A Perfect Guide For Doing A Pearl Facial At Home


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pearl facial at home

We normally visit parlours once in a month to get our beauty regime done. But we must first concentrate on finding which facial is best for our skin. Every person has a different kind of skin thus the care it requires also differs. We love to go to salons as according to every woman it is the best place to relax and get ourselves pampered.

Before stepping out to get the treatments in a salon for any occasion or on a regular basis, one must know the flaws and the conditions that suit their skins. No one can deny the love of women towards salons and parlours. They get the right pamper and beautification that is desired along with the relaxation required for daily life stress. The pearl facial serves as the most convenient ways of relaxation along with tender massaging with the application of pearl face cream.

The pearl skin facial is recommended for the people having an oily skin as it serves efficiently in removing the tans on the skin by bringing back the soft and bright appearance which is original. The deep cleansing technique is the following step of applying the pearl facial pack. This helps in the refining process. The next step is a light massage applied gently to the face while the mask is on. This is a prime factor for storing and retaining the moisture in order to provide the necessary nutrients to the skin and revitalize it. The assurance for providing radiance and lighter tone in a natural way id guaranteed with the help of pearl facial for oily skin.

Applying the pearl facial at home is simple and pocket-friendly too. First of all, all individuals tending to do the homemade pearl facial must understand what is a pearl facial?

To answer this, this is one of the common varieties of facials using the pearl facial mask with the pearl cream which is very beneficial for the people having an oily skin. This brightens the face and removes tan.

How To Do Pearl Facial At Home

pearl facial At Home
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The pearl facial steps are as follows,

  • This is really simple; we need to add one tablespoon of honey with lemon juice and one tablespoon of pearl powder.
  • The frothy mixture of an egg which is beaten is then added to the remaining components in order to obtain a gel-like substance.
  • We need to add two tablespoons of milk and rose water in the same quantity to the mixture.
  • This needs to be followed by the addition of olive oil in half the quantity of rose water, remember, olive oil must be added for those with dry skin only.
  • Addition of one tablespoon of fresh cream and cucumber are the final ingredients.

In order to obtain the best pearl powder whitening facial treatment using the above ingredients, the following steps must be implemented: (The above procedure is for getting a mask, however, individuals can use the ingredients separately, and this is what the following steps contain and lists the ways for separate application of the ingredients. Both the ways work in the same manner.)

  1. We need to pour milk on a pad of cotton and wipe the face gently; this removes the impurities present on the skin by acting as a natural cleansing agent.
  2. The pearl powder needs to be mixed with rose water and applied to the face and scrubbed. Adding coconut oil or olive oil to this mixture is optional for the people having dry skin.
  3. The applied scrub needs to stay for ten minutes and then washed off. The following step is to apply pearl cream to the face and leave it for a period of ten to twelve minutes.
  4. While the creams sit on the face, another mixture needs to be prepared using the cream, egg, lemon juice, pearl powder, and honey and then applied on the face with the cream still on.
  5. This mixture acts as a tightening agent and removes any acne if they are present on the skin.
  6. The mask needs to be dried until washing it off with warm water.
  7. After all the steps are completed, we need to apply the juice obtained from cucumber mixed with rose water and let it dry.
  8. Rinse and clean the face with warm water to mark the end of the facial.

What is the Benefits of Pearl Facial?

Benefits of Pearl FacialThere are a lot of advantages associated with pearl facial for individuals with oily skin. Some of the pearl facial benefits are listed below:

  • Pearl facial helps in making the skin softer as the pearl powder breaks down the dead ski coverings to bring out the soft underlying skin and gives a natural glow.
  • The facial is an anti-aging treatment which resolves the age spots effectively along with skin tightening to give individuals a wrinkle-free look.
  • The main importance is the ability to shrink the pores in an effective manner which naturally occurs with skin tightening. This ensures lees dirt, pollution, and germs from invading to the inner regions and simultaneously resolves the problems associated with skin.
  • The tan removing capability of this facial is mesmerizing. The ingredients used in the process are all enriched in nutrients which are essential for the skin restoration and helps in protecting the skin from sunlight to return the natural complexion back and restored.
  • The people with oily skin tend to accumulate more grime and dirt on the face as it is the region that is uncovered most of the time. The facial protects the skin through cleansing and makes it free from pimples.

The Pearl Facial Side Effects

pearl facial side effects
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Though serving as a beneficial agent for skin treatment, there are a lot of side effects of facial massage and related beauty treatments done with the use of pearl powders. Some of the facial side effects are listed below:

  • Edema.
  • Erythema.

These are the immediate side effects that can affect and strike after the facial. However, there are delayed side effects that might occur after some time since the facial had been done and are listed below:

  • Dermatitis.
  • The eruption of acne.

The delayed symptoms are seen among 33% of the people suffering from the related disorders after the facial has been done over a prolonged period of time.

Application of the Pearl Powder Can Have Similar Side Effects.

pearl powder can have similar side effects
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The pearl powder side effects are listed below:

  1. Irritation in the skin accompanied with red patches is the most common form of the side effect that incurs redness of the skin in blotchy patterns and occurs mainly due to the pressure implemented during the extractions and exfoliation done while facial application.
  2. The skin can gradually incur scars on the overuse of the pearl powder. This is common among the individual who practices facials more than the number of times prescribed.
  3. Due to the dryness property of the pearl cream, the skin often tends to become dry. This is good for the people with oily skin but proves to be worst for the individuals with dry skin and the addition of coconut oil or olive oil in the mixture is recommended in order to restore the moisture of the skin.

The is a lot of positive feeds about the facial all over the world as most of the individuals have readily accepted it for delivering instant radiance and even tone to the skin by its brightening and anti-toxic properties. This form of facial is way more demanding than the regular forms of facials like the gold and the fruit facial. Though it is a bit more expensive, people are adopting this technique due to its mesmerizing outcomes. The facial is recommended for all skin types and all ages, especially for the mid-aged group of individuals throughout the world.

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