How to impress your boyfriend’s mother


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Boyfriend mother

It is true that you can break or make the relationship work if you try to get on the great side of impressing your boyfriend’s mother. Everyone loves their mother, but you are the girl wouldn’t love your boyfriend’s mother as much as he does. There could be many reasons for this. One main reason could be the fact that she is the one who is standing in between you and the guy you love. Unless she approves of the relationship, you have nowhere to go. We all know that no matter how much a guy is independent and charming, he can turn into a mama’s mom in no time. This is one of the main reasons why Indian women don’t get along well when it comes to the relationship of mother in law and daughter in law.

The fight is always on and it can never go off. Who is your boyfriend going to listen to? You or your boyfriend’s mother? The guy who loves his mom would never choose you to be his angle. But there is a way to stop this and turn it around. If you are wondering what that is, then it is quite simple. You just have to impress your boyfriends mother and put yourself in the good books of hers. You need to establish a great relationship. If you do that, then there is no hindrance for you at all. You will be the princess and the queen will leave you and your guy alone. So, here are some of the tips you can learn in this article that will tell you everything about how you should impress your boyfriend’s mother.

Signs As To How You Should Improve Your Boyfriends Mother

1Treat her with respect

Treat her with respect

Well, the first things first. You should learn to treat her like a fellow human. Remember the fact that just because she is your boyfriend’s mother, doesn’t mean that she will always be bad. Mothers have actually changed and have adapted to the very fact that their son’s happiness is much more important than their pride. So, a lot of older women are trying to change their attitude towards young girls. You need not act like you like her. You can genuinely do that, so that you don’t look like you are faking it. Remember your boyfriend’s mother has crossed your age, so she might know all the tricks and turns you can play with her. So, go easy on her.

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2Screw the generation gap

Screw the generation gap

Well, remember that you are not kids and you don’t have to treat each other like enemies or you don’t have to look up to her and get scared of her. She is after all your boyfriend’s mom. You can have a very mature conversation about your likes, dislikes and your interests. You can ask her questions regarding what she thinks about certain topics. You need not be on a constant watch on your boyfriend’s interruption. If you can genuinely try to connect with her, we are sure this could go somewhere else. She will definitely be able to relate to certain topics. So, talk to her and mainly communicate.

3Pick a common ground

Pick a common ground

Do you both like to sing? Or love to cook. Then dig deep into the particular topic. You need to make sure that you talk something that interests both of you, so that you have something in common and you can talk about that. You can ask for her opinions and convey what you think as well. You will be able to view each other as equals and take away the weird attention from a guy with whom you both have a relationship. Try to change subjects when it comes back to your boyfriend because when you meet your future mother-in-law, you must be able to speak to her about yourself and your interests, more than just the guy you both love. That could only lead into some weird competition.

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4Show her importance

Show her importance

Make her understand that you still need her in both your lives. It could not be easy to establish this immediately or in just a few months. You need some time to know about her and her activities. She needs to know about you and her son. You need to get familiar with all of the things about each other. After which, you can make her feel comfortable and ensure her that her presence is important to you. The main reason mothers get hyper tensed is because they are scared that they will be pushed away and their son will take sides easily. Make sure you show certain importance when you are around each other. If you have called her for dinner over to your place, then ask her to visit the kitchen. The Kitchen is one place that shows authority and rights. So, give that to your boyfriend’s mother.

If you are shopping, call her too that way she won’t feel like she is left behind and her son is being stolen. Invite her for casual coffees and just the two of you meet. Let it be a women’s date instead of involving the man in between.

5Give her space

Give her space

Remember that just because you think you own your guy, doesn’t mean you snatch away the right of the mother. She needs some space with her son. Don’t be always with him, sticking around him, holding his hand or sitting next to him when you are in a gathering. If all of you guys are out, try to show some respect and give them the much needed space. Don’t always sit next to your guy, try to maintain some distance, remember to respect the privacy and so on.

This way you can build a great relationship with the woman who is potentially given the rights to make or break your life.

All the best!

-Pavithra Ravi