Different outfits to have during pregnancy


Who says that you have to clear out a part of your shelf just for maternity clothes? Ah, the old adage of storing maternity clothes has taken a back step nowadays. Women don’t really prefer the separated clothing style just because they are pregnant. Nowadays a lot of pregnant women wear whatever they like and just make sure that the clothes aren’t very tight or the clothes aren’t pressing their stomach. If you are also one of those thinking that you should change your whole fashion wardrobe to something mothe-ry and something baby like, don’t worry, you don’t have to. There are enough and more clothes that we use in our daily life that can be used during pregnancy as well.

So, we have we have put down a list of amazing and different outfits for pregnant womenthat look good on every maternity woman.

Maternity Clothing – Outfits to have During Pregnancy



Since leggings are stretchy and comfortable to wear one can easily access the body according to their size. They give a streamlined look even when your legs are fat. Actually speaking leggings are very comfortable even when you are driving all you have to do is buy a pair of black leggings and slip it over your leg. If you think that black color is too mundane,go for designing leggings or printed ones. Since leggings are stretchable, you would have the facility of pulling the waistband down if you are uncomfortable.



Tunic tops are amazingly comfortable when it comes to pregnancy. The most important thing about tunic tops is the fact that it ends below the hips so there is no discomfort at all. There are oversized tunic top for every size woman.All you have to do is just buy the right color, right texture and pair with a good Jean.

If you don’t want to embrace your bump, these tops are extremely usable and keeps your bump under its clothing layers. Extremely long tunic tops can be worn as a dress itself. But once your bump grows try to pair it with leggings or a skirt. The v necklines, the amazing ankle length sleeves and so many added features make these tops a hit among pregnant women.

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3Maxi dress

Maxi dress

Maxi dresses are great because they don’t emphasize much of your body. The floral designs, the beautiful length and the amazing colors make sure to bring more beauty to the already glowing face. Choose a fabric that is soft and wraps around your body whenever you grow. This is not necessarily a maternity clothing. You can also buy it as normal clothing in the starting of your pregnancy stages. Later, as and when you grow bigger, you can loosen the dress. Focus more on the beauty of maci dresses and one piece dresses. It is fine if it looks loose and hanging. You should not drape a thick non cotton clothing mainly during pregnancy.



A chunky and loose cardigan will never go out of style at all. The beauty of the clothing lies in its unstructured stitching itself. Since it is just a one button clothing there is a lot of comfortability when you have to change immediately. The clothing is never heavy and will not suffocate you with its texture. It is sure that you can feel happy and relaxed when you wear a cardigan during pregnancy times.

During winter a thicker cardigan can make a lot of difference. You do not have to cover yourself with a shawl or sweater on top of your clothes. A good well knot cardigan can make all the difference.

5Wrap around skirt

Wrap around skirt

A wrap around skirt comes in all variations of colors and sizes. You do not have to especially have an elastic attached to it at all. Wrap around skirts are super comfortable, airy and doesn’t stuff you with its texture. Since it comes in cotton texture, the wrap around skirts are easy access for wearing it and for comfort also. Your body changes every single month when you are pregnant due to baby’s growth. So, a wrap around skirt is what you would need since it is one of the best clothes that can help you to move around freely, when you start growing from your third month.

Remember that when you start becoming fatter and start bloating, these kinds of different outfits will help you live a peaceful life, at least when it comes to clothing. They are fashionable, very indian-ish and beautifully flowy too. So, you don’t have to worry about the look of this outfit at all.

6Stretchy jeans

Stretchy jeans

Skinny jeans are present everywhere and every person, whether she is pregnant or not, wears a skinny jeans. Instead of skinny jeans, you should try the draggystretchy pants. These pants are super cool since they stretch according to your body and still doesn’t make you look bloated. Though stretchy jeans are slightly costlier than normal skinny jeans, they are easy to wear and you will be able to breath when your hit you eight months. You definitely don’t want to look dull and too bloated on your eight months right!? Then, well, get one of these comfy jeans and wear it with any loose shirt or t-shirt.

-Pavithra Ravi

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