Some wonderful Indoor herb garden ideas


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Indoor herb garden ideas

An indoor herb garden is an awesome way of keeping the environmental balance around you. For all who love cooking and more so adding the relishing herbs, but are worried about the purity of the produce you are using. This is an amazing way to keep your home green and fresh too. Who said you need a large garden to be able to harvest, a small herb garden is as efficient and effective as the large one. All the efforts in making your area nice can now be promoted with even beautiful crawlers around.

These indoor herb garden ideas are not very expensive rather you can use the waste items like used cans bottles and more and make them some cool designs for your home. A mason jar can be a wonderful pot, and if you get to decorate it, it becomes a sophisticated design in itself. Some more enrichment with colorful herbs can be a great backyard design or a balcony arrangement.

Benefits of indoor herb garden:

Whether you stay in a big city or away from sunlight for greater part of the year, you can still enjoy the benefits of an indoor herb garden. Some benefits of having herb garden indoor are:

1- Keeping the air purified and clean at home

2- Providing the necessary herbs at very less cost

3- They add green life to your home, and it’s so much more sustainable to be able to grow and eat from your own home

4- It brings you close to nature and its effects

5- Some of these can grow even without too much light

6- Sustainable living

7- Healthy eating options at home itself

Some indoor herb garden ideas:

Indoor herb garden is a wonderful space for your home. It makes your home get more appeal and charm. This calls for a greater life subject too; sustainable living and healthy eating.

1- One pot indoor herb garden for all:

One pot indoor herb garden for allWhen you only have a space holding up one big pot, it’s great to have it all In that pot. It can be a cute kids project to grow and nurture the plants. Anything from Basil, dill, cilantro, peppermint, and parsley goes well in the same pot. Allow kids to participate and make some amazing labels to be stuck in each produce

2- Tea cup garden:

Tea cup gardenTake small tea cups which may have got some crack or are too old to use for sipping tea. You can even pick some cute cups from a local thrifty store. Decorate them, and these would be your space saving arrangement to make the space green.

3- Mason jar planters:

Mason jar plantersMason jars are some more wonderful and clear ways which not only make for great decoration but also can reveal the details of roots and manure in most enriching ways to kids. This is a wonderful project for kids as they get to arrange these mason jars on a wall or outside or anywhere near the living room. And look at them grow too

4- Washtub Garden:

Washtub GardenMake it a vintage appeal by planting the herbs on a washtub. It’s more charming and classic touch as it calls for some traditional ways of gardening. These galvanized pots can also be decorated and arranged in tiers or more for added sophistication. The pot garden with a twist and more so as it can be a used or worn out wash tub which was lying in the attic from ever since

5- Ikea storage garden:

Ikea storage gardenCustomize your wall with this excellent indoor herb garden idea. Handing pots and some real serene arrangement to make it simple and affordable too. A wall mounted IKEA fintorp system is nice and a great indoor design too.

6- Gutter herb garden:

Gutter herb gardenSome stylish arrangement for this gutter herb garden can make it excellent even for your kitchen. A gutter garden is space saving and can be hung on wall or even near utility area

7- Hanging planter herbs:

Hanging planter herbsKeeping the planter pots upside down hanging in the kitchen is supposedly the easiest way of arranging your indoor herb garden.

8- Plastic bottle indoor herb garden:

Plastic bottle indoor herb gardenUsed beverages bottles made of plastic can be a great indoor herb garden idea. Just cut them from a center in such a way that you can fill them in. And hand them on your backyard wall or passage. This does not need much space, and when you arrange them in layers, it adds to your landscaping.

9- Faux ladder planter:

Faux ladder planterA faux ladder planter is great for crawling herbs. This is easy, and even a simple carpentry skill can help you build it yourself. Have it placed right near your utility area or in the living? This adds so much grace and charm to your living space

10- Over the door shoe organizer planter for indoor herbs:

Over the door shoe organizer planter for indoor herbsA simple and fulfilling way to a whole range of herbs in your kitchen. Have the plants set up just behind the door to your utility or near a kitchen. Keep all the herbs you need in your kitchen. Since it is handy and can be moved around its easy to take them out for some light every few weeks.

The above compilation on Some wonderful Indoor herb garden ideas is to help your start a sustainable living and have the most healthy foods you can. Have the indoor herb garden stay as a cool and soothing space for your home and make it a kids project to connect with nature.

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