Fun ways to propose to a man you love


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fun ways to propose

Not many women think that proposing to a man is very feminine. But, the most amazing feeling about proposing to the man you love is to show him the love you have on him. Since the proposing role has always been played by the men, women find it weird to take the first few steps into this. But, if you are bold enough to do something fantastically weird, then go ahead with these fun ways to propose. Here are some fun and beautiful ideas that you can take and propose to the man you love.

Top Fun Ways to Propose

1Reliving your first date

Reliving your first date

First dates are always special and every man remembers the first time you met, spoke and the place you both went to. Recreate your first date and go on a final date as lovers because the act of proposing will happen in the very place that you met years ago. It is sweet and very adorable and not too out there or mushy. Those moments could have been the few times you or he thought about spending the rest of your life with each other. So, you might as well make a beautiful memory out of the first date by recreating one and proposing to him.

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2Treasure hunt always works

Treasure hunt always works

What is more fun and quirky way than playing a little bit of a treasure hunt? Treasure hunt lets you get creative the way you want and you need not think about where to go, what to do and all if you have planned the game perfectly. He will more interested to find out what the next clue is and when he reaches the end, you can go and stand there. If he wonders, give him a note that says you love him and ask him to marry you. That could be the best way to propose. Isn’t it? Think of it from the guy’s perspective. He would be totally surprised and there will be a huge relief of pressure from his side. Make it easy for him.

3Try something different together

Try something different together

Guys would always have a list of things they would want to do with you, but not many times would say it out loud. Even if they say out loud, they might always consider doing your option rather than doing theirs. So, if there is a place your guy has always wanted to go or a hiking experience that he wanted to try, go and do it together. Trying something new and different together will make you experience life from his perspective also. At the end of the day, when everything is done, propose to him saying that you want to be spend your life with him doing all the crazy and different things every single day, together.

4Make it a hobby proposal

Make it a hobby proposal

Every person has his own hobby and something that they do on a regular basis. You can incorporate the hobby and propose to him. This is the chance that you get to be really creative and expressive. For instance, if he likes to sing, then write a song and propose to him during a candle light dinner. Or, If he loves the video games, then have a custom game just for proposal so that he gets the hint. Make it more of a fun thing that getting serious and thinking what you have to do to propose. Just inculcate his likes and tell him that you want him to have it forever, but with you from now on. That could be one of the fun ways to propose.

5Show it to him the big way

Show it to him the big way

If you are a couple that likes to take things outside, and then do the proposal publicly. Take him to the knicks game and propose on the big screen! Do a typical way of bending on one knee and proposing to him. There will be a hundred people to witness it and to bless you with their wishes. So, you might end up feeling really special and lucky amidst so many of them. It is extremely adventurous, fun, romantic and totally out of the box. But remember that you should be completely sure about the answer that he would end up saying; otherwise it is going to be big embarrassment in front of so many people for both of you.

6Video tape your memories

Video tape your memories

Put together all your beautiful memories combine them into a video and propose! Isn’t that really very easy and beautiful? It will give you a chance to rethink every memory behind the photos you add and it will be on a personal note. You can even take it to the internet and publish it on YouTube so that it becomes more official. But you can do that after he says yes to you. You can also make your friends talk about him and tell how much they love you both as a couple. You could dance, sing or speak on the video which will be much more romantic than you think. Make it interesting, add some music to it and make it beautiful.

While you as girls might expect the proposal to be flashy, fancy and glittery, guys like it more on the simple note. They like to have it on a personal note and it makes it special that way for them. So, always pick something that you know you both will be comfortable doing so that it doesn’t flop your plan. Be sincere in what you do, that way you can truly put to him the love you have on him. That is more than enough to tell him how much you love him.

-Pavithra Ravi

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