14 Motivational tips to be followed to maintain weight


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maintain weight

We all know how it is to lose weight. It is simple! Gym, diet, not eating unhealthy food and basically burning it flat! We just know it, but do we know how to maintain it? Once we lose a considerable pound, we assume that we are done! We think we will have this not-gaining-more-weight-power throughout our lives. This is wrong, totally! Motivation, self-control, your daily habits and keeping a consistent habit in your lifestyle, exercise and activity levels and mental-well being are your real rulers! You are not asked to be perfect, but at least have a few goals that may be useful at the end of each diet marathon or weight loss session. Find ample tips to maintain weight!

We live in a world filled with temptation, and that makes weight loss more of a mental challenge than a physical one. Looking at cheese burgers, amazing chocolate filled cakes, pizzas and junk, does make you drool over and over and have a heavy craving for it. But before anything, take a step backward! Think how bloated you will get and your friends are going to sport an amazingly chic dress. You may be filled into the small joys of having cakes and pizzas when your flabs would be coming out of every single part of your body! Be honest to yourself and imagine if you can ever diet! The word diet is a big lie and girls should stop dieting.

The article in ‘’WebMD’’ talks about Ways to lose weight without dieting which proves that diet is a total waste of time. Anything that is gimmicky, promises quick weight loss, or leads you to believe it’s easy, is an eyewash. The only way you can keep your weight in a consistent level is by keeping yourself controlled. You need not have a body of a supermodel or go on a starving mode, but have a healthy lifestyle that includes at least 80% green veggies and good food. Here are a few motivational tips to get you started!

Best Tips To Maintain Weight

1. Sticky notes-

Sticky notesSticky notes are your first answer to motivating yourself while trying to lose weight. Stick them mainly in places that will prevent you from picking up anything to eat. Fridges, door sides, laptops or even your wardrobe is a good idea. Write an inspirational or motivational quote on them and place it near your snack cabinet or your desk. Quotes like “Stay healthy, eat less” or “Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now”. This will keep a mind check and health check on you.

2. Invest in smaller clothes-

Invest in smaller clothesIt is good to think ahead of the future. Investing in smaller clothes helps you think a step forward. You should buy clothes that you fit one or two sizes lesser which will trigger you to lose more weight. Mostly invest in gym clothes. A good gym wear is what makes a girl motivated and accomplished when she wears them after losing a pair of pounds!

3. Stock a health snack section-

Stock a health snack sectionStocking your kitchen with health related food is important and makes you much more responsible, health wise. Have your other tempting eateries on the shelf so you do not get to see them often. Lets face it, most of you might have a husband, kids, roommates, etc. So it is best to either do the shelf hiding thing or keep a section of your health food right next to the good tasty food. You would end up picking the healthy ones, once you get to see them on a regular basis. It all comes down to convenience, so always prefer cutting veggies, fruits or peeling things in prior to avoid last minute escapisms. Have one or two snack box that you can take when you are on the go. Peel the eggs and store it in the refrigerator a day in the prior, so you can save time and eat healthy.

4. Reward yourself-

Reward yourselfMy previous article on “Things that keep you from getting bored during workout” also spoke about rewarding yourself. You can place a dollar on the days you exercise 10-15 minutes more, or you can reward yourself with a purse if you lose 10 lbs or even better when you can buy yourself a nice dress. It’s a fun way to reward yourself and stay motivated to workout at the same time. Think of this as your reward money to splurge on whatever you would like!

5. Have stand-up-desks-

Have stand-up-desksMost of the times, professional environment demands us to sit and work in front of the computer for long hours of the day whether in office or outside office. There is no body movement. This lifestyle can be changed. Try getting yourself a stand up desk where you would be working standing up. You will naturally burn more calories and improve your posture or mood. It’s your lifestyle that really matters in your long term weight goals, and this is one way to be more active without changing your job or computer habits. To ease into the change, consider a tall chair so you can sit and stand throughout your day.

6. Keep a minty mouthwash-

Keep a minty mouthwashSome people manage by chewing gum to keep their sweet tooth craving away, but peppermint mouthwash is way better and of course healthier that keeps your mouth fresh and solves the alternative purpose of eating something sweet after a meal.

7. Keep your sexy dress out-

Keep your sexy dress outKeep your bikini or your swimsuit outside where you can see it every day! This will remind you that you should fit in them soon and will make you avoid the urge of having something tasty. This can be done basically in winter season when you think you might get a little lazy and cozy and skip your exercise. This will keep a check on you and motivate you to inspire and wake yourself up.

8. Stretch while watching TV-

Stretch while watching TVIt is easier to distract your mind when you have your mind wandering off elsewhere. It is best to watch Tv and work out as that will keep you engaged and there won’t be a definite count on how many crunches you are doing. IF at times you are tired, take a break when the commercials start. Drink water, stretch slowly and then when the program is one, continue exercising!

Other ways to stay fit

9. Have a checklist of things you have not been able to do since you are fat!

10. Do not compare!

11. Make motivational weight jars – One jar containing how much to lose and one jar that shows how much you have lost

12. Throw leftovers away before you start to binge on them when bored

13. Plan your work out the previous night – keep everything ready reachable and seeable so you are motivated to not skip.

14. Make a workout playlist and sing along