10 Genius Gardening Tips For Beginner Level Gardening


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Gardening tips
Want a green garden in the backyard, but don’t know where to start? Well, we all start like that, when you start gardening, you initially have no clue about it, but slowly with experience you learn more and better. But in the world of internet, who has the time to wait and learn over time, right? Why not use some tips from knowledgeable gardners and starts your garden in the best way so as to have the best bloom from the first go.
Here are some of the best gardening tips from seasoned gardeners and how to start your garden if you’re just beginning in the gardening field. Here are some of the most genius gardening tips for beginner level gardening and a successful bloom.

Gardening Tips For Beginners

Like Stephen Covey wrote in his famous book, Start with the end in mind. Gardening can not be any different., You have a backyard, and believe me, that is actually a blank canvas, just make a layout and start with what you want out of it in mind. Here are some simple tips to help you through the way.

1. Start First Worry Later

Start First Worry LaterDo not get too much into every little detail of the dream garden you have in your mind, if you spend time thinking too much about it You won’t have time to actually materialise it. Instead, start working on whatever you have at the moment. Start digging whatever corner you want to start with. You can even start with planting pots or starting a small kitchen herbs garden.
You can use small planters to do that and give your gardening adventure a push. Eventually when you realise and start enjoying this therapeutic hobby you will find more and more inspiration to work every day towards it.

2. Concentrate On Good Soil And Compost

Concentrate On Good Soil And CompostWell composting is basic, and for beginners it may seem like a big thing it actually isn’t. There are very simple ways in which you can have your own organic compost and that too with least effort and money. Use all the green waste from your kitchen, like vegetable wastes along with fruit leftovers, coffee grinds and eggshells and dig up a pit to compost them. Water them regularly and make sure that excess water is not logged. This compost will be ready every few weeks and can really help you in improving your soil quality. One of the good home gardening tips will be to use less chemical intervention and use this home made compost.

3. Keep Location In Mind

Keep Location In MindFor gardening beginners what we don’t realise while starting to plant out seedlings is the requirement of sunlight for each type of plant.What we forget to consider if that every plants sunlight requirement is different. Some garden plants require intensive sunlight throughout the day, While others can make do with nominal amount of sun. Some plants grow best when they are placed in Shade. so when you start out to plan your garden, make sure you consider which plant goes where, according to the amount of sunlight falling on each area of your plot of land.If you have restriction of space, one of the perfect Tips for Gardening is placing pots of plants on a movable trolley that can be shifted around to restrict or increase the exposure of sun to some plants.

4. Know What To Plant

Know What To PlantSure, we’d all love to have a bloom of colourful flowers around us all the time, but do you know which flowers survive the summers? Very few. So before you start planting seeds of all your favorite plants make sure that you do some research on which ones can actually survive in your weather. Flowers are mostly great in winters when the sun is less intense. In summers robust flowers like marigold will be a better option if in case you want a colourful garden. Same goes for vegetables and other ornamental plants. Not all plants survive in all weathers, so make sure you have a fairly good idea of the seasonal plants before hand.

5. Choose Easier Plants First

Choose Easier Plants FirstLike a lot of other things in life, gardening can be tough at first. Especially if you are driven by results, it can be sometimes depressing to see the plants not bloom as easy or seedlings not coming out. Well, what to do in such cases? We suggest that for the first patch of your garden, use plants that are robust and easy to grow. Slowly when the garden patch doesn’t look that barren, you can diversify to plants requiring more hard work and care. Cactuses, Aloe vera plant and other succulents require lesser care and can be great way to start out. Also money plant and marigold are great plants to survive all year round.

6. Get Into The Habit Of Watering

Watering your garden regularly should become your ritual now. There can be nothing more important to a garden than watering it. The initial excitement of gardening makes it easier to remember, but in later stages you might drift away slowly. To avoid doing that, try imbibing this as a habit, associated to another regular habit of yours. Like your morning cup of coffee or your newspaper reading time. It is fairly easy after that. One of the most easy Garden tips is to set reminder to water for alternate days.

7. Choose To Go Organic

Choose To Go OrganicHave you ever heard your parents reminiscing about how the vegetables were fresher back in the days and how just a little bit had even the most divine aroma? Well, this is true. Earlier on in the towns and villages of india, there was minimal chemical intervention or none at all. The produce was all organic and natural. The addition of pesticides and fertilizers has made vegetables and other produce change. If you have a kitchen garden esp. Make sure you use only homemade compost and organic seeds etc. This will enhance your taste of produce as well as will be much healthier. This can be one of the most great Home Garden Tips Indian people can follow since composting our everyday vegetables leftovers can also help reduce the waste of your house.

8. Trim Regularly

Trim RegularlyYou should regularly trim off the leaves of plants. The dead and dry leaves as well as the extra branches of healthy greens too. Why you ask? Well, if the nutrients will be utilised in making the leaves and branches go longer the trunk will be relatively thinner. The plant will age slowly and fruiting will take time. Instead, trim off excess leaves of the fruiting plants and derive better results soon. The other plants too benefit from this easy garden tips of trimming, since less wet leaves means less rotting damage.

9. Start Seedlings First

Start Seedlings FirstThis tip may seem really simple, but definitely is one of the most amazing Home Garden Tips you would get as a beginner. First plant your seeds in small starter trays to let them germinate and pop out before you plant them into the soil. A lot of times, we may not know the right amount of water, or time and the seed may not germinate at all. Other than that excess water may wash away the seeds or insects may eat the soft seeds away. To prevent this from happening, use small egg shells to let the seeds emerge first and then plant them into the decided place. This will ensure your seedlings are safe and they grow well.

10. Use Home Waste

Use Home WasteOne of the perfect tips for Gardening for a herb garden is to use the kitchen waste in the garden itself. Egg shells, vegetable waste, waste strained tea leaves, coffee grind etc. can help you make  great homemade compost. Use simple Garden Tips and Tricks like these and ensure that you have a blooming kitchen garden and also a pretty looking one at that.
We hope these simple beginner level gardening tips help you kickstart a successful garden this winter and you enjoy this lovely and therapeutic hobby of producing your own food. Make sure you leave below comments about your experiences and let us know if we missed out on something, we will make sure to include it in the list.

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