8 Magnetic Pink Lipsticks For Indian Skin Tone- Heights Of Pink Is Speechless


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You must feel your features with colours and suitable shades. The colours on you say your mood and expression. The vibrant colours are awesome to wear and the light colours are pleasant to wear. To go with the colours as they are meant to be is in your hands to pick the right one for your mood or to set the mood.

We would like to give some synonyms for the colours-

Pink is blush,
Red is rebel
Brown is eternal

If you love to see the colours as this beautiful as we mentioned, you must choose the right lipsticks. So, today we are giving away the list of lipsticks that makes your lips blush with pinks!

Pink Lipsticks For You- True Shades Of Pink

If you started loving a lip colour it is not only the shade but the brand as well. The colour you loved of one brand may not swatch your lips the same way. You are girly or not but pink is love for your lips. The colour that keeps your lips naturally beautiful. The different shades of pink can stick to women with all skin tones. You will love multiple lip colours but pink colour let your lips blooms.

1. Lakme Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Colour- Vintage Pink

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The texture: The texture of the lipstick is soft and you will definitely fall in love with vintage pink shade.

Other features: If you are bored pouting for pictures, then you must change the shade. Try to pout with this shade and you will fall in love with your own lips. The product is sufficiently pigmented with to stay for good hours. You will love carrying it in your makeup kit to colour your lips secretly and make them blush instantly. It is great for Indian skin tone as it seems to look. Be a smart lady!

2. Maybelline New York Color Sensational Shine Compulsion Lipstick- Secret Blush

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The texture: Your lips will be well finished with a glossy texture. The finishing is extremely tempting to wear again and again.

Other features: The nude shade with shine is alluring and formula of the lipstick is to last for long hours. The easy grab for any day is a time saver. Choosing this lipstick for you to set your mood nice for the day will never be a disappointment. You’re protecting your lips and preventing from getting dried. It is a great lip love but does not punish your lips with unsuitable shades. The right choice is sometimes a peaceful mood!

3. L’Oréal Balm Pop in Electric Pink

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The texture: The shiny and glossy swatch lipstick is a must try when it is beautiful pink.

Overloaded shades are not cheerful, this works better!

Other features: If you felt that pink is for prettiness and not for stun look, then you were clueless about this shade. Give a fine coat with this lipstick shade which will make you look stunning. The colours staying around your lips must be beauty enhancing to make you feel cheerful. You have to grab this lipstick and go pink naturally.

4. NYX Simply Pink Lip Cream- Fuchsia Swatch

Image source: amazon.com

The texture: The shade that is finished with a glossy and creamy texture and stays on you without fading is what you needed. Your chapped lips can be moisturized with the application of NYX simply pink lip cream.

Other features: The dreamy lip colour that you are loving of other’s must be this lovely shade. When you have something near to grab, you must not just admire it, you must own it. As fuchsia is poppy shade, you can pick this for party wear. Your lips chant for this shade!

5. REVLON Colorburst Lip Butter, Lollipop

Image source: makeupalley.com

The Texture: The lipstick is buttery and keeps your lips hydrated. The glossy texture Revlon color burst makes your lips feel pampered and soft.

Other features: All your outfits don’t demand the same shade. Your funky western outfits and your lips coloured with this shade are fantastic together. The mixture shades of prettiness and bravery are unique which are found in this splashing shade. Play the dual role!

6. Bobbi Brown Luxe Matte Colour Rebel Rose

Image source: temptalia.com

The texture: Pink is pretty but it is also purity for many. Bobbi brown luxe matte pink shade will let your lips be natural with a light layer.

Other features: This pink shade is named as raspberry colour and now you will get a clear idea about the shade. This lipstick can multiply the beauty of dusky skin or fair skin tone of Indian women. The shade that pulls off your look easily is not boring for back to back parties. Before you stunning the crowd with your look, your lipstick will stun you. Lip love is self-love!

7. MAC Mehr Lipstick

Image source: makeupandbeauty.com

The texture: The natural colour on your lips with light texture is all you want. It comes with a matte finish which can set your lips in natural pink.

Other features: This is one of the popular shades of MAC lipsticks. MAC Mehr is a classy shade and for every day for Indian skin tone. Your love for pink changes for it’s beautiful to look. As it is good to be light, you can wear a single coat. If you want to elevate your lips more, use a couple of coats. Even with multiple coats, it does a wonderful job of the natural swatch. Bulky is never!

8. Sugar Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick 07 Rethink Pink

Image source: highongloss.com

The texture: The matte finishing lipstick is wonderfully made with light cover. The layers of sugar cosmetics rethink lipstick can make your lips look flawless.

Other features: You cannot stay conscious all the day of lipstick fading away. So, you need a lipstick that truly sticks on your lipstick. For this long stay experience of lipstick, you must try sugar cosmetics smudge not rethink lipstick. Sugar cosmetics made this lipstick look sweet on a woman’s lips. The shade blends with Indian skin tone and gives a natural colour for lips. You will not rethink to wear this shade!

Pink is not just girly but can be a bold, ravishing shade. The most popular lipstick colour that is accepted and loved all over the world. This universal colour fragmented in lovely shades and we have given you the best shades that are proving pink is more than just a colour. Let the lipstick and the colour be true to you and that is all about your choice.

We can see your charming pink smiles!

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