11 Makeup Tips For Older Women- Recreate Your Beauty


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I wonder looking at few older women makeup looks! They must be working on some makeup looks. I appreciate their passion and interest on beauty. The lovely ladies don’t over do it or make it disaster but do it perfectly. I got a though of knowing and sharing those makeup tips for all older women.

It is not that only few older women are passionate about their beauty and appearance. Some may have the unlimited passion but just need a guide. So, here we are giving the makeup tips for beautiful older women who are looking for some.

We made an attempt of giving you some workable and simple tricks of makeup for your aged skin. Look up for these tips whenever you are ready for makeup.

Makeup Tips For Older Women

Older women dress up well and they know what suits them. What they don’t realize is about the makeup. Some of the makeup mistakes that you are doing on your aging skin make you look older. For that you must know the tips that make you look younger with makeup.

1. Focus on center of your face


Where do you have more aging signs on your face? For most of the people, wrinkles and lines appear on center of the face. So, take a creamy foundation to blend on center of your face. Give a good coverage on center of your face.

If you just look at your face once again, you will find pigmentation on your nose, folds and cheeks. You must conceal all the pigmentation with foundation. Blend the foundation outward not inward.

Again you need remember another tip here- don’t add thick layers of foundation or blush.

2. Blend your foundation with moisturizer


If you are using foundation, then you must blend it with a moisturizer. This tip gives you a dewy and young looking makeup. Foundation alone can make your aged skin look cakey. There are also chances of foundation settling in your wrinkles and lines.

The other best idea to give your face a good coverage is BB or CC creams. You can pick a BB or CC cream which also contain SPF. These creams make you look natural even without foundation. The BB and CC creams can conceal the skin imperfections and you give you that wanted minimal makeup look.

3. Don’t use powder based products


I my guess is right, you have used powder products. Compact , translucent and pressed powders were all your favourite. But not anymore as your skin is aging.

When your skin is aged, it becomes more dry and fine lines becomes your friends. So, the powder that you are dusting on your aged dry skin make it more dry. It settles in the fine lines and makes your makeup look unnatural. Overall, it is a bad idea to use powders having aged skin.

Cream based products are the best which doesn’t settle in fine lines. Cream blend in your skin well and cooperates well with your aging/aged skin. You also get the nicest sheen with cream based products.

4. Love the nude shades


All the shades and creams that you are using for your makeup must be nude colours. The darker shades highlight your textured skin. To be clear dark shades makes the fine lines, wrinkles.

It is not the same shades to go with after gray hair. Definitely you don’t want to show the aging signs. So, all you need to do is cover them. For that nudes shades can only do the best work.

5. Thin eyeliner


When you apply thick eyeliner on your droop eyelids, your eyes look hooded. Eyes look tiny in your whole face and eyes is what you need to highlight to look brighter and younger.

Then what you have to do is- Instead of drawing thick line on your eyeliner, keep it thin. This also makes your eyes look dark and bigger when compare with thick eyeliner.

6. Curl up the lashes


Do you have droopy eyelashes? Nothing to worry as you have a this makeup tip!

It is common that lashes getting droopy by age. And this makeup tip is well known. But I don’t think older women try this makeup tip. It is an idea takes off that dull look and brightens up your face.

So, curl up the lashes with a eyelash curler. Then apply a neat coat of mascara. You are adding the volume to your lashes with mascara. Dark eyes with mascara coats and curled up lashes is a brilliant makeup tip for older women.

7. Define your brows


Older women eyebrows goes out of shade and also it becomes thinner. So, you need to define your eyebrows with a eyebrow pencil. If you have shaped eyebrows, then it will be easy for you define with a eyebrow pencil. Choose an eyebrow pencil which is double darker than your hair colour.

You can see the difference of not defining your eyebrows. Too thinner eyebrows make your eye makeup unfinished. I don’t think you have had any need use brow pencil when you were young. But now it must be your best friend to highlight your brows.

When you are defining your brows don’t just focus on filling and shape. You also need to check your eyebrow length.

More tips to define your brows- Never go with downward curve as it makes your brows look droopy. Comb your eyebrows with up strokes and fill in them from down.

8. Do not extend eyeliner

Women love dragging the eyeliner for winged eyes and extended strokes. But this is not for older women.

The reason for asking not to extend eyeliner for older women is- if you see, there are crinkles at the end of your eyes. When you draw the eyeliner out of the eye, this show off the crinkles. So, start giving eyeliner strokes from inner side of your eyes and do not cross the eye end. This is one makeup it that older women must remember.

9. Natural eyeshadow shade


As you don’t want to look unnatural, you must use natural eyeshadow that matches your skin tone.

When you using the darker shades on your aging skin, it dominates your skin tone. See that the eyeshadow goes well with your eyebrow pencil colour. When you are using the dark eyeshadow for your eyelids, it makes your eyes look smaller.

You can test this makeup tip if it works for older women. The natural eyeshadow shades blend into your skin without making the aging signs stand out.

10. Avoid dark lipstick


Generally, lips look thinner after aging. So, it is a bad idea to glide dark lipsticks on your lips. It makes your lips standout with a darker colour which dominates your whole face.

You must use natural colour lipsticks like light peach, nude brown. You are still not done after applying lipstick. Add some lightweight lip gloss for plump lips over lipstick. You can also use lip gloss alone without lipstick underneath.

If you are the one who uses lipsticks and not lip gloss, then also use a lip liner. Lip liner must match your lips colour not your lipstick. This defines your lip shade well.

11. Use highlighter


As your skin is aging, you need to lift your skin and create a perfect face frame. But it doesn’t mean you must use highlighter everywhere on your face.

There are specific areas where you have to use highlighter. Apply it on face flattering areas. Some of the common areas that you must use highlighters is- brow bones, nose bridge, cheekbones. These areas lift your face well with highlighter.

12. Blush tip

Applying blush for aged skin is not a bad idea. It make you look young. But you must remember that less is more.

Here is the best tip that to apply blush on aged skin- use a brush to apply blush and its not to work with your fingers. Keep the blush brush on your cheek and smile. The spot that you are getting is where you have to apply blush.

This makeup tip works well for older women. You don’t go wrong in applying blush this way. You will be able to cover the wrinkles around cheeks.

Now your hands don’t shiver when applying makeup as you know how to do. Next time when you are apply makeup, follow all these makeup tips that are great for older women. They do make a difference and you will love looking young this easily with simple makeup tips.

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