Spectacular Bridal Kashmiri Mehndi Designs


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Bridal Kashmiri Mehndi Designs

When the wedding is near then your priority task is to do are uncounted but the queen of this wedding is the bride and her needs are to be more focused. Her dress, makeup, and more, but one thing that you cannot forget is getting a mehndi done. Wearing a mehndi is basically mandatory for all the traditional occasions, especially the wedding mehndi as it always enhances the beauty as well as depth of love in the couple.

Mehndi is not only for the brides but also for each and every person, who attend the wedding can put mehndi on the palms. Mehndi can be also be worn on the feet and that depends on the individual that on how as well as in what way they can wear mehndi. Every tradition and culture has its own mehndi style and kashmiri mehndi designs are quite very dissimilar and unique to look and is very well-designed which can be quite meaningful and the motif also indicates on many particular things.

You can also choose from very wide arrays of bridal kashmiri mehndi designs and that motif is sure to attract others as well as the design can completely allure to put again and again on every special function. There are several types of bridal Kashmiri mehndi designs that anybody can apply on the hands.

Bridal Kashmiri Mehndi Designs

a.Floral Kashmiri Mehndi Design

Floral Kashmiri Mehndi DesignThis beautiful floral bridal Kashmiri mehndi design is one of the very common mehndi pattern, and also a very popular mehndi motif in every culture. In Kashmiri culture this floral mehndi design is very well-known and it also look very amazing on the hands when you put this on, on any occasion or event. This mehndi design do look very outstanding than any other design as well as it is simple, but mostly adorned by all the women. This complex mehndi design, has always been famous and it is an evergreen mehndi trend. You can try this bridal Kashmiri mehndi design to increase the bridal beauty.

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b.Spiral Kashmiri Mehndi Design

Spiral Kashmiri Mehndi DesignThis another awesome bridal mehndi design among the Kashmiri community look very sophisticated as well as stylish when you are wearing it. It is also quite very easy to create and is one of the great design that can maintain the simplicity in you. Every young women can adorn this fabulous design pretty well.

c.Marvelous Feet Kashmiri Mehndi Design

Marvelous Feet Kashmiri Mehndi DesignTo adore your feet with mehndi design can provide an awesome appearance, then this intricate bridal Kashmiri mehndi design is perfect and superb offer that can adorn the brides feet with amazing mehndi pattern on her wedding. It is little complicated but very impressive as well as attractive and it is also one of the best known designs. You can also try to apply this new trend of design which is decorated with the black mehndi and top with some pink glitters being overspread providing an amazing look.

d.Twirl Kashmiri Mehndi Design

Twirl Kashmiri Mehndi DesignThe very stunning twirls in this bridal Kashmiri mehndi design on hands can perfectly provide the hand and the back side of hand with perfect curls. This amazing mehndi style is considered as one of the best way to offer a classy look and women can wear this mehndi on every occasion. This is one of the best style of mehndi which can provide a tremendous outlook as well as an attractive design of swirling can give you perfection to the entire body.

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e.Intricate Kashmiri Design

Intricate Kashmiri DesignIf you like a very intricate as well as intense designs, then this bridal Kashmiri mehndi design is the one for you. Though the design have a little gap, it can add up to the gracefulness as well as neatness of the bridal designs. The lines are basically kept thick, it can add more color and glamour to the design.

f.Leafy Kashmiri Mehndi Design

Leafy Kashmiri Mehndi DesignThis leafy mehndi design is an amazing easy as well as simple mehndi style that is being created in a complete sophisticated design on your hands. This beautiful fern Kashmiri design is an all time favorite of the Kashmiri people. The mehndi motif can provide for a very unique as well as chic appearances along with a complete enhancement of the personality when you are wearing the mehndi and it look awesome with all the traditional as well as western dresses.

g.Theme Kashmiri Design

Theme Kashmiri DesignAnother bridal Kashmiri mehndi design is this beautifully decorated themed mehndi design. You can take any theme of the day or you like and art it on your beautiful hands. In theme mehndi design, it can be of any of the mehndi patterns like floral print with a unique style, leafy design, etc; you can also draw any kind of tower or temple or anything you like.

h.Motif Kahmiri Design

Motif Kahmiri DesignIf you are thinking that Kashmiri mehndi designs are mostly about the intricate as well as complicated floral motifs, then this pattern can prove you so wrong. This design is considered as one of the easiest designs with the combination of geometrical patterns as well as floral combinations. The floral motifs in this design is very simple as well as look very stunning.

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i.Geometric Kashmiri Design

Geometric Kashmiri DesignMany Kashmiri brides like to adorn their hands with a simple and easy to draw circles that is being filled with mehndi. By improvising this design, the artisans have modified to look like the design we all have. The filling of finger tips with a thick layer of mehndi, has always been an age old tradition in the mehndi designing and this design also stand out well because of that. The design do look more fabulously as well as stunning and can be sported on many several occasions.