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Isn’t it a nice thing for you to be exclusive? Every girl’s literal dream is to be the one who gets all the attention in the world from the man she likes a lot. It sure is exciting when you get to meet someone you instantly start liking. You are definitely not going to pounce on him right away, so you take your time and space to get to know him and that’s when you know that you really tend to like him. Although it’s all new and fresh, you must not let go of the one factor that will decide the life and fate of yours. You need to know in and out of the guy no matter how good you think he is. Remember that even if your boyfriend says that he is serious about you and he wants a life with you, don’t straight up believe it. Give it your own time and space so that you can figure things out in the run.

There are two things you need to figure out in your relationship. One, what is that you want from this particular relationship and two, does the guy intend to want the same things or not. These two things as a girl, you need to know before you dive into serious stuff. This way you will be able to figure out the important things in your relationship can give you. Definitely there will be a few indications that prove that your guy likes you way more than you think. These things are often subtle and certain times pretty loud enough.You need to find out what kind of signs are these. So, here we are to help you by telling you the different signs that he is into you.

Top Signs that He is Into You

1Conversation with other girls

Conversation with other girls

Not everybody stops texting others just because they are in a relationship. For that matter, you girls are also like that. You might not necessarily stop talking to your guy friends who flirt with you just because you are in a relationship, right? But, if you see or feel that your guy is giving you extreme attention and is totally into you by not texting or replying to other girls, then he is probably very serious about you. Yes, this is a huge step for the guys because, they have wider options when it comes to flirting and having fun.

As girls, there could be some conservative thoughts in our heads. But, guys are generally very open to such kind of thoughts. So, if your guy is really not with his phone and is concentrating on the smallest thing you say, then he is definitely into you and wants more than just physical relationships. On the other hand, are you like that too? If you are the same, then you guys are on the same page. If you aren’t, then probably you should figure out on the basic relationship in itself.

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2Looking at girls

Looking at girls

Everybody looks at everyone. That isn’t something to be blamed for at all. You cannot brand a guy just because he is looking at the girls. A few glances at a girl walking beside him is totally cool and you need not be very critical about that. If he takes it a little too far by acting weird or tries to make attempts of contact, then you should be worried about his behaviour. It is very difficult for guys to actually control their eyes and not see the girls. Actually, it isn’t all that fair as well.

Why shouldn’t a guy see a girl? If the girl is beautiful, then anybody will automatically look for good. This is something that even you tend to do. But, if the guy is attempting not to look at girls when he is with you, he is probably trying hard to impress you. This is a good thing. If he is aware that you are important when he is with you, that is actually a good thing by itself. So, if he is really trying, then he is definitely into you.

3No hurry for sex

No hurry for sex

Understand that guys love sex. No matter what comes first, sex is considered to be the most important thing for guys. But if a guy attempts to build in some relationship with you and is in no hurt for sex, that is definitely something. You can infact, find out if he is serious or not, with just this thing.

If he proposes for sex and you say that you are not interested for now and he is pissed with you, then you will know that the guy’s main motives have been all about sex. If the guy is totally cool about waiting and says that he doesn’t mind, then probably he is serious about you. If you think that he is being serious about it, then you should definitely go ahead and come to a conclusion that he is into you for the right kind of reasons.

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4Involves himself in your future plans

your future plans

A guy would like to always keep a distance from your personal and professional life if he isn’t serious about you. But, if the guy involves himself and is interested in knowing what your future plans are, then there is something that he wants from the relationship which is more than just sex and the physical stuff. Actually speaking, not every guy has to be worried about all this. Ifhe is, then you are dating the right guy.

5If he talks about family

If he talks about family

If the guy starts to talk about his family and enquires about your family, then your relationship is going on the right track. Not every guy who you date would have done that, right? It is obvious that talking about family in the dating stages needn’t be important at all. But if he is doing so and also genuinely wants to know more about your family, then he is into you.

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-Pavithra Ravi