6 Simple Christmas Decoration Ideas And Significance

Christmas decoration ideas

Joy, Love, Light! Yes, the season of merriment is here. I know you are now planning to start with the colorful and one of the most exciting part of this festive season… THE Christmas DECORATIONS! Every element of any festival means something very significant which takes all of us back to the time when it all started. From the elegant Christmas tree decoration ideas to what each of the decorative items, which are called ‘Christmas ornaments’ they all signify some element of that story. Christmas is the story of Jesus Christ’s birth. Let’s see how we can go about with the Christmas decoration ideas and significance of each ornament. I call it the Christmas trends 16/17.

Christmas Decoration Ideas With Ornaments And Significance

1The star

The star

There are two traditional ways in which the Christmas Star is put up in every house which celebrates Christmas. One, is when we hang up the star with a bright bulb in it right on top of our house. You can always select the size of the star, according to the place where you are going to hang it. If you have an independent house the terrace pavement would be the best place to hang a big star which would complement the house.

If you have a flat or apartment, then your balcony would be the right place to put up the star. But, make sure that the size of the star is according to the size of your balcony. The star on top of every house signifies the bright north star which led the three wise men to Jesus. So, when we put up a brightly lit star on top of our house or in front of our house, it signifies that Christ was born here! And two, the glittery star on top of the Christmas tree represents the North star.

2The Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree

The History of Christmas Decorations dates back to the time when a Saint would explain the Holy Trinity, God the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit by representing them in a Triangle… There are many myths and beliefs related to the history of the tree. But, Christmas Tree Is a lively part of the decoration. The tree signifies the everlasting love of God around which the whole concept of Christmas revolves. Hence, it is around the tree that all the ornaments are put up signifying different aspects.

Now, while you put up the tree in your house make sure that you have a tree of the perfect size according to your house. Too big a tree can just cover up the whole house in an absurd way. For a small house, a small tree can just look cute.

While you are decorating your tree you can try to put up ornaments in a color code. Contrasting colors like, gold and red will make your tree look elegant. This will help you get a new color every year.



Jesus is known as the ‘light of the world’. The lights on the Christmas tree and in and around the house signify two elements. One the amazing star lit night when Christ was born, and two, it represents the light that Jesus brought into the word.

There are different ways in which you can decorate your Christmas with lights. The most elegant look would come when you have a lot of lights put in different places rather that just crumbling many lights in one place. Make sure that you put lights in different places Use smaller lights on the tree and bigger ones for your walls and outdoor decor.

4The Wreath

The Wreath

Wreath represents more than just one element, its circular shape represents eternity, the crown of thorns that Christ was made to wear during his Crucifixion and its green color represents salvation. The significance of a wreath is not just limited to Christmas, it is an important part of the Christian weddings and also death. The bride wears a bridal wreath on her head with a vial on her wedding and floral wreath is put on the dead person’s coffin, later on the grave to signify that he or she has started his or her eternal life with Christ in Heaven.

When you put up a wreath, make sure you have a bigger one for your door. You can gently roll small lights around the wreath to give it a trendy Christmas Decorative look.

5The Christmas Bow

The Christmas Bow

The red Christmas Bow symbolizes the basic nature of Christianity of binding together the lives of believers, their fellowship with each other and the relation with Christ with a knot.

Christmas bows being red compliments all the other decorations, you can put up a bow on your wreath, few small ones can go on the tree. You could also hang bigger bows on your outdoors in between the lights.

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6Gifts and Pine cones

Gifts and Pine cones

The gifts in this season and the ornament of gifts represent Jesus Christ. Jesus is the greatest gift of God to Mankind, his Birth was not an ordinary one. The gifts symbolize the sacrifice that God the Father, made by giving away his only Son to save the world.

Usually the big boxes of gifts are placed in the bottom of the tree, if you do not have big gift boxes, then use the small ornaments to put up on the tree, or you can tie up the little gift boxes to the string of small lights.

little gift boxesPine cones represent enlightenment, growth, sexuality and fertility. Use of a Pine cone as an ornament of decoration, symbolizes and celebrates the faith of Mary, who was blessed by the Holy Spirit to conceive Jesus Christ. Virgin Mary’s fertility is what the pine cone symbolizes.

When you put up pine cones make sure that they fall opposite to the shape of the tree.

conceive Jesus ChristThere are other ornaments like the candy canes which signify the shepherd’s stick, bells and balls which signify the news of Christ’s birth. Every element means something. Putting up of decorations is not just fun, but implies many things around it.

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