Must know tips for Blind date


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Blind Date

Blind dates are something that you need to look forward to and make sure that the date goes comfortably for the both of you. Blind dates can be stressing especially for girls because you set the expectations very high. You start dreaming that the perfect guy will turn up and have the abs of Salman Khan and the face of Jhony Dep! Well, cut to reality, an average guy with a paunch is what might appear. There are many ways in which these dates can take a U turn and go wrong. What should you be expecting or what should you not expect? There are a few must know tips for blind dates mainly if a mutual friend has set you up with the person she knows.

Well, while we are covering this, we would also like to give you tips on how to make it fun and interesting if the guy is boring and a slag. Enjoying a blind date, free food and a couple of drinks doesn’t hurt. Does it? Well, so here are some of the most proven blind date tips will help you.

Guidelines for a Happy Blind Date

1Be planned and prepared

Be planned

Though you might have no idea about whom you are going to meet or how, be prepared for whatever comes through that door. Remember to have a few topics to share in mind so that it doesn’t get awkward at the beginning to start off. Wear an outfit that you are comfortable and mentally prepare yourself for whatever crops up on the date. Feeling confident is important for which you should look good. Yes, blind dates are scary and you might not know what to expect, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared at all. Foresee and play what possible date questions would come up and be ready for it.

2Throw out all your expectations

Throw expectations

The easiest way to kill a blind date would be to expect everything positive about the guy. It is true that you might want the guy to look good, speak well, communicate and end it on a great note, but not all dates go by like that. If you are expecting Bradley Cooper, you might not even get a body double of Bradley Cooper and we are sure about it. Even if you had the most amazing phone conversations or his online profiles look great, remember that Photoshop and other photo editors can make people look wonderfully good. When have no expectations at all, anything that comes by will look and feel pretty amazing.

[Here are some do’s and don’ts of a blind date]

3Meet at a public place

Meet at a public place

Blind dates are supposed to be a racer, a fast moving date where you should be able to communicate peacefully. A quite restaurant may not be the place for that. A city mall or a crowded restaurant is where you should meet and talk. When you are in a crowded area, you tend to speak more because of the hush hush that happens around. Meeting in a silent restaurant will make things more awkward and complicated. Try a public coffee shop or a pizza place. That’s how most of the blind dates can get you comfortable on your feet.

4Wear what you love

Wear what you love

When a girl wears what she loves, she is happy that she looks extremely good. That by itself brings in a lot of positive energy and peps up your mood. That being said, don’t go for too much make up or overdo it with a lot of girly stuff. Go casually or dress up accordingly. A best date can start with a black dress because not only will it make you look thinner than usual, but is one of the simplest yet elegant colors to start off. A pair of jeans, a casual top and kick ass footwear should be more than good for a blind date.

5Just be you

Just be you

This is one of the most important tip that every girl should follow about blind dates. You need to be yourself no matter what. Impressing is one, but going forward and being someone you aren’t may not be very appealing. Not only will it look like you are trying hard, but if the guy likes you, he will be liking someone you posed to be and not the real you. This will come out in light later in the relationship, which can turn ugly. So, don’t be afraid to be yourself and let down the real you to the person. If he likes you, well. If he doesn’t, move on!

6End it on a good note

End it on a good note

Whether you like him or not, whether you find yourself dating him again or not, it is always good to end the date on a smiling, no hurting note. This means that you might have to watch the way you bid adieu to the guy you spent an hour or two of your life. Yes, you may not feel the spark inside of you, which is totally fine, but don’t show it on your face. May be give him a casual hug for the dinner or maximum a kiss on the guy’s cheek. You never know when or how you will meet him next. So, don’t be the girl who left the room with awkward silence the next time he recollects you elsewhere. It is fine if he is not the right guy for you, you could always be a good friend at the end of the date.

Blind dates are definitely not a good to go kind of stories. You may have the worst or the best experience of your life. Some women have found their love of life through blind dates and are having a great life. So fess up ladies! Keep the above tips in mind and enjoy your date. Be relaxed, cool and make sure you don’t put out your rude self to the poor guy.

-Pavithra Ravi