Reasons why you should take photography seriously


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A lot of people nowadays feel that photography is a way of enhancing their abilities and showing the world their viewpoint. Well, it is true that photography is an amazing hobby and also needs a lot of practice. It offers a lot of benefits and on the go, you will understand that photography is also a way of medication. Well, it is true that photography can soothe a person and ease their feelings and their inner self. If you have recently picked up the art of photography as a hobby, you should keep going and click amazing pictures. If you have a creative eye towards something, then photography is your cup of untested tea. You need to visualize what you want to tell the world and show it in the form of clicking pictures. Not everybody will be good at that for sure.

Virtually and creatively, photography is all about designing your thoughts and channelizing something different and beautiful. The lens that is the eye of the camera is a real blessing. So ladies, if you are seriously interested in photography, I would urge you to give it a shot because it is definitely more than just a hobby and take photography seriously. Photography can soon become a part of your life.All you need is a good camera to practice and lots of patience to learn the techniques. If you know that, photography can be damn easy and very, very interesting.

Top reasons why you should take photography seriously

1A great stress buster

A great stress buster

Do you know that when you click pictures of people, thing, place or something new, your mind is relaxed? It is relaxed so much that you start to feel the rush automatically inside of you. You are going to feel relaxed and you are most likely going to realize that there is a lot to explore when it comes to this beautiful hobby of yours.

You are actually waiting for the right moment, forgetting what’s happening around you and totally concentrating on one single frame. It is just the thing in front of you and you with the camera. It relaxes your mind a hell lot and makes you feel comfortable and happy. A monotonous life can get very boring easily. If you don’t want to feel the boredom and if you think that you can handle something creative, then you should definitely take photography seriously.

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2Appreciation of little things

Appreciation of little things

Believe me; you will start appreciating even the smallest of small things when it comes to photography. Yes, since you are on the outlook of figuring out different things, you will notice yourself going at a slow pace. And the slow pace is actually important too. You will not miss out on the small and important things around you.

Photography will make you a great listener and make you notice details. You will be on the onset of capturing beautiful scenery, small things around you and definitely amazing colors. Infact, without even your knowledge you will start appreciating the weird and the simple things in life. This is definitely one of the best benefits of learning photography.

3Beauty around you

Beauty around you

Not that you haven’t seen the beauty around you till now. But after you start taking photos and showing interest in photography, you will start loving things more around you. The next time you go out just for a coffee or even to meet a friend to the beach, you will start to notice the waves, the children playing, the wonderful sunset and you will definitely start observing things around you closely.

Infact, it will take you to another step of appreciating everything around you. If you are one of those photo fanatics by then, you will have your camera with you and start clicking pictures. It will make you a silent person and even spiritually inclined. Photography in other words will make you love your life and people around you.

4You meet new people

You meet new people

Not to mention, the number of amazing and interesting people who have the same interest as you do. It is actually a discipline, so the more people you meet, the better it gets. When you see other people’s, other photographer’s work and their collection, you will not just be inspired, but you will have the encouragement from their side. It is true that you will start meeting passionate people. You will totally love it, take my word.

5You can make it your career

You can make it your career

If you start liking photography more than usual amounts, then who knows – you can definitely make this a viable career option. Photography doesn’t alone improve your personal self, it also improves your professional self. The financial aspect of it may be a little slow. But if you invest time and some money, you will get your returns easily. You have to understand that there are lot of options out there and so many genres that you can cater to. People photography, pet photography, candid, landscape, nature, water, waves, air, lifestyle and so many more are your options.

You can start up a blog of all your pictures and invite people to visit it. You can start a page on social media for your friends and well-wishers to like and comment. You can do a lot in fact!

Photography gives a lot of opportunities and opens up millions of interests that could be hidden inside of you. So, don’t let that talent go away. If you are serious about photography, take it up and love it and heart it. That’s why you should take photography seriously.

-Pavithra Ravi

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