How To Make Mascara At Home With Natural Products ?


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Woman all over the world love their mascaras. Well, we don’t blame them, there’s something truly mesmerising about a pair of thick and long lashes that makes us all absolutely love mascara. A mascara is an eye cosmetic that is easily available in the market. Several renowned brands are involved in the manufacturing of eye mascaras. But most of them are very expensive. To add to this misery, they only last a couple months. And you definitely do not want apply an expired product into your eyes and then have them sting all day right?

Also, several ingredients present in the products are harmful to your eyes over prolonged use. So how do you have the joy of those long lashes but also something natural safe and cheap? We have an answer. Make your own mascara at home.

Yes, that’s possible. You can use natural ingredients and make your own mascara at home so now you definitely don’t have to worry about the expiry date or the cost of it. And how to make natural mascara at home you say? Well, here is how.

How To Make Mascara At Home?

Mascara-at-home02We need to collect the ingredients before preparing mascara. The process also requires few small tools. Here is a list of those ingredients

  • Coconut oil
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Beeswax
  • Charcoal capsules
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Hot water
  • Spoon
  • Small glass bowl
  • Medium glass bowl

Mascara-at-home03Keep in mind that the ingredients should be mixed in proper proportion to get the best result.

  • Take a small bowl first and one by one pour coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and beeswax into it. You need to properly measure the quantities of the ingredients we put in the bowl. Its should be one spoon each of coconut oil and vitamin E oil, followed by half a spoon of beeswax. You then have to stir them into a smooth mixture.
  • The next move is melting the ingredients. For this, take the medium bowl and fill it with hot water up to one-fourth of its volume. The water needs to be very hot or even boiling water will do. Be careful not to spill though.
  • The small bowl is now placed inside the medium bowl above the water in such a way that a portion of the small bowl emerges in the water. We must make sure that the water level is perfect and the small bowl can float on the surface of the water. This is called as double boiling.
  • Now Leave the small bowl in this position till the ingredients meltdown. Only after they have completely melted down we should carefully take out the bowl from water. The bowl may be hot so need to be a bit conscious.
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  • To these three ingredients which have been melted we need to add the aloe vera gel. We should measure it to be three spoons. The aloe vera is then mixed well with the other ingredients. We have to stir well to make sure the ingredients are combined.

Taking the aloe vera gel directly from the plant will ensure the mascara is preservative free. This is because some of the readymade aloe vera gels itself contain preservatives.

  • At last, we need to add the charcoal. These charcoals are available in capsules and 3 capsules are enough for the mixture. We have to break the capsules into the mixture and combine it well with the other ingredients. The mixture needs to be smooth and uniform. We should stir fast and it generally takes much time.
  • Charcoal is not much recommended for eye usage thus we can replace the activated charcoal with mica or mineral powder of black color or any other color of our choice. The quantity to be used is the same for both charcoal and mineral powder.
  • We can now add bentonite clay to the mixture. This ingredient is optional but it has its special benefit that is it makes the product smudge free. It is required in a very small amount, only one-fourth of a spoon. Actually, the fact is that coconut oil melts very easily thus making the eye mascara unsuitable for the summer. This is where Bentonite clay comes to the rescue. It assists in keeping the mascara intact on the lashes and also helps it to dry quickly. In case we want to add Bentonite clay in the product we need to maintain the measurement and stir it vigorously to combine it with the mixture.

Natural Clear Mascara

Clear mascara is used by us occasionally but all of us possess one as it helps us whenever required. All of us have surely used it once in our lifetime. Its work is to define the lashes and add volume to them. It makes our lashes appear lengthy and add some extra brightness to our eyes.

What is Mascara?

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Mascara is basically an eye cosmetic used to enhance our eyelashes. It adds some extra beauty to the eyelashes by making them look voluminous, long, darker and thicker than it actually is. It offers the eyes an extra charm. It is available in three basic forms that are the cream based, the liquid based and the cake base.

Normally the ingredients included in the mascara are oil, pigments, waxes and required amount of preservative. Though nowadays several other new formulas are used still the above-mentioned ingredients are the basic ones.

Tip to Make Natural Mascara At Home

We like using natural mascara made at home and making it ourselves can be really satisfying and pretty simple.

We need some basic components like aloe vera, coconut oil, the pellet made of beeswax, activated charcoal, and a container. Few important points to keep in mind while preparing natural mascara at home

  • The temperature might affect the consistency of the product as coconut oil melts at a temperature approximately 75 degrees. To avoid the mess we can add beeswax in more amounts to ensure the mascara stays in place. In case we want some waterproof mascara more amount of beeswax will do the trick.
  • Activated charcoal is not the same one which we use in grilling our food. It is available in stores or on the internet. According to some people, it is not safe to the eyes and can cause irritation. So anyone deciding to avoid charcoal can use cocoa powder as it is completely safe for the eyes.

Organic mascara


We are always in search of healthy and environmentally friendly products. Thus in case of mascara also we tend to do the same. Several sources recommend blueberries and black tea involved mascara to be safe and organic. Thus whoever is obsessed in finding the best organic mascara can go with the above-mentioned ingredients.

Thus we should go with cosmetics manufactured naturally from the finest ingredients such as pure minerals, vitamins, pigments of fruits etc. The mascaras created with blackberry, black tea, and cocoa powder has the capacity to offer strength and healthy support to the eyelashes and also smudges free. Thus we can have a beautiful look without sacrificing with the product quality ensuring we use purely organic mascaras. We can even develop these mascaras ourselves.


Well, with this simple process you can now make your own mascara at home and keep it natural safe and simple. Use your own homemade mascara and you will never have to worry about it’s expiry date or unnatural ingredients. Make sure you safely execute the process and store it in an airtight container. We hope that you loved this simple tutorial of making mascara at home. Do share with us how it went.

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