10 Differences Between Love and Crush-Pure and Precious


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We take and give hundreds of emotions daily. The looks and feelings exchange every day. But we only get close to very few people. You must know the difference and must be able to define your feelings. The undefined feelings throw you into a dilemma.

Have you ever thought, whether it is love or crush on a person? Even after thinking for hours, still, your mind talks something different from your heart. This is a common confusion when we come to feelings and emotions for someone special.

Here, you got to read something interesting. It is not only interesting but also important to know the difference between love and crush. If you have a doubt on your feelings for someone, then glance the crush and love differences.

Do You Know The Difference Between Love and Crush?

1. Crush is a short term like and Love is forever feeling

Crush is a short term like and Love is forever feeling
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Crush is a short term feeling on someone. Even you treat the person special and the feeling may last for a long time. Whereas love lasts forever. You get both the feeling unknowingly but there is a difference when you lose the love. Losing love gives you pain and you leave your crush with all your senses. You may also find a person unique and good by looks of behavior. But you may not be fixed to have the feelings forever. Then, you better call it to crush and not love.

2. Crush is instant and love takes time

Differences Love And Crush: Crush is instant and love takes time
Image source: chuckstarnes.com

Crush is an instant feeling that you get on a good looking or well-behaved person. Because you are impressed and fell for one or few qualities.

Love happens after knowing the person completely. You may not fall for a person over and over again when it is just crush. But you fall for a person again and again. In fact, you fall in love with the person every time you talk or at him. And you know it is a never-ending feeling. The never-ending feelings need time to fix in your heart and instant is just come and go. Hope you agree with us.

3. Crush is childish and love happens with maturity

Differences Between Love And Crush: Crush is childishYou may have genuine feelings for your crush. The passion or like you have to fore your crush is felt within you. Whereas in love you share your feeling with the person. The inner feelings come out when it is love.

We call it maturity when you are able to share your feelings. So, you better name it as love. If you are feeling good just dreaming about someone, then you name it as a crush. Love is an unstoppable feeling for someone.

4. Crush is irrespective of commitments and love need commitment

Crush is irrespective of commitments
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Crush on someone doesn’t need any commitment. There is no time or feeling of commitment when it is a crush. But for love, you need to be committed. The forever commitment comes with deep love. The love that starts showing a person lasts and that is commitment.

You need not stay committed to have a crush on your favourite movie actor. This is the best example we can give to talk about the difference between love and crush.

5. Crush makes you smile and love gives you thousands of emotions

Crush makes you smile : Differences Between Love And Crush
Image source: cbn.com

You will agree with this point, if you really feel it. When you see your crush, you smile or have a casual talk. But love is more of emotions and it is never a single emotion. You start to blush when you see your love, pain when you have to leave, jealous when someone else comes your way.

Crush may start and end but it only gives sweet memories. But love gives memories which are unlimited.

6. Crush may turn into love and the only love is forever crush

Crush and Love Difference: Crush may turn into love
Image source: opaqlife.com

No wonder if crush turns into love as it is a beautiful feeling. But the turned love will be your forever crush. Love is a constant feeling that stays on for a special person.

The special place for that person in your heart starts and never goes, you can call this love. You keep admiring him for everything he is. You accept the person’s flaws and you get ready to forgive him again and again. You also don’t let the person go at any cost. Are you feeling all this for that person? Then you got the answer if its love or just crush.

7. Crush means something special and love is everything special

Differences between Love And Crush: Crush means something specialYou feel something special having a crush on a person. The unknowing happiness just in gazing the person. But love makes you feel everything special. In fact, it makes you feel complete. You may not be an active or normal person without the person you love. Their absence gives you an incomplete feeling.

The complete feeling you get is a out of the bond you develop with your beloved.

8. Crush is falling for perfection and love is accepting imperfections

Crush is falling for perfection
Image source: howtodream.co

You love the perfection of the person and you admire with all your heart. But you may not be that ready to accept the imperfections of the person. Then, you must end up saying it is just crush.

Love is accepting flaws and treating the person as special as they are. Accepting imperfections is only possible when you love the person. You go blind when you even see the imperfections and flaws of your loved ones. Maybe that is why they say “Love is Blind”. Agree?

9. Crush doesn’t need a bond and in love, the bond is the base

Crush doesn't need a bond and in love
Image source: naukrinama.com

Just to admire or gaze at a person, you don’t any bond or closeness with him. Whereas, in love you need to make everything possible to make your bond strong. You will feel the need of making your bond stronger when you love the person.

Your communication and understanding are important to create that unbreakable bond.

You need no efforts to make your bond strong with your crush. All you would like to do is smile at him or talk to him.

10. Crush is one-sided and Love can be one-sided or mutual

 Crush and Love Difference: Crush is one sided
Image source: chatelaine.com

Crush is one-sided which don’t need the like or attention back. Love can be one-sided and mutual as well. Even you may have crush on your best friend as well. Once you start loving a person, you do everything to notice your love. You give your loved ones all the attention and the waiting continues until you the person gets back to with the same feelings.

We want to conclude saying that love or crush both are pure. The span of the feelings differs. Now, you need to decide- whether to have a crush and just be that coolest soul on the earth or love the person to feel every precious emotion and feeling.

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