How To Remove Those Pesky Oil Stains From Clothes ?


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Be it your most treasured cotton shirt or a pair of night pyjamas, an oil stain on any of your clothes can become an instant nightmare the moment it happens. Oil stains are particularly tough to remove since it gets absorbed completely into the fabric and then becomes difficult to be removed completely, thus, leaving a trace behind and spoiling the garment completely.

But, what if we told you, ladies, that oil stains are not as invincible now? Yes you read that right. You can now remove oil stains from clothes at home with some simple techniques that can be done at home. Here is how.

How to Remove Oil Stains From Clothes?

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Firstly you need to act quickly. Deal with oil stains as soon as possible, leaving it for a long time would increase the difficulty level to remove it. Do not wait for few hours as that would cause disaster and if days pass by it becomes more and more difficult to remove it completely.

  • We first need to go through the label attached to the garment. It will contain the manufacturer’s recommendation which is generally the best to follow. We can go for hot water as it works super effectively but only after ensuring that the fabric of the cloth is not affected.
  • We must remember not to dry a stained cloth in the machine. The machine heat will dry the stain even more just setting the stain on the fabric. We need to carefully look before putting any cloth into the dryer.
  • The oil needs to be blotted in order to remove the excess oil. For this procedure, we can use a tissue paper, cotton or paper towel to extract the extra oil from the fabric. We need to just softly press against the stain from both the sides of the cloth. Rubbing on the stain is not required; a gentle press will soak the extra oil from the stain.

How to Get Rid Of Oil Stains

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There are several ways to deal with a stain on our daily use clothing. Several of these remedies are even homemade and are very effective in removing oil stains.

1. Detergent For Laundry:

These detergents are designed to work wonders on stains from oil or grease. Several of these are specially prepared to remove oil stains only. We need to at the very first treat the stain according to the instructions on the label of the cloth as well as the product. After applying the detergent on the stain it is left aside for half an hour approx. Then we need to hold it under hot water before washing it in the machine.

2. Dishwashing Liquids, As Well As A Bar

There, are many of us who apply these liquids and bars to treat the most arrogant stains on our clothes. It is recommended by many to get rid of oil and grease. Dish wash liquid and hot water when combined can remove even the deadliest dirt.

We need to pour the liquid on the stain and then use a brush to rub on it in a circular motion. This will ensure the product gets the stain. But before all these, we need to check the product we are about to use in a small area of the cloth.

Part of the stain or faded marks may still be visible. If so we need to repeat the procedure and use hot water. Finally, the cloth needs to be washed in the washing machine at the highest permitted temperature.

Ways to Remove Oil Stains From Clothes Without Washing

1. Talcum Powder, Baby powder, and Cornstarch Are Best For Oil Stains

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We need to buy any of the above-mentioned product and put it on the stain. We should ensure to cover the stain completely with the product and leave it to rest for an hour or so. After the estimated time has elapsed we can shake off the powder.

If the stain is old or too strong we can include vinegar in the process. Even any dry cleaning product can also help in soaking the extra oil. The stain will surely vanish. After which we need to use a clean cloth dipped in water and clean the area. The cloth is then left to dry taking as much time as required.

If the stain is a thick one, we can use any object like the spoon to remove as much as possible. The oil stain includes those from salad dressings, lipsticks, sauces etc.

2. Use of Alcohol

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It the stain on our cloth is from any makeup or ink we can remove it by rubbing it with cotton balls dipped in alcohol. We need to place a paper towel on the back of the cloth and then rub on the stained side to get rid of the stain. The same process can be applied on the inner side of the stain if found necessary. Then it should be set aside to dry on its own.

3. Lemon can be useful

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Lemon juice is a good option to deal with oil stains. We can combine the lemon with salt to get more prominent and quick result. We just have to sprinkle salt on the area of stain and then stray lemon juice on it. Rubbing it carefully will remove the stain completely. Some believe that it can work as a preventative too.


How to Remove Oil Stains From Clothes – 3 Working Home Remedies

We can remove oil from clothes naturally by following any of these procedures. These products will ensure we remove oil from clothes quickly.

1. Use of Baking Soda:Remove-oil-stains07

Baking soda is available in every household and can easily remove oil stains from clothes. This baking soda has the characteristic of being porous and it is this property which assists it in soaking up the excess oil in the stains.

We need to cover the stain with a good quantity of soda and in no time will this baking soda turn brown indicating the process of soaking extra oil is complete. In case the stain is old or stubborn we should take out the initially applied soda and repeat the process.

This process is recommended to be repeated until the soda stops changing its color. Finally, the cloth needs to be washed and the stain will automatically disappear.

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2. The Utility Of Vinegar:

Vinegar is equally effective in removing oil stains. The process is very simple and one just needs to soak up the portion of stain in vinegar. In case of colored cloth, the vinegar needs to be combined with some hot water.

This is done to ensure that the color of the cloth is not affected. Else there are chances of the cloth getting faded. After some time we need to rub the stained part to finally remove the vinegar. In case the stain remains we can apply some more amount of vinegar. The cloth needs to dry in normal air.

3. Using Lemon:

Lemon helps in lightening oil stains and soaking oil from stains in the cloth. We need to rub lemon on the area of stain to remove the stain followed by washing the cloth naturally.

Tips for Removing Oil Stains

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1. Dish wash soap and cornstarch

The stain on the cloth is covered with cornstarch and we need to leave it in such a position for an hour. Then we need to pour the dishwashing soap on it and a little rubbing with a clean brush will do the wonder. After all these, the stain will vanish and we can clean the cloth normally.

2. Hair Spray

We normally use hair sprays for having elegant looking hair but we did hardly know that it could be an ingredient for stain removal. We need to spray the hairspray on the stain but keeping in mind to spray a good amount. Then finally we can wash and dry it normally following the procedures as mentioned in the label of the clothing.

3. Shampoo

Shampoos are meant to do this oil removal job. It does so for our hair. It is manufactured in such a way that it can remove natural oil out of our hair. Hence removing oil stain with the help of shampoo is a very easy task. We need to take a small amount of our daily use shampoo and apply it like a paste on the stain. After some time we can wash it directly to see wonders created by it.

Use any of the above method to remove oil stains at home with ease. Make sure you look for wash instructions first so as not to ruin the fabric with harsh substances and acids. With simple techniques like using talcum powder or the alcohol, we have you covered when it comes to removing oil stain from your clothes. What do you think?

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