Things a woman should learn before marriage


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Things a woman should learn before marriage

Marriage for women is definitely different from marriage for men. Marriage indeed is something that requires you to be strong mentally, physically and most importantly – emotionally! Yes, a marriage can take a lot out of a woman. It will give a woman’s strength and make her a strong person and most importantly, will make a woman full of wisdom. A woman is going to lead a family and that is definitely a huge responsibility. She has to fix relationships with a lot of people in the family. There are a few things you as a woman need to know before marriage. Life before and after your wedding can be two different lives.

There could be constant problems in your marriage life and you need the maturity to handle these issues. Though you learn by time and age, you should be mentally prepared to handle any kind of crisis that comes your way. You need to come out of your comfort zone and kick you down feelings aside. You need to be brave, imposing and try to challenge the difficulties that come your way. Being emotionally strong and being strong headed is important. So, learn these things before you enter a wed-lock. These are the most amazing yet subtle things that people don’t tell you about your life. We are here to put a transparency on these issues and guide you through the process. So, here are some life lessons that you need to know before marriage.

Top Things a Woman Needs to Know Before Marriage



Remember one thing – no matter what you lose, never go down or lose your self-esteem for any reason. Even if it’s your partner, low self-esteem is a consumption and waste of your energy and hard work. If you lose your self-esteem to your man, then you will be ripped off and there wouldn’t be an independent you at all. You need to know the person that you are and you need to recognize your purpose of life. Acknowledge the purpose and try to appreciate it.

For example – If you keep obsessing about the way you look, then you will tend to perfect that and when you try to perfect that, other natural things like aging or your true self is hard to digest. To impress your partner, if you are doing something out of the way, then you will eventually lose your independence and that could be very discouraging for you. Don’t give up the real you just because of your insecurities. Insecurities will fade with time and love.

2Love your body

Love your body

Ladies tend to do this a lot. A lot of women I know tend to obsess over the fact that they are either too fat or too thin. They can never come to terms with the fact that they look like everyone else. If you are calling yourself to be fat, then try to compare yourself with other people. If you think that you are comparatively doing good, then I don’t see why you should constantly go on diets or runs unnecessarily.

Building a healthy relation with your body is very important. Remember that no matter how much you try, by age and once you have kids, your body is going to change. Men don’t expect you to look like a model. They just want you to be comfortable in your own skin. Be confident about your body and if you aren’t, then work towards being a confident person. Don’t let your insecurities hit you in the face. Reality checks are important, so make a good peace with your body before marriage.

3Have good friends

Have good friends

No matter how old or not you are, how early or later you get married, having the right kind of friends is all it takes for you to have a peaceful life. Yes, friends are extremely important and acquiring the right kind is even more important. You need to discuss your personal stuff with your besties before and after marriage.

Women need the support system and friends are the answer to this. If you have any issues with your husband or fiance, your friends are the immediate support system you should go to. They will help and guide you through the process and mend things for you. So, if you have a good friend by your side, things get easier for you. Plus, don’t forget that you have a life outside marriage too. You need someone to hang on to other than your husband or life partner. So, use your friend to your advantage and be there for them when they need you.

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4Have a standard career goal

standard career goal

Setting a family is important, but setting right your career goals are also equally important. Don’t forget the fact that you are an individual as well and you need to gain perspective on the fact that your career goals are as important as your marriage goals. You should make sure that you don’t lose your identity in the process of getting married.

Let’s get practical now – A lot of women need to focus on this aspect in life. Many women forget that they should concentrate on the career once they are married. They think life is all about family and that’s the end of it. No! Not at all. You can still have a successful career and support your family. The new era helps you in so many ways and handling family and work can be a cake walk if you figure out what you want to do. This is the time for you to do.

Before marriage, you need to set right the goals and fix your priorities. Explain these priorities to the man of your life as well, so that he doesn’t think you are deciding without his acknowledgment. Don’t fight over your priorities. Instead, just let him know your plans and involve him in the process.

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5Trust your gut

Trust your gut

It is very important for you to trust yourself and your gut in the process of life. Yes, there could be so many situations in the family or around you when you might have to end up making decisions for others. Life isn’t all that easy, so stuff like this can always happen. That is the time you need to trust your gut and do what your heart and mind say. Make peace with yourself and stay strong.

Marriage isn’t a cake walk at all ladies. Though people don’t really tell you a lot about it, there are many things that you will learn in the process. Take it from me, three and half years of marriage and I am still figuring out new things about family and life. So, all the best, stay strong and keep your chin up always!

-Pavithra Ravi

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