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Have you topped in fashion? But have you ever wondered how your fashion goals are eating up your money?

You may have deep pockets and happy to spend on your clothing. But the fashionable look with a low budget is must try.

Staying in fashion with a low budget is a difficult challenge but it is possible. Once you get the tricks of fashion, your budget will become irrespective to flaunt with style. There are some clever ways to look fashionable with a low budget even.

The trick is to manage the looks but it should not look like you are managing. The outlook must be flawless but not messy or incomplete. So, we are loving the ideas that make easy for you to achieve fashion goals in low budget.

Tips while Shopping- Clothes, Accessories and Footwear

1. Own The One- No multiple attractions

Your hands pull everything attracts your eyes. Don’t think that it is an unconditional reaction for your eyes and hands. It is a “no clue” situation where you grab everything you find. This can cost you an arm and a leg, if you continue the same way of shopping. To avoid that you must have a clear picture of what you want to own. If you are heading a showroom for sports shoes but don’t pick the heels as well, until it is cheap than normal.

2. Clever Choice and Simple Grab

Not only in the world of fashion, but you will also have the options anywhere. Look around and see the less costly options. Pick the product which fits in your budget. If you want a tie your pretty outfit, you can choose ribbon or lace than going for an expensive belt. Ribbons and lace can make your outfit attractive than a belt for western outfits.

3. Don’t Go with Brands- It is a Rip-Off

Many of the women stick to brands expecting the best quality. Until you use and experience it, you will know the greatness of the product. Preferring brand is not a mistake. But when you have the same product at a cheaper cost but with a bit, less quality is good to buy.

4. Explore online and offline- Keep the options open

Products costs differ from online and offline shopping modes. You must compare the costs and then fix to own a product. If you find the product at a cheap rate online, all you need to see is reviews about quality and material.

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Tips to Make Your Look Fashionable With Low Budget

1. Make your own accessories- Save A little

Make-your-own-accessoriesYou can make your own accessories which look fashionable. It is an easy and playful activity to make your own accessories like earring studs, bracelets and handbags. We suggest you wear eco-friendly jewelry. You can make style statements wearing handmade jewellery. You need some simple ideas that can make your jewellery look trendy.

2. Do Mix and Match- Apt Fusions

Image source: jolygram.com

If you fixing yourself with a dress as a set, it costs you a lot. You must follow the fashion rule of mixing the attires. The colour combinations and the fusions can create a stylish outfit. Instead of buying a branded jeans, you can match up your tops with cropped pants, dhoti pants or palazzos. You look fashionable and this is a new kind of Indian street style.

3. Switch the styles- No Time For Routine

Switch-the-stylesIf you are appearing with the same hairstyle and same kind of dresses, switch to a different style. The outfit may be a routine one for you but it is fashionable for others. You can change your style with footwear, accessories which you already have. The major difference making factors are earrings, nose ring, outfit, hairstyle.

4. Smart Makeup- Magic with cosmetics

Image source: makeupview.co

The way you makeup also make you look fashionable. The hairstyle, lip colour and eye makeup can make you look chic. So, choose the right makeup which gives a fashionable and modish look. As fashion is open to rule, you can style your outfit, hairstyle, footwear.

5. Choose standard Colours- Multiple Styles

Image source: Youtube

You must choose the footwear and pants in standard colours. The standard colour allows you to wear and style in different ways. The best example of a standard colour is black. As you cannot keep everything and every time black, you can go for navy blue, gray, white and brown colours. The multi-purpose accessories and outfits can be worn variously without any restrictions of styling. You spend less and still be fashionable in this way.

6. Simple Accessories- The Classy Style

Image source: herstylecode.com

You must prefer wearing minimal jewelry and see that the jewelry is delicate but stylish. The more heavy accessories look bulky on you. They may damage your modish look. So, the simple chains, ear stud and bracelets are nice to wear.

7. Slip into unique Outfits- Be matchless

Image source: tumblr.com

All the trending outfits are not unique. The outfits which you already have can make your appearance unique. Your floral skirt or cornered old shrug look unique. The outdated fashion is to recreate the trend. So, pull out your pretty attires to make a fashionable outfit.

8. Always Wear Suitable Outfits- Don’t be a Fashion victim

The lovely and trendy outfit tempt to try them. The experiment is good but you must be ready to take the comments. Some of the outfits look like “made for you” and some of the outfits look like “not of your kind”. While you chase to be a fashionista, you must not create the fashion disaster. To be a fashionista, you must slip into the outfits which enhance your beauty.

9. Reuse old clothes- It is a Fashion Recycle

Image source: kamdora.com

This is a known tip for many. The old jeans can turn into torn/ripped jeans. So, you have various ways of reusing your old clothes. These ideas of styling your old clothes are multiple. Once you open your closet, you will find them all.

No, wait to be trendy with a low budget. Such kinds of ideas are of no budget not even low. Without spending any money you can slay in your style.

10. Carry the confidence- Believe In Your Style

Image source: somethingnavy.com

Let the confidence be your first accessory to look fashionable. You must know and feel your style which gives you confidence. The beautiful outfits and trendy accessories are all secondary. The utmost thing is your confidence. Walk with confidence, carry that elegant style and stay relaxed even in front of a big crowd.

Fashion is more about the passion to represent yourself at best. To be fashionable, you need a budget but not the higher range. You can achieve fashion goals with simple tricks and tips. We stress on the shopping tips as well which are briefed above.

The last word for you is- Manage your look but it should not look like you are managing it. Be that confident and flawless woman! All the best for your fashion goals with low budget.

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