Tips to plan an a successful sangeet evening

sangeet evening

There was this time in Indian wedding where sangeet was all about involving only ladies. It was usually conducted by the women folks of the bride’s family basically to tease, bless and prepare her for the upcoming days and nights. The agenda was usual where there would be dance, music, party, food and all for about 4-5 hours maximum. But, nowadays the whole concept of sangeet has been changed. Sangeet evening is all about bringing together the groom’s and bride’s family and performing dance numbers, singing, playing etc. Everybody gets their own chance to dance. The bride and groom are allowed to do a couple dance of their choice and it has become very normal nowadays. To make a successful sangeeth evening, you need to follow certain tips and rules. Here are some Sangeet evening ideas that should be taken seriously to make your evening memorable and hassle free.

Top Tips for an Amazing Sangeet Night

1Venue choosing

Venue choosing

Sangeet venue should be chosen properly so that you can invite everybody to a common place and start your evening. The convenience of everybody, including your groom’s family should be given super importance because anything less than that could be a disaster. You cannot travel for 10km to reach the venue. It will irritate the entire family if the venue is far away just because you are considering the cheap rates of the venue. Make sure you arrange appetizers, drinks and dinner for the guests. The venue should be big enough so that you can perform all your dance programs, play games and still have place for your guests to settle down once they are done dancing. Keep in mind the older folks of the house when you fix the venue. Have enough chairs for the older generation because they would like to sit and see the performances rather than a painful stand.

22 days before the wedding

2 days before the wedding

Sangeets are supposed to be held two days in prior to the actual wedding day. If you perform the sangeet two days in prior, you will have all the close ones and your friends available for the evening. It might get a little too late if you keep it the previous day of your wedding since a lot of work is involved on the previous day. Try to stick to the plan of keeping it 2-3 days in prior. That should be enough.

3Budget importance

Budget importance

You need to keep the budget in mind while you plan for the sangeet. The problem with sangeet is that even without your knowledge; there could be expenses that are unforeseen. You cannot have a say about the number of people that would be coming from the groom’s side. You have expenses like mikes, stage decoration, DJ and much more. You need to make sure that there are enough food, drinks and necessary items stocked up for the guests to reload on. You need to pay for the venue, lighting, sound etc. Sangeet is a costly affair just like the wedding. So, maintain a proper budget so that you don’t go short on cash during the 13th hour of the day.

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4Choreographer decision

Choreographer decision

Most couples wish to do a solo performance where they can dance to any of the romantic numbers of their choice. If you are already a great dancer, then you can very much choreograph your own song and dance for it. But, nowadays most of the couples prefer going for a professional choreographer who makes it easier for all of them. He has to be paid according to the time you need him. If you are practicing it for weeks, you need to pay according to the number of days or weeks you will need his help. He can help you with the selection of songs, positions and help you with easy dance moves if you aren’t a great dancer. The wedding season is a grand affair and choreographers are in great demand. So, book your guy in prior to avoid last minute confusions.

5Co ordinate with others

Co ordinate with others

Have one reliable person who can coordinate between the bride and groom’s family and make sure that he/she gets the right to talk to anyone for their performance. It could generally be the cousin brother or sister who can take up the responsibility. If the coordination between the families goes well, the performances go well and the evening is definitely a fun experience. Decide your performances and remind each other on what they should be doing next during sangeet.

6Make proper music arrangements

Make proper music arrangements

A sangeet that has no DJ or proper music system is no sangeet at all. If you don’t have people designated for this separately, things could go haywire. You need to make sure that you choose your songs in prior and have a list given to the DJ. He will take care of the mixing and other musical activities as long as you give him what he asks for. Like how you book the choreographer, you need to book the DJ in advance too.

7Keep in short and lively

Keep in short and lively

The sangeeth should maximum be more or less to 90 minutes and not more than that. The performances should end and people should start having their dinner. Make sure you float the crowd, so that there is no problem in the food section. You must keep in mind to keep it short so that it turns out to be lively and memorable. The longer the time, more problems may occur.

Following the above tips will definitely help you have a wonderful evening with your kith and kin. Have a great sangeet evening!

-Pavithra Ravi

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