Sex tips to work your way with a Libran man

Libran man

If you are dating a Libran man, then you should be shocked and surprised by his amazing talent to boggle your mind by his romance and his sexy, sassy equation of love making. Well, if you are thinking what to do next, then we have some answers for you. There would be a lot of love and romance because a Libran man is always fun and can get kinky in no time because of his zodiac sign. Well, if you don’t know what you should be doing with a guy, then we are going to tell you a lot about it. Not only sex tips, but also tricks will let you understand the man better. A Libran man is very generous and romantic at odd times. A Libran man is very independent and has his own rules and theories for everything around him. It could be difficult to get hold of this kind of a man, but once you know the tricks, it would become easier for you. Well, you just have to figure out what interests him and what doesn’t.

If you keep doing the same thing with this man, he may get bored easily. So, you need to try inventive stuff like handcuffs, lingerie and tying up, etc. This way there will be a lot of experimentation happening and he will feel the need to open up to you as well. If you are still confused on what to do, then here we are to give you some tips and tricks to seduce or to impress a Libran man.

Tips to Get Kinky With a Libran Man

1A steamy massage

A steamy massage

What works best? Well, nothing better than a massage! A Libran man will automatically turn out if you give him a massage on his lower back. There is nothing sexier than a woman’s hand touching a man’s body. If you want your man to start kicking his libido levels, then all you have to do is to just pull out some massage oils, dim the lights and make him lie on the massage bed. This can be your start to something exciting.

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2Go medieval with romance

Go medieval with romance

Poems and roses are never old. That is what works on a Libran man too. It is never too old to give him a rose and seduce him into making love with you. The best treat can be when you put on some candles, dinner and of course favorite songs. This can be very cliché but is one of the most romantic ways of making your Libran man like you.

3Be neat and presentable

Be neat and presentable

A Libran man would hate if you stink of old eggs. If you have a dull, boring look then you are never getting a Libran man laid at all. It all depends on how clean or not you are. They like their partners to be clean, neat and tidy. But if you think you can spray on some cologne, that isn’t enough. You need to smell good, look good and remember to take a bath every single day. They don’t like wet dresses, they don’t like old clothes, they are health conscious and mainly neatness freaks. So, if you are thinking of a bath after sex, then you can’t do that. You need to take a steamy and nice bath. Only after that, the guy will even come close to you. Even the slightest sign of smell, then he is no where coming next to you. A lot of times this could be a problem, but you have to get used to it and adapt it.

4Try new things

Try new things

Remember that a Libran man has very short attention span. So, whatever you do, you need to be quick and you should be willing to explore and experiment. That is how they like it. You need to find ways to keep him entertained. He is not a guy who will sit at home and order pizzas, watch a movie and have sex on the couch. He might want some different kinds of sex, like bathroom sex, shower sex, car sex, public sex. He would like to explore and see the different side in you. If you are up for something like that, then you can definitely woo your Libran man easily.

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5Morning sex always works

Morning sex

Your Libran man would definitely be interested in you more in the morning than in the nights. Try for a quickie before he gets to work, or try to unzip him as you as you guys wake up. If you don’t live in the same house, you could always try sexting because their libido levels are great in the mornings. You should remember to have some fresh mints as soon as you wake up so that you don’t stink which can also put them off easily.

6Dominate in bed

Dominate in bed

It is fine to dominate in bed. Sometimes guys like to get rough with you, right? A Libran man would definitely love to get you all kinky and dominating in the bed as well. Though they are not real time fighters or they don’t like to be dictated, bed is one place where you can show all your power and be a different woman. But even that is not always. He will send in singles when he wants you to dominate and when he doesn’t want you to. Act accordingly. Once you get a hold of his mood, you will know how to take over from there.

7Kiss for long

Kiss for long

A Libran man would love to kiss for a long time. It is just not kiss, make out, have sex and leave. If they are committed, they will definitely look at it as making love and not just as having sex. So, foreplay is very important for him.

-Pavithra Ravi

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