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Skin Hydrated

Often having a busy work life or traveling and a busy schedule can take a toll on your skin. We usually tend to take our skin for granted and neglect doing the small maintenance bit we ought to do for healthy skin, The result of this neglect? Dry and tired looking face. When skin loses its moisture, it starts looking way older than it usually is and there starts the premature aging. To avoid all these hassles here are a few quick and easy hacks to tell you hoe to hydrate your skin naturally and keep it youthful.

1. Exfoliate Regularly-

Exfoliate RegularlyThis is a no Brainer, exfoliation tends to remove all your dead cells and it also de-clogs your pores. This prevents skin from turning dry or breaking out into acne. Using a scrub to exfoliate is extremely healthy for skin and it helps in making your skin look healthy hydrated and fresh. Exfoliation reduces chances of wrinkles and flaky skin.

2. Stop using Harsh Soaps-

Your face has a much delicate skin than your body, and hence the soap that you use for bathing is not really great for using on your face. This soap can leave your face extremely dry and reduce the skin’s essential oils. Always go for milder face washes or soap that is very mild and contains natural ingredients that naturally moisturize your face like aloevera and honey etc.

3. Moisturize well-

We cannot stress the importance of this simple little step in making your skin healthy and radiant. A well moisturized skin is often less susceptible to damage than the dry skin. Always use a moisturiser that suits your type of skin. For ladies with dry skin always use a nourishing moisturiser, that keeps you hydrated for long. For women, who have oily to combination skin, always opt for a medium duty moisturizer as having too much of product and oil on face can clog your pores and cause acne.

4. Drink plenty of water-

Drink plenty of water
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The simplest hack to achieve that perfectly hydrated skin is to keep your entire body hydrated. It is the most simplest lifestyle change possible. You have to voluntarily keep reminding yourself of consuming at least 8 to 10 glasses of water and make a conscious decision to drink regularly. The best results are possible if you could keep sipping water throughout the day, rather than just having it all at once.

5. Hydrating face masks-

For extremely dry skinned beauties, who don’t know how to hydrate your face instantly and cannot wait for the due course of time to achieve the natural hydration, You may apply a good hydrating skin care mask that will replenish your skins natural essential oils and make it look more hydrated and glowing. This works as a perfect quick fix to reduce the tiredness over your face.

6. Protect skin from sun-

Protect skin from sun
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This includes wearing a sun block every time you walk out of the house and also wearing a pair of shades and a cap to keep your face protected from the direct sun light and its damage. Sun damage can rob your skin of its natural moisture and cause sun tan and dry skin. If you have a job that involves excessive exposure to sunlight, you should carry a sun protector like umbrella to protect the direct rays from falling on your face.

7. Diet changes-

A hydrated face comes naturally to people who eat a well balance diet along with plenty of water. If you want to keep your skin hydrated forever, you should include slight changes in your diet that will make great differences with little effort, It is the best way to hydrate skin. Eating fish protein will increase your intake of omega 3 fatty acids that are important in hydration of skin. You can include green salads like cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce and berries for best results.

8. Include more fruit-

Include more fruitIf you do not like drinking a lot of water at once, but you still would keep your body hydrated from within, you may opt for a much yummy option to hydrate your body. Fruits. Fruits that are high on water content help maintain the body’s electrolytic balance and keep you hydrated from within. Especially fruits like Watermelon, Berries and Peaches etc.

9. Use less makeup-

Using makeup every day can really bother your skin. Heavy oil based makeup tends to go deep for coverage, and on regular usage may clog your pores. Always keep a few days in between, as breather days where you do not apply a base coat and let your skin breathe. Optionally you may also use mineral powder makeup, it is much easier to clean and also causes less oil build up.

10. Use Natural Ingredients-

Use Natural IngredientsThis simple hack will keep your skin from being dry and flaky for a long time. Apply natural ingredients like honey as a face pack every 2 to 3 times a months and notice the difference your face has. Honey hydrates your skin deeply and is responsible for skin lightening as well. Other than honey use almond oil or olive oil to massage your face regularly in order to remove your deep rooted impurities and improve the blood circulation. This technique helps you in treating your dry skin in a super natural way.

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