5 Ways to Choose The Right Nail Polish Color


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right nail polish color

An interesting fact about our nails is that, men have a faster growth of nails than women. It’s like, women long for and want long nails, but men get it faster. However, women take more care of their nails compared to men. We just love the fact that, we can choose the right nail polish color and color them.

We are just so obsessed with the idea of grooming our body, that we don’t even want to miss out on our nails. From having them perfectly trimmed and shaped to taking care of their health by getting your hands manicured. You just want it all to be healthy and look perfect. Choosing the right nail polish color is an important part of this process. Here are few ways through which you can reach and pick out the right color for your nails.

Gear up and follow these ways to get your right nail polish color

1Select By Your Skin Tone

Select By Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone determines the selection of almost all your makeup and accessories. Be very careful while selecting according to your favorites, because your favorite color might not go with your skin tone. If you are a person who loves black, but has a fair skin tone, black nail color is something you should avoid. Instead, you can go with lighter shades like grey or metallic colors like silver, gold…etc.

metallic colorsIf you have a medium dark skin tone, you can always opt for shades which fall between dark colors and light colors. You can try coral colors.

Dark sink tonDark sink tone is the right skin tone for dark colors. Yes! If you are a person who has a dark skin tone, you have all the freedom to opt for dark colors. Anything from the classic red to royal blue or black will look lovely on your nails.

2Select By Your Mood

Select By Your Mood

Being a woman calls for mood swings, hormonal issues that we have. Your mood can be a factor for deciding the right nail polish color for you. If you are in a good mood, you will always feel like wearing bright colors. When you are just lazy and laid back, you can go for lighter shades or probably which ever shade is the nearest for you to pick. A sad day and a sad mood can always make you opt for dull shades.

dull shadesThe more excited you are for something, the most dramatic shades is what you can opt for.

nail polish at allIn a nutshell, your happy days will make you look bright and lovely with all the positive energy. The dull, cold and sad days will reflect dull shades or no nail polish at all.

3Select By Your Outfit

Select By Your Outfit

If you are that woman who always wants everything just perfect, you can always go for shades which match the outfit you are going to put on. Make sure that you don’t get too paranoid about matching the dress color exactly with your nail color. Because, that will be too much of perfection. Remember, too much of anything is good for nothing. So, you have to go for either a lighter or a darker shade to your dress color.

lighter or a darker shadeWearing the exact color matching with your dress can be kinda monotonous. The right color nail polish according to your outfit can be a contrasting one. If you are wearing a multiple colored outfit, it can be the non-dominating color.

4Select By The Occasion

Select By The Occasion

If the occasion calls for a celebration, you can go for the bright looking shades. For a wedding, you can wear colors like pink or peach keeping the brightness in mind.

brightness in mindFor a formal occasion, like a board meeting. The right nail polish color would be nude or lighter shades, whatever suits you.

formal occasionFor a night out, if you are going to a club for partying. Your outfit and makeup is loud and dramatic. So, for this occasion you can always go for dramatic colors like red, maroon, black…etc.

5Select By Your Lipstick or Make up

Lipstick or Make up

Apart from your skin tone, outfit, event, your lipstick color can also help get the right color nail polish for you. One rule which is always applicable here is that, you can always match the dramatic colors. If your lipstick is a dramatic shade of red, so can be your nail color.

your lipstickFor non-dramatic colors, you don’t want to be all strict about matching them. It will not give you the perfect look. So, you can always go for the complementary shades along side your makeup or lipstick.

By Dressing up perfectly and making your nails look good, you allow yourself to look confident. Every aspect of presenting yourself with a stylish look accents your personality. Nails being one of the smallest parts of our body, if taken care of, can bring the best out of us.

By- Roseleen Aind.

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