Things that keep you from getting bored during workout


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during workout

You are not tired! You are not tired! You are not tired! Annoying to read that thrice? You will have to say it a hundred times when you workout at home. Yes, that is one thing that will keep you from crashing your amazingly made bed which is waiting for you since morning. Tell yourself you are fat, tell yourself you look like a big fat goalie. It helps.. Really! You never know how much that helps a person get up and go do a workout at home. Don’t want to spend too much money on gym and still look fit? Then, home workouts help you. But to motivate yourself to do something that you don’t want to do is not any more difficult. Want to know how to make workouts interesting? Here’s how you stay fit.

Ways To Stay Fit By Working At Home

Find out a workout that fits you just right

workoutThere are some workouts that kill you and some that make you feel too light on your ABS. There are hundreds of workout DVDs that help you find the right one that suits your body and your mind. Hop on to some online links by describing you and your requirements and see how many links crop up. Start with videos online and slowly move to buying one of those fitness DVDs where you can do a workout session every day for at least an hour.

Have workout mates

Have workoutWhen you have like minded people, you can always achieve what you have been wanting to. Make your friends a workout freak and join the club, or make friends with the ones that are already the workout freaks. It is easier when a group of people do it together. Pick a different place everyday and work out. It is too boring to work out at one place, one area, same faces or same wall. So it is good to explore. Go to the terrace of your friend’s house and try doing some exercises there with your workout mates .

Turn your workout into a game

gameIf you do not want to work out, then you can always opt to play with your workout mates. Play a game which makes you run. It helps in increasing the metabolism and makes you active. It is believed that people who play more are people who are stronger and active. It is a great way of exercise to play games like hockey, baseball, football or least of all, catching the other person. It gives fresh air to your dead cells, which will wear out when you sweat and give way to good and energetic body.

Have a bet

Have a betWhen you have a goal, or a competition, it is easier to do things. Have a bet with your friends and tell them you will lose more pounds than they ever will. Take a check at regular intervals and compare your BMIs.

Update your playlist

Update your playlistListening to music increases your interest and speed while working out. When you have the songs you like, the concentration is changed and when you divert your concentration, the faster and sooner you will be motivated to do the best out of it.

Sweat it out for her/him

SweatIs your partner sexy and has a great body and you lack in that area? Isn’t it humiliating when you know your partner is better than you? Keep that as your motivation and continue your workouts. Think of those nights when you had become extremely tired and your partner was still fresh and welcoming!

Outdoor workouts

OutdoorIt is not a great idea to hide yourself inside and work out. Take your workouts outside! It is a proven fact that working out outside of home makes you less depressing, inspires and gives ambitious amount of motivation to oneself. When you see people doing what you do every day, you will feel better. Who knows, you may feel better just looking at some!

Allot some TV time or series for gym at home

Tv timeIsn’t it always boring to do things by oneself? It sure is. So allot a separate time for a series or a movie which will help you concentrate less on what you are doing. This way you will know you need to wake up and go to your TV and work out to watch your guilty pleasure—whether you’re catching it live or not. Plus, when you’re trying to burn a ton of calories, it makes the time pass much faster.

Give yourself rewards

Have you been doing a lot of work lately? Give yourself a small reward. Sneak out, do not feel guilty and grab a cheeseburger and forget it just like that by sweating the extra mini pounds the next day working out. It is easier to reward yourself, either by eating something or if you are even more conscious, try trying an appreciation mail to yourself and keep yourself self motivated.

Not all of us want to work out every day for sure. It is fine to take a break or two when you know you have done justice to yourself and your body! You can supplement your workout with a little diet and some yoga if time permits. Over exercising also makes your life miserable.

We all have our lazy days, but keeping to a consistent workout schedule will be more important to have a happy and healthy life tomorrow. So before you blame any future bad health on your grandfather—get yourself off the couch and do what you can do to take control of your body.

-Pavithra Ravi