How To Make White Henna At Home


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White Henna

In the world of mehndi, white henna is making a pretty noise these days. Many people are now opting for more different look of white mehndi. White henna is becoming an exciting alternative for people who have darker skin tones. Many brides, are also going with the decoration in their hands with this eye catching white mehndi designs. So here, are some tips on how to make white mehndi at home, with some more insight details on what actually is white henna.

White Henna Paste At Home

1What is white henna?

What is white henna

Natural henna, comes from a plant which leaves red stains on the skin, hair, or even nails. But, white henna is not a plant. It is more likely a body paint, which generally washes off by the end of the day. If you are selecting or going for a water-proof body paint, then it can stay on for as many as 7 days. It can also be scratched off, without even leaving any scars or stains on the skin. It can also be a cosmetic adhesive, a water based gel, an adhesive glitter powder or a tattoo paint, which can easily be piped on the skin and give an effect of a mehndi designs.

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2How to make DIY white henna?

How to make DIY white henna

Mostly white henna is a kind of face paint that is made off or washes off within few hours. You can buy any good quality of body paint, and enjoy the latest look safely. Sometimes these body paints can be water proof, which can last pretty much longer than the non-resistant twin.

You can also try making white henna by using mica glitter and tattoo. It can give you a shimmery look, make the design with cosmetic adhesive on the skin, and then dusting with cosmetic-grade mica powder or glitter. A white henna design and glitter on top of it can look fantastic.

You can have effect of white henna by just using some foil tattoos on the skin. The good thing is, they are water proof, lasts long, and is also non-toxic. So, you can easily apply with the water, and then remove it quickly by rubbing alcohol.

3How to make white henna cones

How to make white henna cones

White hennas, are usually adhesive body paint, is also quite thinner than the traditional henna. So, if you are making henna designs, and want it to do with henna cones, then make sure that you have tightly rolled the cones, and also the cone’s hole is completely and tightly rolled. Use a bulb pipette, to fill the cones with paint, and taping the open end securely. You can use this cone to make an attractive henna designs on the skin.

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4What must not be used for “white henna”

white henna
  • Hair bleach, chlorine bleach, skin bleaching product or any type of other products, that have chemical bleach. Do not try them.
  • Tempera paint, acrylic paint or any other type of paint from the craft store which are meant to be painted on the canvas, must not be used on people.

5Types of white henna

Types of white henna
  • Prosthetic or cosmetic adhesive: Prosthetic or cosmetic adhesive which are used to attach the prosthetic devices on the skin for health or any theatrical reasons. It can also be used on the skin as a henna paste and can stick to the skin for upto a week. It looks like a 3D puff paint. It can also be peeled or scrubbed off and is also safe for everyone who have allergy with band-Aids.
  • Adhesive with glitter or powder: For an extra glam, you can add cosmetic powder or glitter or can also sprinkle on the adhesive before it dries off fully. It can look spectacular.
  • Water-based gel: These types of gels have consistency like aloe vera and also contains glitter or pigment. They are piped on and can also be easily washed off.
  • Airbrush or theatrical tattoo paint: These are available in metallic and matte or pearlescent formulas, which are also being used for airbrush tattoos and can be painted on the brush. These can last atleast upto a week with proper care and is also removable by rubbing alcohol.
  • Plain ol’ cosmetics: White eye pencil can be used to make the henna-like motifs, especially on the sensitive areas such as around the eyes.

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