12 Things Not to Say in a Job Interviews

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In an interview, your primary goal is to come out as a person who does not look or sound like a creep! It is significant to prove that you are selected amongst hundred sane people, for a reason. That one reason can be either your profile or the way you approached. One of these becomes the main reason to judge you. So avoiding unwanted questions or things you intend to say would be better for your career!

If you are preparing your interview answers to the unknown questions, you might want to consider being wise, quick and not have extra elaborate answers unless asked for. Keeping your answers crisp does help a lot in terms of judging your personality. One or two wrong moves may affect your interview. Do you doubt your communication skills? Do you not know what to say to the interviewer? To guide you more on these lines, here are some things you should NEVER say or ask in an interview.

Things You Can Avoid Saying In Interviews

1. Do your research-

Do your researchBefore anything, always do some research about the company! When asked whether you know the company’s background, never keep a blank face or answer unrelated things. It is best to do some online research before your BIG day or find a way to talk to an ex-employee or an existing employee. It gives you the courage to speak on what you know and helps when you give out some insider news. It impresses the interviewer!

2. ‘Argh, my previous company’….

You should consider this aspect very important. However good or bad your previous job was, never ever intend to bad mouth about your previous experience with them. It shows how incapable you are about keeping a good reputation of your employer. When asked about why consider leaving your job with the previous employer, keep a neutral or positive tone in your thoughts. Keep a very low key response to this particular question. Make it sound natural and go on.

3. Never have an opinion about your boss-

previous companyOne other thing you should never say! Do not over praise or under praise your boss. Never say that you did not gel with your boss and he dumped his work on you. Badmouthing about your ex-boss could be highly frowned upon. Accept the fact that every boss is going to dump his work on you, no matter what. You might want to consider looking like a good-cooperative employee than looking like a hard one to crack with.

4. Fake your nervousness-

opinionEvery interview can get you some spine chilling pressures which is more humane. But never say it out. Do not tell your interviewer that you are nervous of him. He is not a monster, neither are you a baby! Remember, an interviewer expects confidence out of his prospective employee. Fake it till you make it and then break it with confidence!

5. Never ‘bend it like a beckon’-

nervousnessIt is fine to accept and acknowledge your interviewer’s views, but never say ‘I will do anything’! It shows how desperate you are which again adds as a negative quality. It is always acceptable to agree, but never to almost fall for the job. Have some self dignity and respect for you and the job offered. This can be one of the judging parameters to know how passionate you are or how desperate you turn out to be

6. Don’t tell them how inexperienced you are-

NeverNever say “I know I do not know much” lines! You wouldn’t want to come across as a person who doubts his own knowledge or experience. This would doubt the hiring committee if you are capable of the role you interview or if you can be trusted for acquiring more knowledge. This usually happens when you are a fresher or a recent grad. Instead, focus and tell them how positive and a quick learner you are. Tell them whatever you know about the position or your knowledge in the area.

7. Do not snub the interviewer-

inexperiencedNever ever snub the interviewer how much ever irritating, or dumb his question is. Never say “It’s on the resume” or “I have already answered”. Answers like these sound cool, but definitely not to the interviewer. The interviewer will come out with a crueler action of asking you to get out. He is evaluating your communication skills. It is not that he cannot read. He definitely can and you as an interviewee should understand that he is testing your skills on various levels.

8. Do not jump over the edge-

interviewerDo not spell out everything you have revised. As an aspiring candidate, you might be hyper prepared or excited for your interview. That needn’t be spelt out or over exposed to the panel. You needn’t cut him short and say “I know the answer to that”. It only makes you sound amateurish and over enthusiastic unnecessarily. If you memorize your answer, your interviewer would brand you to be a person who can mug stuff but not a proactive learner. Be prepared, but not over prepared. Always expect a decent set of questions to which you can answer with grace and confidence.

9. Never over talk about yourself-

edgeThe interviewer wants to know what you have learnt but does not want details on how many awards you acquired for a project no-one cared. Choose your words and never let it come out like you are over smart or appreciative of your learning. If he asks, it is good to say a few words on it. If he does not ask, never give him extra information. Wait for an opportunity to talk about them. If the opportunity does not crop up, it is better to skip the details.

10. Do not over phrase-

about yourselfUsing clichés like “I think out of the box”, “I am quite creative”, “Give me a task and I shall prove” are some phrases that are done to death which do not work in interviews anymore. Speak what is asked for and skip such lines. Instead, concentrate on your abilities by elaborating on stories which has gotten you to the interview room.

11. ‘I don’t know’ is a big NO-

phraseYou can never afford to say ‘I don’t know’ to more than one question. You may want to think the repercussions if you say the words. You come out to be an unconfident-knowledgeable person. If you are stumped and not able to find the right words, you can always say “Give me a minute” or “To that, I would like to say…” It helps you think for a second or two if you use appropriate phrases. If you are still unable to answer, always say “I am sorry, I am not able to recollect. Let us move on with the next question”. This phrase will show your confidence and you can add a line that would convince the interviewer and ask him to go ahead while you would answer if you find an answer to the previous question. It is good to be bold and true during your interview, but a blatant ‘I don’t know’ is a wrong step.

12. Be on time-

on timeNever ask if you can re-schedule or apologize with a ‘SORRY’ for being late. This is not the first things the interviewer should or would like to hear from a candidate! While, some interviewers understand about re-scheduling part, but no-one is Okay with a late comer, at least during an interview.

There are many more things you should ‘NEVER’ ask or say in an interview. But these stand as most important “NO-NOs” of an interview. It is best to be yourself. Calm yourself and relax. The interviewer isn’t a demon! Answer gently and crack it like a boss!

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