bun and without loosening the bangs it goes into the gorgeous bun perfectly. This also acts as one of the best hairstyle for the frizzy hair problems too. It looks perfect for the mangtika to be put right in the center.

Image credit: hairstylemonkey.co.in

2. Another one example with the same style to pick the portion of the hair and add it to the bun at the back. It stands apart from the other Marathi wedding hairstyles which are not only elegant but also perfect to add a mundavalya and complete the look with the Maharashtrian bridal hairstyle.

Image credit: pintaram.com/t/mayurikapadane

3. The traditional Marathi hairstyle which in this picture is very fashionable one. The long hair plaited into a bun that has the back and a mid-proof creating a nice parting from the front of the hair. If you look at the picture clearly, the front portion of the hair is braided to go back and join the bun at the back and you can add to it by inserting the pearl settings on each braid’s center as well as the flowers at the back. The look is finally completed with the mundavalya running along the forehead to the back of the bun.

Image credit: shatika.co.in

4. Concentrating more on the back of the bun, full of flowers. Rose is the flower for the special day and the best part is that you can always look for the same colored flowers to complement your outfit. Take a look at the picture which shows a bride with a bun hairstyle and completing the look with rose flowers allover making it look marvelous and eye catchy.Maharashtrian-bridal-hairstyles06

5. Let it loose. Yes, you can as well have your hair let loose with the front portion of the hair tied back and soft curls to the back of the hair. This keeps the hair intact without making it come in the front but also looks gorgeous and dense. The mundavalya looks perfect too.

Image credit: whatknot.in

6. Bun with flowers is always the best traditional Marathi hairstyle which can be added with a ‘U-pin’ that can be plugged into the bun perfectly to look like shown in the picture. A very different yet completely traditional Marathi hairstyle that looks perfect.

Image credit: hairstylemonkey.co.in

7. Another one in the same fashion but a heavier look where the bun again has a fancy pin attached but also has the beaded attachment that could be stuck to the starting portion of the bun. It gives an excellent look to the bun. The flowers attached to the bun but making sure only at the conjunction of the bun and the rest of the hair. This is as well a smart idea to hide most of the pins used and to give a proper finishing touch to the hairstyle overall. Maharashtrian bridal hairstyle will be complete with the flower wreath.Maharashtrian-bridal-hairstyles09

8. You can never go wrong with such a lovely bun for Maharashtrian wedding hairstyles. The extremely elegant nuptial look combined with excellent intricate design in the bun makes it perfect. The neatly placed streaks in the bun and attached with a pearl pin to each section adds the edgy look to it.Maharashtrian-bridal-hairstyles10

9. You cannot go wrong with any of these Marathi bridal hairstyle which is the most traditional one. A simple sleek bun with a center partition allowing the sindoor to be put easily. It also keeps your hair neatly in place with additional individual flowers that you can put at the back of the bun for that additional touch of prettiness to the overall look.Maharashtrian-bridal-hairstyles11

10. An elegant simple style of bun which is also known as flower petal style bun, up-do. A perfect center detail piece which adds the completeness to it.

Image credit: wohhwedding.com

11. Leave it loose hairstyle with simple plates from the front and flowers in the flowers in the back makes it perfect! The flowers can be great if natural or even the clips with the plastic flowers or with stones could be great one. Danglers in the ears and soft curls to the letdown hair will be perfect.

Image credit: salonssuppliesdirect.info

12. A clip to the center of the hair gives a simple and elegant look. Take a look at the curls to the ends of the hair given, keeping it stylish and letting the hair stay at its place.

Image credit: Youtube

We will help you with few of the hairstyles with steps to follow to achieve it.

Crisscross Flower Accented Bun

Image credit: stylecraze.com

What You Need:

  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Smoothening serum
  • Big hair donut
  • U pins
  • Fine-toothed comb
  • Hair elastic
  • Small flowers
  • Hairspray

How To Make The Hairstyle:

  • Take out all the knots and tangles from your hair with the aid of a wide-toothed comb.
  • Apply either of the smoothening serum to remove any frizz.
  • Partition off two 2 inch segments of hair from close to your left and right temples.
  • Using a fine-toothed comb, comb back the rest of your hair and tie it into a ponytail a little say couple of inches above the nape of your neck.
  • Attach the very end of your ponytail into the hair donut carefully.
  • Start rolling neatly the hair donut up the length of the ponytail while trying to wrap your hair around it.
  • Make sure you keep scattering the hair from your ponytail uniformly around the donut, so that by the time it you finish wrapping the ponytail around it and reaches the end, the bun is completely hidden from the view.
  • When you are done wrapping the donut around the ponytail, it must have reached the very top of your ponytail. You can secure it to your head with the help of U pins.
  • Now, taking the earlier left out section from the left section of hair, cross it over the top of the bun, and secure it with a pin under your bun on the right.
  • Repeat the previous steps mentioned with the right section of hair.
    Insert 4-5 real flowers to give the completeness to your hairstyle on one side of your bun with the help of bobby pins.
  • Finish it off with hairspray to keep the hairstyle as is for however long you wish without disrupting it.

Bumped Up Curls:

Image credit: stylecraze.com

It is one of the simplest one to do but look how amazing it turns out to be. The gorgeous hairstyle is best for any wedding function.

What you need:

  • Heat protectant
  • Bumpit
  • 1 inch curling iron
  • Light hold hairspray
  • Fine-toothed comb
  • Bobby pins

How to make the hairstyle:

  • Wash and dry your hair. It is good to apply heat protectant all over the hair.
  • Pick up 1 inch sections of hair at a time, such that you can curl the lower half of all the hair.
  • Insert a bumpit under the hair in the section which is at the crown of your head.
  • Keeping the bangs left apart, smooth over the hair at the top and sides of your head over the bumpit and pin them in the center at the back of your head.
  • Spritz on some good hairspray to finish off the look.

Elegant Twisted Side Bun:

Image credit: stylecraze.com

Not every bun has to be traditional one for the wedding, you could always go for a wonderful twisted side bun for your special day. We will tell you how to get this Maharashtrian bridal hairstyle to look stunning and attractive.

What you need:

  • Heat protectant
  • Hair elastic
  • Bobby pins
  • Strong hold hairspray
  • Straightening iron

How to make the hairstyle:

  • Make arrangements for this hairdo by washing and drying the hair with any good heat protectant.
  • Take up to 2 inch sections of hair at a time; you must use a straightener to straighten all your hair.
  • Keep the front segment of your hair apart and tie rest of the hair to the back into a low side ponytail.
  • Pick up a 2 inch section of hair from the ponytail, and while you roll it up lightly into a bun, keep pins and with pins secure it to your head.
  • Pick another 2 inch section of hair again from the ponytail, loosely roll and cover it round the first section, and pin it in place.
  • Keep repeating the process above with each section until all the hair sections in your ponytail has been rolled and fixed into a low side bun.
  • Part the hair in the front section on one side.
  • After the side of the parting with more hair, from right next to the parting pick up a 2 inch section.
  • Divide this section into 2 parts and start French twisting them by addition hair to it with each succeeding twist.
  • Once you complete using all the hair to add to your French twist, simply twist it a bit, place it through the top of your bun, and pin it on the other end.
  • Repeat the above steps again on the other side.
  • Spray on some strong hold hairspray to set the hair in place and let you free to enjoy your day.

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