Some home remedies for menstrual cramps


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menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps are a part and parcel of every woman’s life. Menstrual cramps are always a painful process that comes once every month and take a lot out of the woman. Yes, there is always stomach pain, back pain, leg pain and a lot more. Getting to work and leading a normal life in these few days becomes hell for the women. But, as women, we have to put up a brave front and move on. When a woman undergoes menstrual cramps, there can be a lot of things ahead of her like unbelievable pain, stress, hemoglobin level decrease, losing of strength, etc. So, we have come up with some home remedies for menstrual cramps and pains that will help all the women survive the 4 day trouble.

Well, a lot of women tend to take medicines. You can take medicines, but the problem is more medicines leads to more and more complications that happens unnecessarily. So, instead of taking the help of medicines, you can see how to fight the pain via these home remedies. This article is very useful for women are stress who are unable to come out of the maximum pain.

Top Home Remedies for Women Who Have Menses



Unbelievably, exercise is a good way of releasing the bad energy out and bringing good energy to the body. Yes, when you have menstrual cramps, there are some exercises that you can perform to keep your body free from painful adventures. Some women wouldn’t want to get up, move from their bed or even wake up during their menses. But, if you go for a brisk evening walk or do some physical activity like bending, stretching, it will help your muscles to move. The muscles are the reason why you are having these cramps.

When endorphins are released into your body, you will easily be able to relax and your body will free you from painful contractions. Exercising when you have cramps will release your body from having painful encounters. Try doing some basic exercises or walk whenever you can. That will help your pain and put you to ease.

2Apply heat

Apply heat

You should know that your uterus has muscles that keep contracting whenever blood comes out of your body. This is the main reason why your body is paining and you feel the pain every time you move.

The best way to put that to rest is when you apply heat to your body. Use thermacare pads, heat pads and various other heat objects by which you can immediately apply it to the place that is hurting.

Applying heat will immediately remove all the pain and make you brisk as new. If you don’t want to buy a heating pad separately, you can definitely take a hot water bottle with you whenever you go out and press it against your back or your abdomen whenever you feel like.

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3Have enough Vitamin D

Have enough Vitamin D

Nutrition is very important for you to have. When you take a lot of Vitamin D, your body automatically doesn’t stress you with the pain. In fact, a study has proved that if women have high dosage of Vitamin D during their menses time, there is definitely less menstrual cramp problems during the time. You can have a lot of broccoli, almonds, cashews and veggies like beet-root, carrot, Palak etc. These are fresh and will make your cramps go away within minutes. The more you consume Vitamin D, the better it is for your body.

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Have anything with ginger. You can have ginger tea or just boil ginger for a while and mix it with water and drink it. There are many ways in which you can make ginger be one of the main ingredients in your life. The prostaglandins are why your pain increases every time when you get menses. Ginger helps to fight the pain and the tiredness in your body. You can use ginger in your food as well and prepare dishes that involve ginger. In fact ginger makes irregular periods regular too.

5Orgasm works well

Orgasm works well

Finally, if nothing works, ummm, yeah! If you are thinking that this is a crazy idea, then just try it so it can prove you wrong. Orgasms actually help your body in making it easy for you while the tightened muscles release. The Uterus is actually more relaxed when you have your orgasm, which leads to minimal blood flow and that will automatically stop your menstrual cramps. When your blood flow is good, you can have one or two orgasms to feel better about your body. In fact, orgasms also put your body to sleep, which helps your body to not feel any pain at all.

-Pavithra Ravi

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